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    Program won't start

    Emailed and no answer. I purchased and would like to get this going.
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  4. Still waiting on conversion of windows version data to my NEW mac version. When and/or How??
  5. Have used CoinManage in windows 10 on my Mac via parallel for years. Just purchased CoinManage for Mac. Mac will open but no data migrated from windows version to Mac. How do I convert my windows data to my NEW Mac version??
  6. Guest

    Program won't start

    Yes I can email tech support. I never get to the place where the code is to be pasted Downloaded latest HM 2019.
  7. admin

    Type set

    Its a good idea. Do you simply need to see which of the types you have coins from and which types you still need to acquire? We can try to do a report that could represent this.
  8. can you email techsupport and we will reply with the latest version of the turbo activate to see if that will fix the problem. I assume you have copy & pasted the code directly from a registration email and you definitely have HomeManage 2019 installed (not an earlier version)
  9. (Win 10 Pro) I purchased HomeManage and after installing the latest version of the software (2019) , I get an error message see attached. I have tried several times to reinstall and get the same error message, and the program icon does not show up in my start menu
  10. I've had the same problem. It's quite frustrating to see it there but yet cannot move it anywhere, and cannot even delete it. And AFAIK there is no user guide to tell you how the program is designed to handle disposed assets so you can do what it expects.
  11. Disappointed that there has not been an admin response
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    Type set

    Any thoughts on the best way to catalog a United States Type set i.e. a collection that includes just one (1) of each the major types of U.S. coins. Presently it appears that I will have to load one or two coins types from approximately a dozen separate date files that are then maintained as "separate" files (not able to be combined). Is there a way to create a unique file into which I can catalog these many different coins as a collection?
  14. RASRAS


    I have finally started using my new computer, added CoinManage to it and have been entering coins. The version I currently have is 2018 Deluxe? Anyway, when is the next or 2020 update due to be release so that I can catch up? Thanks in advance for the reply.
  15. Can someone steer me to a site where I can purchase first day cover catalogs for Australia, new zealand, russia and the united states? Would be nice if they also had scott numbers so I could enter them into my stamp collection program.
  16. Incidentally, when I say there are loads in the Want List - there are 3060 plus 1 FDC. So quite a job for something I didn't know I wanted...
  17. Yep - me too... I amended a value on a stamp in one of my collections, whereupon it disappeared from that collection. Investigated and it had been assigned to Owner WL. There it was in the Want List. Then I was horrified to see that loads of other stamps are in there. I didn't even know the Want List existed and have therefore never knowingly added anything to it. Do I need to go through every one of the entries therein and establish its actual status
  18. I found it at "my documents/radium technologies/home inventory pro/1.0/Database
  19. I was able to do this as well. I don't believe I was opening the BACKUP file, but rather the ACTUAL database that Radium was storing in "my documents". I believe one of the files asked for a password, the other didn't. Secondly, there are other categories in the access file like "t_attachment" and "t_image" that has the file names for all images and attachments. You have to do some work with matching up the id's that each looks for, but I am hoping when I am done I can have the actual file names for the pictures and attachments as a column on the excel file as well. I can then create a second column with liberty's folder location and merge with my file names for a new picture/attachment file link. Then I can copy all images to liberty's folder. However, that would rely on liberty's software being able to import those file path locations.
  20. What about attachments and images. If I have a folder full of the attachments and pictures from home inventory and I can add the hyerlinks to a column in the csv file. If I do that, can your program link to those images/attachemnts if I drop the images in your folder for images...or better yet change where your programs image files is located? Can I import picture and attachments links into your program if I write the hyperlinks to each item on the csv file....might be a better explanation.
  21. I have been a user of HomeManage 2017 & 2018 in which the drag & drop function works. After upgrading recently to the 2019 version, I am unable to drag an Asset from one Category to another and unable to drag an Asset from one Location to another. Is there a fix for this?
  22. I got the same thing while trying to import the HIP file into Access. Getting depressed...
  23. I am also interested in Copper. I think I know how to add it. Is it the same as adding another denomination?
  24. I am a new user of Coin Manage. I have an existing collection that I want to put into Coin Manage. Is there a way to start the process with a bulk entry of coins, maybe by type. For example if I have all the Roosevelt Dimes, rather than choose one at a time to create a initial record, can I choose to create records for all the Dimes and then I'll go back and modify the details. Thank You.
  25. We have made a video on how to use this at:
  26. I have some FDC with multiple stamps on them. for example a series that were issued the same date. Any suggestions on how to enter Thank you Steven Johnson
  27. Great. Right-click on country. Select Stamps I don't own. Spot on. Thank you.
  28. There is a Needed to Complete feature in StampManage and you can create a report from that view. There just not a named report in the report list,
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