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  2. Did update have lost all cost info. Any way to recover?
  3. Could it possibly have something to do with the fact that my backup directory is actually on my OneDrive? My local files are stored locally.
  4. Here is what I eventually got. Usually it just hangs (stops responding) then I restart the program and eventually this message pops up. Hopefully this helps.
  5. I can't find many of my coins in your database. I have the 225th anniversary silver medal 4 coin set, I also have the 2012 San Francisco 2 coin reverse proof American Eagle set. I have the reverse proof set 2018, and the 2018 limited edition silver proof set, which I can't find. How do I find the 2016 100 year anniversary gold coins of the Mercury dime, standing Quarter, and the walking half dollar? Please help me with these issues.
  6. do you get a detailed error message? if so, could you do a screen shot of it and post it here or email to: techsupport@libertystreet.com
  7. Yesterday
  8. Not a firewall but I'm using Nord VPN, but I can access other sites just fine. I just tried it with Nord disabled and it still doesn't work. Any other ideas?
  9. yes this is correct. Just type the format in manually. The pulldown has an edit box associated with it for this purpose.
  10. Just type in TAB. The program will save it and 'TAB' will show up on the drop down list the next time you use it. Cliff
  11. Solved (without admin support, as usual).
  12. Last week
  13. For Israel I want to add TAB to format pull down menu. How can I do it?
  14. How do I deactivate StampManage 2018 from my old PC that no longer is in use. Got a new Win10 PC to replace my failing Win7 PC. Wasn't able to migrate anything. Also have StampManage 2018 installed on laptop. Installed StampManage 2018 from saved download files on laptop but when I try to activate get: "Product Key Is Already In Use".
  15. Yes, FWT8 exists in the Canada database under War tax stamps. There is no picture but you can add your picture to the database. Cliff
  16. I have a Canada Revenue Stamp #FWT8 - George V - War Tax (1915) 2¢ I want to add this stamp to my Collection inventory. Is there a pre-existing category like this or do I have to create my own? And if so how do I do that.
  17. we will add these to the list of coins to be added for the next update. It will be out by the end of the month. Thanks for the report
  18. Do you have any sort of firewall which could be preventing an application from accessing the internet?
  19. Hi I am just doing an evaluation of CoinManage, and the first of my collection I try to enter doesn't seem to be in the database. I have PCGS graded coins from the 1935 Alaska series 20020 thru 20027. Can these be added? How would I use the software and enter these? Thanks, Prospective buyer!
  20. Earlier
  21. Any progress on finding a solution to the problem? It's still not working. This is why I paid $25 for the upgrade, what did I get for my money?
  22. 1. I just upgraded 2018 to 2019. When I try then update from 2019 the pop up claims to be looking for updates to 2018. Which year is it really looking for? 2. The online documentation has a chapter for what is new in 2018. Is this on-line documentation up-to-date for 2019?
  23. I finally found what I was looking for on the blog. This topic is resolved.
  24. Good Morning, I've been having problems importing photos. Basically, I can import one series of photos for one item, but when I try to add photos to a second item, the photos appear to import but when I click "Ok" the photos aren't there. I also notice that when I'm importing the photos on the second item they don't show in the proper orientation. These photos are from a Samsung Galaxy S7 The only way to get the photos to import again is to exit and relaunch the program. I have disabled Webcam integration per a different post.
  25. I must be missing something and have searched everywhere to no avail. I have purchased one of the 2018 US $1 American Innovator Proof Coins. It is not listed in the database I have. How do I enter that series to the US db so I can enter my coin? Thank you for your assistance. Larry
  26. Do you plan on adding the ability to inventory world coins any time soon?
  27. How do you change the ID number of an item?
  28. I sent a message to Online Technical Support and they helped me get my system running great. That's my suggestion because I kept having so many different issues I was about to change software. Or you can go to Online Support from the landing page on Liberty Software. That's what I did. But be patient. They will help you though. God bless!!
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