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    Is there a way to include photos when setting up a new database in Home Manage? We are currently using Collectify and looking to transition to Home Manage and are testing the Trial Version to see if this will be a good fit. We would love to change but really need the pictures to follow over along with the data.
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    What you can do while waiting for a change to the "reporting segment" of CoinManage The following example should work for any Country Start a new Collection and name it: Face Value In the upper left-hand corner of the program right-click on File or the Icon below to Add a New Coin to your Collection Select a Country : United States Select a Denomination : 1 Cent Select a Type : Lincoln (any Type will work under Denomination) Select any year : 1940 Select a Condition : Use the grade Poor (no automatic value will be entered by the program) Enter a Quantity : Example (1565) Enter a Cost : Example ( .01) Face value of the individual Coin Close the Dialog Box by right-clicking on OK. At the bottom right-hand area of the program you should find the total number of Items, 1565 with a Total Cost (face Value) of $15.65 and a Total Value of $15.65. Continue this process with your other denominations. When Collection is highlighted all of your coins are accounted for and the Total Cost is shown. When you open your Collection and highlight an individual Denomination, the information in the bottom right-hand corner will reflect only quantity and cost for that entry. To produce a report, highlight your Collection" Face Value" and right-click on it. Next right-click on Output Report Using....... In the dialog box that appears, go to the bottom of the listing and select (right-click) Coins - SummaryBy Type .lst, and then right-click on Open. When the next dialog box opens right-click on the "upside down pyramid"(left of the Options Button) and then right-click on Preview and then Start. If you are satisfied with the report repeat the process and print it this time. I hope this was helpful and my apologies if the level of detail offended you.