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    Missing or wanred list

    How do I go about getting the above list but for only a certain coins? ie. Canadian large cents only. I have have tried several things but I get all of my missing coins for the entire collection.
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    Stamp Blocks

    Yes this is correct thanks. For Most of the pull down lists in the ADD COIN dialog, if the option is not in the pull down list you can manually enter a new one into the edit section of the pulldown.
  5. Hi, sorry we had to update the HomeManage manual for the new 2020 version and get it approved for sale. Will send you the links in the next few hours.
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  7. It is listed as: Korea, Republic of (South Korea (1946)) Cliff
  8. I agree 100%. I emailed them about it without the courtesy of a reply!
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  10. I am trying to use the Add Stamp Wizard to add stamps to my collection when I reach the last panel after having filled all panels I get the following screen: The entry is still created in the StampManage Catalog but the Image is lost and no information appears in the Value Table although one has been entered .... moreover the Stamp IS NOT added to the collection. Any Help ??
  11. Hello, The Philadelphia(P) Dime and Half Dollar missing are missing from the DB. All others from the mint are there. With the half dollar, there was multiple San Francisco mint marks. I'm using the 2020 version. Anyone else having/seeing the same thing? Enjoy
  12. When adding stamps, in the format field, simply type in your format (Block of 8 etc)
  13. Hi, I cannot find South Korea in the country list - how is it listed? Thanks
  14. I have been telephoning the number listed for help, I have gone on the "chat" line to request a hard copy manual for the three (3) databases listed in my subject title. I have been unsuccessful in trying to input data into the databases. Because y eyesight has been compromised via a stroke, I have been unsuccessful with trying to use "You Tube" on-line. I am a senior citizen, and sorely need a hard copy manual to follow. The chat line said they would send directions to order a hard copy, and I have requested it three times, so far they have not sent. PLEASE HELP ME! I am a retired veteran who has self-quarantined due to the virus and sorely need your assistance. If "Liberty Street" refuses to help, is there any other database that I can get a hard copy manual/database. Respectfully. EVERYONE, PLEASE BE SAFE!!!
  15. Has anyone that upgraded to the 2020 Coin Manage version had difficulty getting updated values? The drop down options only offer up to year 2013.
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    Stamp Blocks

    This software only gives the option for blocks of 4, how do identify other blocks that might be blocks of 6 or 8 or others ? Trying to add stamps to my album but not sure how to ID other size blocks?
  17. are the images already uploaded to your hard drive or on a USB? If so, you can simply drag the image file as shown in screenshot below. You can also use the Load File... button to choose the image file.
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    Missing liberty fifty cent

    OK,I see them when I go to add a coin but why do they not show on the list with let's say the Kennedy fifty cents?
  19. Hi, they are in the Walking Liberty section as shown in the image below. Do you not see Walking Liberty coins when in the Add Coin dialog?
  20. I have a large number of photos taken with a digital camera and would like to copy the images into the individual records. It appears that the only way to do so is to use a web camera, which I do have but would rather use the photos already taken. Can this be done and how do I do it. I can't find any place in images section to download photos from an existing file. Below is a sample of the photos taken. Please provide method to put photos in records. Thank you for your help.
  21. I am running the 2020 deluxe version and when I try to add some US fifty cent pieces from 1940 and 1944,they are not there. It only shows Kennedy from 1964 to date where are the liberty coins at?
  22. I just purchased the Mac version of coin manage. Even when I edit an item and hit the OK button it is not saving the item. How do I save items after editing them?
  23. The main page row listing for My Collection is quite small as is the top headers for menus and icons. I looked into the guide but it only has column adjustments but for the reports section only. I did find in something in Preferences under font heights for Lists of Stamps but it doesn't affect the main display lists. My eyesight isn't that bad, I don't glasses, but the text is like an eight point in a word processor program. Any help here? Thank you.
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    Software Key

    Hi, we send you info for the new 2020 edition earlier today. Let me know if the problem still exists.
  26. admin

    Addiing coins

    if you have 2 coins of the same variety, you can also use the CLONE feature to create separate entries for each coin. Then edit each entry with the coins's grade and other information
  27. How do I clean up the pull down menus for the location and set info options in the additional info tab ? I have left over old locations and set designations in the pull down menus.
  28. I upgraded to 2020 and activated via my license. When I try to add my new 2020 Eagle, it's not listed in the database as a coin to add. I know how to manually add a coin, but shouldn't 2020 coins be in the list? If not, when will the list populate? I would rather use an official CoinManage entry than create my own, because it would seem difficult to go back and reset it to the official version later. I hate to set aside my coin for a whole year before entering them into the database. Thank you.
  29. Hi, You can either add each coin as a separate entry (which is what I personally do, even of coins of the same grade) or you can adjust the quantity on the Coin entry page. See my screenshot below. If I've misunderstood your question, please reply back with more details.
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    Software Key

    I purchased HomeManage a year ago and neither product keys received worked (I had to request a second after the first was met with invalid product key message). I received the same slow response I has been indicated in many of the posts--left multiple phone messages; tried email. I work in Kazakhstan so had to just drop my attempts until now. I noticed that--although I have version 2019 ( loaded on my machine (and I purchased the product in Feb. 2019)-- the Product Key that can be found using the https://www.libertystreet.com/Find-Code.htm site only gets a positive hit (if the form of a message saying, we already sent you a product code) under the 2018 version. I suspect I'm being issued old product keys and that's why they're not working. It would be nice to be able to use a product I already paid for. Are you still holding my money aside until I getting a working version of your product? I didn't think so. Very dissatisfied on multiple levels, Dennis Hutchison
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