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  4. 1) Yes - I do have a Friedberg for each one! I figured using that was essential in the very beginning. - Would you consider writing an importer if I modified my spreadsheet to reflect your field names and order, and provided output in whatever format you needed? - What do you think a reasonable charge would be for that? It's an expense either way for me, in time or cash, or both... 2) User defined field might be OK (as I want to run a report on such things - and the obligations are standardized for each note). - How many user defined fields? - Data type? Any length limit? - Custom report writer and/or a way to select fields to be included in the report? - Since there is a limited number of obligations - is there a drop down list to select and/or a way to associate the Friedberg number to the obligation automagically? 3) Awesome! 4) So it looks as if I need at least 3 user defined fields - possible? Thanks for answering so quickly, and assisting with this. I know a laundry list of feature requests can be annoying, so thanks for taking the time to look! - Robert
  5. Hi, sorry we do not have an import feature. Does your spreadsheet include a unique identifier like the Friedberg number for each note? Any import we develop in the future would require such an id in order to be able to identify what note is being imported. You could add this info to the comments section. There is also a couple user defined fields that could be used. Yes, you can add up to 4 of your own images to each record. That kind of info could be added to the comments or the user defined fields mentioned earlier
  6. Hello all, I'm looking at getting a database program, after I realized I'm just creating a database the hard way - with Excel. However, I had no idea how hard the bug would hit - and I have quite a few notes in my collection at this point, with information that is important to me also kept in my spreadsheet-from-hell. Before I settle on a database, I need to be sure some issues are addressed by the program. I can't find these answers (or at least easily) on my own. 1) Can the program IMPORT from my existing spreadsheet (I can't bear to enter it all in by hand again) - As Excel, .csv? I assume that I would have to reformat my Excel to get field headings correct, etc. Is my assumption correct? - What are ALL the fields it collects info on (or a link to this info, please - I'm not a monster!) 2) May I add fields to the database? - I have an interest in the Obligation the note bears ('This note is legal tender for all debts, pubic and private', or 'THIS NOTE IS A LEGAL TENDER AT ITS Face Value for all Debts Public and Private, except Duties on Imports and Interest ON THE PUBLIC DEBT'), on both the front and the back (if any). How the 'promises' change is of interest to me - and I'd like to be able to report on that. 3) May I include scans of my actual notes - in addition to the standard representative picture? - It might be nice for insurance purposes, as a quick visual of condition to see if I wanna buy another better note, etc? 4) Does it allow me to have different fields for *MY GRADE* vs. *A GRADED NOTE*? - I have some graded notes, I need to be sure I keep track of the 'official' grade, yet... - I'm making an effort to develop my eye towards grading notes well - I would like to keep track of my grade - Thus - I need two fields. I'd like to send a few in (or go to a show), pay the fee, and see if I'm any good - or getting better with practice! Thanks for the help here, it is much appreciated! - Robert
  7. Lost Custom Vlues after Upgrade

    Again, I just updated to the Oct 3 version of the product and all my custom values were lost. I restored to a backed up database, now the custom values are back, please fix this. CP
  8. I agree with your conclusion...the data in the "Type" field provided with the database includes everything under the sun, as you have mentioned; there is no consistency. I have abandoned my attempt to use this field. Alan
  9. Mint Sets

    Hi, yes they are under UNITED STATES > UNC. MINT SETS. Other sets issued by the US Mint can be found in: UNITED STATES > US MINT PRODUCTS... such as Congratulation Sets, Birth Sets, etc...
  10. Mint Sets

    Sorry, I found them. Had looked several times and always missed them. Found then now.
  11. Mint Sets

    Has there been any thought about adding mint sets to the data. I have several, and would like to keep track of them the same as I do my other coins.
  12. FDC Scans

    Yes, these are in my collection. I have 1,150+/- complete now so I will try to get them to you.
  13. FDC Scans

    Hi, these are scans of your own FDCs? If so, you can upload them to a free www.dropbox.com account and we could make them available somehow .. thanks for the offer.
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  15. FDC Scans

    I am in the process of entering close to 6,000 FDC's to my database. are you interested in me getting the scans to you?
  16. Thanks so much...worked like a charm.
  17. hi, if you hold down the CTRL key while dragging a stamp to another collection.. it will make a COPY of the stamp in the target collection. You can also use the MOVE STAMPS toolbar button.
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  20. How do you COPY a stamp to a new collection. I use the First day cover collection and want to get stamps from general issue copied to First day covers so I can enter my covers.
  21. 2018 update

    What is new in the 2018 USA upgrade? When you click check for updates, you are redirected to the Web page that does not say anything, just a link to download the 2018 upgrade
  22. Thanks. Each time is not that painful but for bulk entries, it gets in the way. I appreciate your consideration of a change.
  23. Hi, what happens is StampManage on startup...finds all unique stamp formats and creates a list that will be used in the stamp format dropdown. I understand in your case this is not a good idea so we will try to think of a solution.
  24. Belgium - missing stamps

    Jan, I checked and just as you mentioned Scott #345 as well as #344 are missing from the stamp Manage Catalog. This is what I did and it worked in populating the Stamp Manage Catalog with these two stamps. Go to Tools > Stamp Data Manager > Open Belgium > Semi Postal > Stamps -Text If you scroll down you will notice that #344 and #345 are in fact in the database, just click and highlight 344 and then 345 and then close the window using "Close" at the bottom left. When the window is finished updating choose another country and then go back to Belgium. You should find that the 2 items now appear in the catalog. Let me know if this works for you.
  25. I started to try StampManage and it went well. I started from de oldest Belgium stamps and I could find them in the catalog. But at a certain moment there was a gap. From 31/10/1938 to 1944 there were no stamps in the catalog. But the Scott number went from 321 to 322. There was no room for these stamps in the Scott numbering. When I want to enter the missing stamps, I have to fill in a Scott number. But obviously there is no nummer. And there is no room to create more. How can I insert for example the stamp of 1943 in the attached file to my collection. Thanks Jan
  26. Various

    Thank you very much for your prompt response.
  27. Stamps without images Report

    Hi, there should be a Boolean reporting command called Stamp.HasImages which will return true or false, we will come up with a report that only shows stamps without a variety image.
  28. Various

    Hi, business is better than ever, not sure where that came from. Will be releasing CoinManage 2018 late this year. You can install the program on up to 2 computers. You can get pricing for coins from eBay and other big dealers by using the eBay completed item search, the COLLECTORS.COM search will also return some good results from various dealers. We are hoping to add to the Mexico database in the coming months. You can add new bullion coins to the program database using the COIN DATABASE EDITOR feature under the TOOLS menu.
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