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    Unrecognized DB Format

    I did receive it. I replaced my old file with the one you sent. I was able to now get into database but a lot of my collection is missing. Been working with Paul and he had me install "Teamviewer" which I did but have not heard from anyone after this. i don't want to have to rebuild database as it took me a long time and a lot of effort. If i have to rebuild i will look at other products as Stamp manager support in my opinion is not very good. I haven't been able to do anything at all and it is impacting things I need to do on my collection. Can you help??
  3. I moved the AssetPictures folder to the Homemanage directory. Should that do it or is there more magic that needs done?
  4. admin

    CAC Checkbox

    Ok, will do so, thanks for the suggestion.
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    What support?

    There are so many questions on here that were written months ago with no response. What good is this database if we cannot learn to use it. Not all questions can be learned by youtube vids. It would be helpful if the database creators supported their product. Is there a simple "step by step" list of questions where people can actually get answers??
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    Adding new varieties

    I have same question. Unfortunately, the admins are really bad about answering questions. Great on selling software. I am perplexed and confused by the file structure and how to ad random coins that may not be in the database. Isn't "My collection" always supposed to be on top? Mine is in alphabetical order?? I am so confused. This software is soooo hard to learn.
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  8. WHY does your techsupport@libertystreet.com NOT respond to requests for assistance?
  9. try your code again as we released it for re-use.
  10. I just installed StampManage USA 2019 on a new Windows 10 PC. When I try to activate by pasting-in the product key that was emailed to me, I get this message: "The Product Key You Typed Is Already In Use". The order ID for my purchase is: LIBST190122-4307-73121. How do I deactivate my previous installation on my old (dead) PC so I can reactivate StampManage on my new PC?
  11. Ok, I finally got a reply to my request via the "New Page" link. The Product code sent is identical to what was emailed to me when I originally bought SM2019 on Jan 22, 2019. I still get the exact same message as above. So, it seems as if my previous registration has NOT been deactivated like your message above states. WHAT SAY YOU??
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    CAC Checkbox

    please update the software with this recommendation. When documenting details of the coins, there is a box for CAC. Please make that a column you can add to the manager
  13. I just installed my StampManage USA 2019 on a new Windows 10 PC. When I try to activate by pasting in the product key that was emailed to me, I get this message: "The Product Key You Typed Is Already In Use". When I click on the link above and type in my email address, it tells me: "Product keys have been sent. We've found your product keys and sent them to your email address." But I do NOT receive an email AND, the code is not deactivated! I already have the product key and just need the previous installation deactivated! Please help!! I've sent an email to your tech support but got no reply.
  14. It would be much more convenient to add stamps to the Exchange/Sell collection in much the same manner as adding stamps to the Want List collection from the Stamp Manage Catalog. I find it very easy to add stamps to my Want List from SMC by just right clicking and the selecting "Add to Want List". Could not the same feature be programmed to add stamps to the Exchange/Sell collection rather than having to close SMC, going into "Collections", selecting "Exchange/Sell", going back to SMC, finding the country and then the item, and the right clicking and selecting "add to current collection"? Am I doing it wrong or is there already a better way? Thanks, erthur
  15. After 5 years has this issue regarding want list items not being removed when stamps are added to a collection been followed up on or is it just me? I've just realized again that this is not happening. I've been adding stamps to my Faroe Islands collection and have had to remove items manually from my want list after having added them to my collection. Must I now have go back and "re-inventory" my collections to determine what I have and don't have in order to have accurate want lists?? Regards, erthur
  16. Same problem occurs in StampMange 2019. Very annoyng.
  17. admin

    Software Key

    Hi, I think there is a problem with your email as we have sent 2 messages. Could you email libertyst@gmail.com, from another email address if possible.
  18. Guest

    Software Key

    I recently paid (Paypal) for the downloadable version for Home Inventory (approximately 7 days ago) and downloaded the trial software. I have yet to receive the product Key. I have attempted to call and left voicemail. I have also emailed a request and have received no response. Can anyone help? Thank You
  19. Thank you- this is a great help. As a 'for example'- I want to add Japanese Telegraph stamps, which are not listed in Scott. There are 10 of them. In the Sakura catalog they are listed as TE1 - TE10. So following your recommendation, I would add a new category under Japan for Unlisted- Telegraph Stamps, then I would give the individual fake Scott numbers (keeping them basically same as Sakura for simplication. So Sakura TE8 could be Scott unlTE8 (unl for unlisted). Then of course any detail such as printing, perf, etc. Then add to my collection or want list with album identifiers, page, column, row, etc. And I could manually enter value information from the other catalog (and I think I would enter the year of that catalog printing, since no automatic updates will be coming. I'm sure I will also do this for my Olympic Games collection, where so many issues came from the Desert Shiekdom countries which Scott never listed. But Michel does, so I do the exact same procedure from the Michel information, giving them fake Scott numbers which will never clash with real Scott numbers. I am torn what to do with things like Romania souvenir sheets. During the cold war years, they would issued sets and 2 or 3 souvenir sheets, and often Scott only lists one souvenir sheet and "footnotes" the other two. So these are items that Scott does mention, but doesn't assign a Scott number (but sometimes shows a value). For example A Scott set might be 1202 1203 1205 1205 1206a souvenir sheet - perf - red color footnote: an imperf souvenir sheet also exists in blue color, value $10. In a case like this, I'm thinking about adding them as 1206a.01- and go ahead and describe it as Scott did. (all of these are in the Michel catalog, by the way. This way, the stamp gets "attached" to the same set of Stamps as Romania issued it, and as Scott acknowledges in their footnote, without parking it in a whole separate Category where it would be an orphan. Any comments, suggestions, or things I've overlooked?
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    Hello, I am having issues with my Stampmanage 2017. i am running under Windows 10 and when i try to run the program, i get error messages saying i don't have the necessary permissions etc, I have tried to change permission, set rights to folders etc, yet no positive result. i have downloaded and reinstalled and same errors....can you help?
  21. 1. Have the ability to save column order in database manager since SM prefers the "variety" field to be used for Scott design number (ex. A3) then so I could have "Variety notes" field easier to use. This field is at far right. I have noticed that if you are adding text in column view and in lower section you need to be careful since I have seen changes made in lower view erase changes in upper There is some sequence on using both simultaneously. view. 2. In Stamp Manage Catalog view. add a new grouping called "Database by catalog number" so this can be used just like a catalog. 3. For needed to complete feature, allow options to select range of catalog numbers and whether minor numbers would be included. It would be good to be able to add this list to the "Want List" entries and have a report with a similar name. Al
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    Missing proof set

    Quick update, the 2014 Birth Set is missing as well. I'm trying to tackle entering a massive collection I inherited and it's amazing how many unusual coins/sets she had. There's an Apollo 11 coin/stamp set from the 70s that's proving elusive to find as well. I'm sending a link to what I found on ebay so you can see a picture easily... https://www.ebay.com/itm/APOLLO-11-1971-EISENHOWER-DOLLAR-WITH-10c-FIRST-MAN-ON-THE-MOON-STAMP-CASED-L-K/113945460021?hash=item1a87adbd35:g:pK0AAOSw4AtdfomF There's another item I haven't been able to locate... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Denver-Mint-Nickel-Collection-First-Commemorative-Mint-Set-of-4-coins/312692720625?hash=item48cdf043f1:g:ol4AAOSwsS9dJOGY The one I have is green instead of brown and copyrighted 2004, but other than that, it's identical.
  23. Ok we will add it, sorry about that.
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    Missing proof set

    The 2015 Presidential Dollar Proof Set isn't in the database. It seems like an oversight, since those from 2009 to 2014, and 2016, are all listed perfect.
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    Copper Bullion

    I'm concerned about this as well. I inherited hundreds of .999 fine copper rounds and need a way to track them. Mostly for insurance, but also for general interests.
  26. As a former database programmer, it'd be helpful to everyone if there was a button to submit a picture from the user for items that were not pictured already. That way, everyone would be helping everyone else, as well as helping improve the software.
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