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  2. I saw on the website that there is a upgrade to Currency for$19.95. Any info on the update??
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  4. 1054c is listed as imperf pair with no value in the Scotts 2020 Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers. 1054 is the large holes, wet printing and 1054b is large holes dry printing
  5. Thanks guys for this. I did figure out most of this. It gets cumbersome explaining. No matter what I find a way to work around the problem. Just trying to find an easier way to go around it without bothering you guys. Thanks anyway.
  6. 1054c in the database shows with Variety of imperforate and NH-VF at $2,954.25 and Mint-VF $2,925.00) However 1054c is variety - Coil 10 perf, wet printing, large holes Issued 10/8/1954. Value is ordinary. When I tried to update the information, it told me that nothing had changed. Current Value is correct, but displaying the record still shows the old values at the bottom, underneath.
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  8. Hi, you are referring to the STAMP FORMAT field or the variety description in the database? or both maybe. any values you placed into the STAMP FORMAT field will be retained as you input them. If there were changes to the description of any varieties in the database you will see the new information.
  9. Regarding how to change the stock photos that ship with CoinManage, we did a video on this subject:
  10. Is there an easy way to replace the default picture of any particular coin? I don't mean that you can also insert pictures of your own particular coin (4 pictures). You add a coin and find the particular coin but that default picture shows a picture of a coin that is the coin but not the year (you select 1964 but shows a 1950 picture). So, is there a fact and easy way to just change that default picture? It seems there are multiple ways but sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. There are many reasons why this needs. Especially with the description of a coin and its proper
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    Upgrade question

    I currently have Stamp Manage Deluxe 2016 (which was updated several times), and want to update to 2020. My concern is that the db is not consistent with how "sheets" are/were described (at least in US stamps). There are some called "sheets", "panes", "full panes", "commemorative panes", "pane of 20", "souvenir panes", etc. What happens when I upgrade? Because since my choices were not consistent, neither were my inputs. It even gets dicier when you come across complex issues, i.e. 4694 through 4697. Am I going to have to go back through and redo all of these to "panes" (I believe it is
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  13. In the application, the pull down list for this field has multiple items that I don't understand... I have a circle / round cancellation on a used stamp that just has the date in the center. There are some duplicates in that category. Circle - FDI and Circle - Non FDI are in there multiple-times with various typos (I no space after the dash, Not instead of Non, etc. First of all, what are the definitions for each entry in the list. What does FDI mean? What is the difference between round and circle? etc. Thanks!
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    Hi, have you purchased the program? if so, you can download from link below and enter your code when you run the program: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/CoinMng2020Setup.exe
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    how do i download deluxe2020
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  20. I wanted to add a Scott #1890a to the Italy Database. I opened the Stamp Data Manager and though I had never done it this way before, noticed that there was an option to "Add Subvariety". So I clicked on that for #1890. That produced an item "1890_" So I then went to change the "_" to "a". Initially that seemed to work. Then I closed the Stamp Data Manager. But when I went to add pricing for that stamp via the Stamp Manage Catalog, that stamp did not show up. I then went back to the Stamp Data Manager and saw that the entry read "1890_" rather than "1890a" And now Stamp Data Manag
  21. When I try to do a report with listings by stamp format, I get a message that there is no file with the following full listing StampManage\Reports\Stamps-byformat.lst Can that file be reinstalled?:
  22. Hi, ok we will add any country / entity that is any of the SCOTT catalogs. I believe some new ones are in the SPECIALIZED catalogs. Will look at the errors you mention as well.
  23. admin

    Lost file

    Hi, you should be able to simply re-install the program and it will install all the reports files again
  24. Guest

    Lost file

    System tells me there no StampManage\Reports\Stamps-byformat.lst. Can it be replaced?
  25. I second the request for the Chinese treaty ports. Also, there are some labeling and content errors in the country list for the Add Stamp command. Two examples: "Papua New Guinea" is listed as including stamps from 1952 onward but it also includes stamps from Papua from the early 1900s. Probably better to have separate listings for Papua and Papua New Guinea. The same problem occurs with "Malaya, Federation" which is listed as including stamps from 1957-1963 but which also includes stamps from 1900 forward.
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    Barcode Scanner

    Hey guys; what type of barcode scanner works with this program?
  27. The Font setting you mention only affects lists displayed in the app...it does not affect the size of the menu text, dialog box text or the main screen HTML window pane, which has a summary of the information for the selected item. All of these other UI (user interface) elements are painfully small to read on 4K monitors and they are not adjustable.
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