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  2. Ican't get my catalog number to appear on my collection page
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    Print to PDF Problems

    I have a Mac (2019- Catalina) and am running CMDelux '20 on a virtual Windows 10 machine (Parallels v.15) and have a database of almost 2500 records. CM20 freezes up when I try to print a custom card format report that prints a "catalog" of the selected items, one coin per page, almost half the records have images. I tried opening and saving the card report file, I have Microsoft Print to PDF and Quicken PDF Printer but I don't have Adobe's PDF Printer. It only comes with full Adobe Acrobat, the free Adobe Reader does not include it. I also tried running the included reports and they also froze when there was a large selection to print. CM has been running fine up until now. I've tried everything and really need some help solving this. Am including an example of the output of my custom report and the report files.US-03-Cents.pdf I'll be glad to send any files or additional info needed t o chase this down. I did not try to re-install the app. Thanks Fred Fishel- ffishel@nyc.rr.com CoinDetail-fcf.~crd CoinDetail-fcf.crd CoinDetail-fcf.crp CoinDetail-fcf.crv
  5. New feature suggestion: When creating a query after selecting a field to filter on, allow the user to select values for that field from a dropdown list of all possible values for the field. For example, if CATEGORY is the field, allow me to choose a category from a list of all possible categories rather than having to remember the category, spell and type it correctly. This would make the process of creating queries more foolproof. Second suggestion: make queries viewable and editable. David
  6. Looking for way to edit a group of duplicate items that I added to inventory without having to sort through the list of items in the room. I thought a query would be a good way to do this, and it probably still is. Except I created the query with the wrong category, and now I cannot edit the query to correct my mistake. I know I can just create a new query, but was wondering if there was a way to edit queries. I can imagine creating a complex query, making a mistake like the one I made (misspelling), and having no way to edit it, having to recreate it all over again. Is there a way to edit queries? David
  7. I have a NAS for which I bought several HDs (hard drives) of exactly the same brand (WD) and model (Red) but different capacities (10 or 12TB), and from three different vendors. I wanted to add the HDs to inventory with the proper product details such as order number, S/N, P/N, model, dealer, warranty, etc. as well as cost details. I created an item with all the this information in the designated fields, then linked the NAS unit as the parent item using the Linked Assets tab of the Item Properties dialog box. Then I duplicated the item several times. The duplicates were smart enough to blank out the S/N field so I could fill it in with the actual serial numbers; but unfortunately it unchecked the Insured and Taxable fields as well -- not the desired outcome. Not a huge problem and easily corrected. As not all of the HD are installed in the NAS (some are spare drives), I didn't want all of them linked to the NAS because that doesn't reflect their true status as spares. So I went to the Linked Assets tab, and in the Parent Asset with this item as a child box, I clicked on the only asset listed there (the NAS) which enabled the previously grayed out Unlink button, which I clicked. The NAS disappeared from the Parent Asset box and I clicked OK. But the Parent Asset still showed up in the summary pane to the left of the Images pane. I figured it might not have updated so I clicked on another asset, then back to the original asset, but the Parent Asset was still present. Then I opened the Item Properties box for the HD and on the Linked Assets tab, the NAS was listed as a Parent Asset, as if I had not unlinked it. I know no way to unlink the asset short of deleting the asset and creating it from scratch, which is a lot more work and which defeats the purpose of using Duplicate. Anyone know a work-around for this problem? Anyone else having trouble using the Duplicate feature? TIA David
  8. Has anyone determined how to add new coin varieties and years to the database? For example, the 2020 Silver Eagles can't be added, nor can other varieties of the same coins the are already listed. Another example are the GB Queen's Beasts. Under the 2 Pound Coin, there are a number of different coins but not the Queen's Beasts, unless these are listed elsewhere. Thanks' Jim Miller
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  10. Hi, I use the stampmanage deluxe from 2016 and updated every edition to 2020, I had a security problem and I want to change the pc or the hard disk but internet backup have problem ( See attach for errors that block the backup). Can I transfer the database to a second pc to use it simultaneously and always update? Should I use an external hard drive? StampManage2020-ScreenPrint-JaHorton.pdf IMG_20200710_2352071.pdf
  11. I attempted to put the words "Manufacturer's Limited" in the Warranty Type field on the Additional tab of the Item Properties dialog box and received a technical error. See below. I have noticed before that this error also happens when I try to put a single quote in the Description text box of the Add an Attachment dialog box. My guess is the single quote is a string delimiter in internal code and placing a single quote in a text entry confuses the code because of the special meaning of single quotes. The presence of of single quotes as text delimiters in the error message seems to support my theory. Should be easy enough to escape the single quote to fix this if I'm right. Also, if it fails in these two fields, I wonder what other fields and what other special characters (&, [, ], #, *, ", ., ?, etc.) will fail to accept a single quote (special character) in text. UPDATE: Just for giggles I tried adding the text "Manufacturer''s Limited" (note that I used 2 consecutive single quotes between the r and s, not a double quote) in the Warranty Type field and the text was accepted without error. I think this verifies the nature of the single quote issue and points out how to escape it simultaneously. But I found something else odd. After accepting my entry, I opened the dialog box again and in the Warranty Type field there was only one single quote (the desired outcome). After closing the dialog box, I noticed on the lower left display pane on the main form that the Warranty Type field displays "Manufacturer''s Limited" with two single quotes rather than just one. Very odd and not the desired outcome. David
  12. I haven't had the problem with field changes not being saved, but on my laptop, which now runs Windows 10 1909, the program does crash when I click on the Item Pictures tab of the Item Properties dialog box. It's really odd as there are no error messages, the window doesn't freeze or stutter, it simply disappears. Since it's a Jet database (MS Access), I sometimes have to delete the lock file assets.ldb in the same dir as assets.mdb.
  13. FlyingBear thanks for the post. I wasn't aware of the issue you mention, so I checked my machine and sure enough, there are several directories in the Programs subdir under Roaming that are empty and have Modified dates that are exactly the same date and time of the HomeManage 2020 dir. So apparently the install process changed these subdirectories. The ones I've noticed include these: Accessibility Accessories System Tools Windows PowerShell I don't have another Windows 10 1909 machine to compare directory names, so I cannot tell what the names should be. I wonder if you could point me to where on Microsoft's site I can find the new names of these directories so that I can change them back to what they should be. I also wonder if any directories are missing; since the source of the problem apparently hasn't been identified, I have no way to know for sure. Thanks David PS: It would also be helpful to know if the subdirectory names changed in one of the Windows 10 updates or if all Windows 10 installations use the new names.
  14. Thank you to Guest Greg for his May 25th post. His answer worked and I now have an excel copy of the inventory. Next step - import it to another inventory database. Yay Greg!
  15. Can you advise when there will be an upgrade for the software for the Mac computers? I purchased this in March 01, 2020 and find that it has limited usage. For example I want to edit the info on a coin I entered and it will not let me. It just seems to be so far behind the microsoft versions I purchased in the past....I am very disap[pointed in the Mac version and hope there will be an update soon...
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  18. The field is in the drop down menu under 'Format' when you add a stamp. Cliff
  19. That's easy for you to say...where do I find that field. And do I enter the item as FDC832?
  20. There is a FDC entry in the 'type' field.
  21. How do I add a new sub category - First Day Covers - to my US collection?
  22. Yes you are correct its really 22 mb and the file with the program is 206mb
  23. Hi, 22kb doesnt sound right, sure thats not 22mb? The STAMPDATA.MDB file contains ALL text information in the program including: 1/ The pre-defined database with all the stamp varieties (varieties table) 2/ Any stamps you have added to inventory (mycollection table) also includes all attachments, notebook items, dealer, customer info. We have been meaning to do a video on this subject, will try to get around to it for the weekend.
  24. I'm confused about the whole upgrading data base files. If someone could straighten me out I would greatly appreciate it. I'm going from SM2009 to SM2020 my stampdata.mdb file is fairly small 22kb compared to the one with the new program 206kb, from what I can gather you are to replace my stampdata.mdb file from 2020 and replace it with my file from 2009. When I try that I seem to lose all the data for the "add stamp" component but I have my old data base that I can see in the new program. Is there only one data base file that stores "my collection" as well as all the data and images for the rest of the world adds? And if that is the case how do I combine the two files or is there supposed to be two different locations for these two files? I have enclosed a screen shot of the directory where I thought the file is supposed to be but something is not right.
  25. I had success with that route, only loss was some images I scanned, but i was able to re-scan those.
  26. Guest

    Stamp Manager

    Had tech transfer some files to new computer and was to transfer my stamp program file to my desktop, but it looks that he just transferred the files to documents stamp apps .I would like to get it back to my desktop. Had stamp manager deluxe sent to internet file and also have a copy in zip file. If i Get the 2020 version of stamp manager will all my files be imported to SM defaults.
  27. I am often adding large groups of stamps at one time. In many circumstances, the particular format or grade or hinge category of stamp (block, fdc, mint vf, sheet, etc.) is not priced in the data base at the time that I add the group of stamps. Consequently, I then go back and add the value for each stamp based on the variety of the stamp. In many cases, there are a group of stamps which have the same value for the particular variety and it would be a lot simpler if in addition to the "cost" box that appears in the Properties Dialog when modifying groups of stamps already in the collection, if there was also a "value" box. Thus one could easily add values for large groups of stamps in the collection all at one time. Hope what I am suggesting is clear. 😀
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