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  2. DanMichSr7

    Calculated Fields

    I have a location set up for our pets, past and present. And have two fields set up with BIRTHDAY and DEATH DATE. Is there a way to calculate PRESENT AGE and AGE AT DEATH etc. Thanks
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  4. Guest

    Searching Topics

    Now how do I delete this post?
  5. Guest

    Searching Topics

    How do I search topics in this section?
  6. Major Assett

    Report with pictures

    Not sure if this will help or make it more complicated; For the first problem; To print reports only for a specific location in HomeManage2018 simply "right-click" a location and select the "Run Report Using", then select the report you want to use - it will limit the report to the items in the location. For the other problem, it should be simple enough to change headings with the report editor (though I particularly enjoy modifying reports); 1. Identify the report you want to modify; a. Go to print your report, but on the first screen select Preview instead of Print before pressing START b. On the preview window, select File->Export, on the export screen make a note of the filename (eg. on my report I have AssetsByPicture.lst) - No need to export the report, just click on CANCEL then exit the Report Preview Window. c. Now the fun bit, in Home Manage select Reporting->Edit Report d. Select the report with (almost) the same name as you saw above (AssetsByPicture.lst) and click open. e. In the Edit window, you should see the headings which you want to change, click on one of the headings f. Now click on a heading you want to change. (eg. Manuf.) and in the window that opens change the value (remembering it is in double quotes) (eg. change "Manuf." to "Brand") and click on ok. ..... repeat for any other heading you want to change. g. When done, select File->SaveAs and give it a new name (this avoids overwriting the original report) (eg. MyAssetPics.lst) h. Now, when running a report, select "Output Report Using.." and select your report. Anything more complicated and you really need to get into the report editor, I think there's a tutorial somewhere. Hope this helps.
  7. Johnny

    Suggested Features

    Another suggestion: 6. When a bar code search fails, do not load "NULL" into any fields. I have to go back and delete "null" if I don't have data for that field. Thanks
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  9. Rick B.

    Michel Stamp #'s

    This will be in the 2019 version.
  10. Rick B.

    Michel Numbers

    That's great news. Thanks!
  11. admin

    Michel Numbers

    Hi, we took out the Michel number field for 2018 because the ADD COIN main tab was so cluttered. Turned out to be a mistake as several customers have complained about it, so we are adding it back in for the next upgrade.
  12. Rick B.

    Michel Stamp #'s

    Did you ever find an answer to this? I have the same issue.
  13. Rick B.

    Michel Numbers

    I have StampManage v2018. I have a need to manually add Michel numbers because I have inherited several German made Lindner albums for USA stamps. I see that the Michel Number field is available in the columns setup. So I added it to all the available screens. But I don't see them on those screens. How do I access the field? I'd prefer to use the field rather than the "Other No." field. Thanks
  14. I'm just looking to have a location that I can have the fields I want shown. Right now all locations are the same.
  15. I have been entering my collection into Coin Manage and I find that every 4-6 coins with images as I enter another coin the images won't load or store. I close the program and start it again and then I can add the images and can do so for the next 4 coins before it won't load and I have to repeat the process. Is this a known problem or just the way the system is
  16. When will the new version of HomeManage be available; will the next version have the capability of adding sub-locations under one another, i.e., Home - Loft - Bookcase #1 - Shelf #2 - Book Title. Thank you.
  17. Got a reply from the admin. To help others who may have the problem where is what I did at their suggestion. I deleted old 2014 version I had tried back then, then deleted the 2018 version, made sure all of it was gone. I redownloaded 2018 version and now it works.
  18. Guest


    HI, did you ever receive a reply to you Michel number question? I would also like to know.
  19. Guest

    Importing From Home Inventory Pro

    Home Inventory Pro 2011 - Same situation, Windows 10 reset and after reinstalling Home Inventory Pro 2011, could not register my license key. If you have a backup though of your C:\ProgramData\Radium Technologies, try to restore just this folder and all subdirectories and overwrite the existing folders. Then launch program and Import from backup. I was surprised this actually worked. I was also lucky to have created a local backup using Easeus.com to-do Free backup utility and mount my backup to recover the folder. I then proceeded to check the various export options and unfortunately, they do not allow for a CSV export and the Export within has the extension (*.hixz) but I could not open it. I was able to Export the inventory Report to PDF, then use a PDF converter to convert it to EXCEL. With Some cleanup, I should be able to export it as a CSV. According to Tech support, I may be able to then import this into their system.... Inventory Type is a header though, so I assume I many need to do more separation into rows. steve evans sesol1@optonline.net
  20. i like the software and have started using it, but the graph of the grades with values only show 2013 and PCGS 2014, I can't find anyway to update that to 2018, even 2017 would be a help but 5 year old data is not much use.
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  22. DanMichSr

    Locations / Fields

    Thanks I'm glad I waited on the purchase
  23. Ok. Which of these do you need?
  24. strange error message as it implies that a field or index was manually deleted in MICROSOFT ACCESS. Is it possible to ZIP and email us your data file. If too big, you can share it on www.dropbox.com using a free account.
  25. I have been using StampManage 2018 for several weeks now but in the last few days I have gotten the following error message several times. As far as I can tell it happens while I am modifying the Scott catalogue number for a stamp that is already in my collection. Specifically, I have entered souvenir pages using the Scott number for the individual stamp and just used "souvenir page" as the format without realizing that the souvenir pages have their own Scott catalogue number. I try to edit the stamp details by adding an "a" after the Scott number and then click "OK." The following error message sometimes pops up and when I hit "OK" the database becomes corrupted somehow and shows the wrong info when I click on any other stamp in my collection. However, if I then close out of StampManage and then reopen it I am able to successfully go back and edit the stamp details with no problem and everything goes back to normal. This has happened between 5 and 10 times in the last 2 days. Strangely, it doesn't happen every time I try to amend the Sott number, so I can't figure out what specifically is causing this error. Any help would be appreciated!
  26. admin

    Locations / Fields

    Hi, currently the columns would apply to all locations, it is not possible to setup individual columns for a particular location or category.
  27. DanMichSr

    Locations / Fields

    I have two different LOCATIONS and would like to have different fields in each. Setting up the first location was a snap. All the fields within that location were where I wanted them. And the rooms fields within were where I wanted them. The second LOCATION without rooms I have added different fields. My first location took on the same fields as the second location but the rooms in the first locations are ok and the items entered in the second location are ok The only thing I'm trying to do is have the 2 locations have different fields. Like LOCATION (1) home with pictures of the home and have rooms within that location. Location (2) home with pictues of a different home and have rooms within but have different fields. Thanks
  28. 12 hours is way too long unless you have a slow internet connection. We have had some problems with AVG in the past. Is it possible AVG is slowing down the download somehow?
  29. The above is the quoted text from my last message I posted yesterday as a reply to a former message. It is shown as "Read Content." So I figured it was time to change the topic so it would get noticed as a new topic in the forum. Now that's that! Let's get to business!! I tried to download and install SM2018 yesterday after I read your previous reply. I know I'm late, but thank you very much!! After about two hours, I started wondering what was taking it so long to install. But I had to go somewhere and I was hoping when I returned it would be finished. Upon my return, it had continued to install but not by much and I didn't understand that. I had been gone for more than four hours!! That's when I shot off the above message to you.I waited for the program to continue installing, but it was moving veerrry slow and so was my whole computer!!! I opened another tab to try to watch YouTube. It wouldn't load. In fact, nothing would load, not even the home page of my browser!! That's when I knew there was definitely a problem somewhere else and I started investigating. I started with the firewall (I disabled it), then the antivirus (I disabled it), and the VPNs (I disabled them). It took forever to accomplish these tasks, but it didn't make any difference. I didn't restart because I didn't want to interrupt the installation. BUT it was still moving slow!!! By now it was about 10pm (ET) and I was really upset. But I let it run until 12am. this morning. I got frustrated and cancelled the installation because after more than 12 hours it had only installed about 1/5th of the program!!! I restarted my computer and continued my investigation. I checked everything and disabled all that I could that I thought would affect the speed of the internet and/or the installation of SM2018. Later after some sleep, I checked the internet connection and network. They were fine and no problems were found. Nothing changed!!! So I went to the heavy duty stuff like AVG Internet Security and Dell Support Assist. After each program finished its business, I restarted my computer. Again, no change!!! So I don't get it!! What is the problem? What am I doing wrong or what is wrong with my computer?? Any legit suggestions are encouraged and welcomed!! Any help that may relieve me of the levels of stress and frustration will be greatly appreciated!! And in advance I thank you so very much!! God bless you all!!!
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