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    Mint Sets

    Sorry, I found them. Had looked several times and always missed them. Found then now.
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    As I have used Stamp Manager, I have sometimes chosen to enter a non-standard description for Condition of Stamp: Format input box. For example, before there was a plate number field, I would put the plate number after Plate Block (e.g., Plate Block 111111). For sheets, I have added the number of stamps on the sheet (e.g., Sheet (50) 121111). When I did this, the new entry became part of the drop down list such that it is too long now to use efficiently. While entering new items on the list was easy, the removal of them has been harder to determine. How do I remove these add-on entries?
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    Belgium - missing stamps

    Jan, I checked and just as you mentioned Scott #345 as well as #344 are missing from the stamp Manage Catalog. This is what I did and it worked in populating the Stamp Manage Catalog with these two stamps. Go to Tools > Stamp Data Manager > Open Belgium > Semi Postal > Stamps -Text If you scroll down you will notice that #344 and #345 are in fact in the database, just click and highlight 344 and then 345 and then close the window using "Close" at the bottom left. When the window is finished updating choose another country and then go back to Belgium. You should find that the 2 items now appear in the catalog. Let me know if this works for you.