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  2. Hi, we are trying to reproduce this problem and cannot. Attached is a screenshot of what we see when adding an asset with 2 user defined dates. Can you show a screenshot of what you see when adding an asset in this same section? Thanks. we were able to fix the problem with duplicate USER DATE FIELD 1 entries.
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  4. After closing and restarting the application, I noticed that all 4 images of the House location now appear in the images tab just as they should. I also noticed that the application allowed me to add the same 3 images to the Shed location that I attempted to add above, this time without improperly rotating any of the images.
  5. When I clicked the properties of the House location, a dialog with tabs General, Attachments, Item Picture(s) and Notebook appeared. My goal was to add some lawn maintenance that I had done recently to the Notebook. That task worked well, but I decided to add images of the house -- didn't realize that I could. Adding the images to House worked as expected. I then went to add images of the shed behind the house to a location I created called Shed. I added 3 images in the order they appear in the app, 1, 2, 3. The first two images worked as expected and the images appeared in the dialog as expected -- no surprises. However, the third image appeared rotated 90 degree CC, even though I took the image on an iPhone in portrait mode (all the images of the shed were taken in portrait mode). I then clicked the Edit button thinking the app may allow me to rotate the image, but nothing happened. So while viewing the 1 rotated image, I pressed the Clear button to clear it so I could try re-adding the image. Re-adding the image worked (I used drag and drop to add all images) but the image appeared with the same rotation problem. I cleared the image. When the image addition failed, by habit I clicked on image 2 and image 1 just to check them. They both appeared to be missing (blank all white panel) -- a surprise since I only intended to clear the one image. So the issues so far are: 1) the app rotated an image improperly 2) the app appears to have cleared all images for the location when I only intended to clear the one mis-rotated image 3) the Edit button did nothing I then went back to the House location properties to check the images there. They all appeared to be correct with no rotation problems, even though of the four images of the house I took, 2 were in portrait mode and 2 were in landscape mode. I selected one of the images, then clicked the Edit button just as a test to see if it would fail again. The Edit button opened MS Paint! Without editing anything, I closed Paint and went back to the Shed to attempt adding all the images again. There were still no images showing on the shed, so I used drag-n-drop to put the same images in the same placeholders. Although there were no errors triggered, and the drag-n-drop operation appeared to work as normal, no images showed up in the locations. The Edit button was grayed out. I went back to the House location to view the images there, and the last image (image 4) was missing, and the other three appeared all black -- completely black with no shades of any color. I clicked on Edit and the actual image appeared in Paint. Without editing the image I closed Paint and the House properties dialog box. As I'm trying to figure out what's happening here, I went back to the Shed and House locations a few times just to check what was visible. Ultimately, all the house images seem to have disappeared even though I never edited any of them, and I never clicked the Clear button (no need to -- all 4 images were perfect). Since I know where the application stores the images, I went to that location in Explorer. All 4 images of the house were present with names like Location184(1).jpg, Location184(2).jpg, etc. None of the pictures of the Shed location were present. Note that all the image manipulation buttons are active in the House properties dialog box, which makes sense since the images all exist; you just can't see them in the pplication image boxes. However, all of the same buttons are grayed out for the Shed location, which also makes sense since the images no longer exist. What doesn't make sense is not being able to re-add the images to the Shed location. 4) So even though the shed images were not present, the application would not let me add images of the shed 5) Even though the images of the house are still present, the application doesn't show them in the properties dialog box for the House location There appears to be plenty wrong with the way the application manages images. I can't figure it out. All images added in this exercise were in JPG format from an 8MP iPhone camera. - David
  6. Thanks. Looking forward to the fix. I've noticed several issues with how the application handles images. I'll be posting an additional one or two today that I just came across.
  7. Hi, thanks for the report. we have fixed some problems with deleting images. You will see the fixes in the next release of the product in a week or 2. We will also look at the other requests you posted.
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    Ok, I'm going to say this one more time! There is no period in the album name. That period in my reply is simply a period to end a sentence. I'm surprised that you could not deduce that! The period also is not in bold text like the album name. You're suggesting a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Regards, Walter
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    This side of the pond in England its a Full Stop. Periods are things that ladies have. We suffer with color, colour; Gray, Grey; Gas, Petrol; etc I remember my teenage daughter babysitting for our American friends and I quote" the diapers are in this bag and the cookies are in the tin". What is a diaper and cookie she asked. I agree you use a different dictionary to us. But back to the problem. I use "( ) - , ; "etc in my title ( e.g. File Names). The only character I don't use is the period (Full Stop). Thought this might be the solution? to the problem. The Stamp Manage Program uses 'Microsoft Access' as its base program. With my 665,000 plus records showing Stamp Denomination and 90% showing Year coupled with 303,000 images (showing the correct image,) I have left using Stamp Manage many years ago. With too many errors/corrections/etc. Regards Colin@ColinPattrick.com
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    That's the first time I've ever heard a period described that way!
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    Jawo, no offense taken. You did an adequate job explaining your question. I just misunderstood your intent. The screenshot got me back on the right track. I'm glad you got it worked out.
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    Wchettel, Sorry I've expressed myself in a bad way. I am Norwegian and English is not my native language, and then there may be some problems for me to explain things, but you led me on to the right track , and you gave me a solution to what I thought was a problem and now it is solved . Thank you so much for your help and patience with someone who does not quite know what he wants.
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    The "." the dot on base line a punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation
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    There is no period in the album name. That period in my reply is simply a period to end a sentence. The period is not in bold text like the album name. I'm surprised that you could not deduce that!
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    What do you mean by your term "Full Stop"?
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    Hi, yes its probably the () or the period or even the dash. We will fix this for the upcoming free update. It will be out later this week.
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    Hi Is that a FULL STOP at the end of your Album Name? White Ace-1 (1893-1956). Your Album name is used as a File Name. Just delete the Full Stop.
  19. Feature Request

    YES, DEFINITELY! I thought that's what I was asking, I just used different words.
  20. Feature Request

    I would like to see the default settings be configurable.
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    Jawo, there is no need to drag or move folders (Categories) from the Data Manager to the Collections panel on the left. The StampManage database for the stamps includes all the info about the category that a stamp belongs in. When you add an Air Post stamp via the Add Stamp(s) dialog, an Air Post category (or folder as you call it) will appear in the Collections panel under the Country the stamp belongs to. The Collections panel on the left only shows the categories (or folders) which have had stamps added to them. Just start adding some stamps of varying categories and you'll see the category folders appear. I suppose I misunderstood your original question. I thought that you were attempting to add a category for some special non-standard stamp item. I hope this helps to clarify your "folder" questions. Also, I only collect USA Commemorative stamps, so I am using StampManage USA 2018. I do not see all of those countries that your screenshot showed, but it helped me to understand what you were attempting to do. I guess it's true that "a picture is worth a thousand words".
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    wchettel . The problem is solved. I deleted StampManage, and reinstalled the program, and did as you suggested and added a stamp. Then the sub-group appeared on the pane on the left. I had some trouble with last upgrade of the StampMange, but now it is OK Thank you for helping me
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    wchettel. Hi again. I tried you suggestions, but with no luck. I thought this should be an easy task, like a drag and drop as you can do with most programs. Look at the picture. What I want to do is to move all the Australia sub categories from the right side to put them in the Australia folder on the left side. I also want to do that with Norway. I assume it will be possible to do this. To add more sub categories under the main category, or have I started something that is not possible in this program. Have a nice evening
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    Jawo, I have noticed several times that changes I make do not take effect until I exit StampManager and re-start it. Have you tried that? Also, maybe you need to add a stamp. Have you tried adding a stamp to your new category via the "Stamps" tab along the top of the Data Manager window? Good luck!
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    Thank's wchettel. Your solution worked, but now I got another problem related to the first one. How can I transfer the new sub folder from the Stamp Data Manager to the pane on the left side. I have Norway on the left side, and I want this new sub folder attached to the main folder, so if I click on Norway, I will see all the different subfolders attached to Norway. I am very grateful for the help I receive. Thank you.
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    I have not tried this but... open the "Stamp Data Manager" (TOOLS > STAMP DATA MANAGER), then read the second paragraph of instructions in the center of the window. Maybe that will do what you're asking about. Good luck!
  27. Allowing us to resize the Preferences and Item Properties and Notebook dialog boxes would make it data entry easier, quicker and more legible. Also would like to see different behavior for the Enter and Return keys while the cursor is in description fields. These keys should not trigger the OK button and close the dialog box when the cursor is in long text fields where using carriage returns helps to clarify item descriptions and Notebook descriptions.
  28. With large screen available now, the size of the font in the application is difficult to read (for example on 4K monitors). Request is to allow us to manually choose font size of the screen elements and window panes in the Preferences dialog box. This will ease or eliminate eye strain.
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