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  1. === QUESTION I am using a trial version of your inventory program and trying to import inventory from “Know your stuff” inventory app, They notified all of there users on last Tuesday that they will be shutting down the app on June 26, 2017. I have been able to import the items but have not been able to get the pictures to import. Hopefully you can help as In my case I have close to a thousand items in my inventory file and the thought of having to go through and reattaching all the pictures is not a fun prospect. There is lot of other fokes in the same boat as me, and since the know your stuff people had no thought out exit strategy you could be the solution. === ANSWER Hi, we recently did a video on importing images into HomeManage: VIDEO: Importing Images into HomeManage
  2. Hi, we will correct the images for the next free update which will be released in mid July.
  3. Hi, we use a licensing system from another company, apparently sometimes when Microsoft Windows issues an update this problem can occur. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  4. A couple of DYMO label templates from a customer. To use them you would need to purchase DYMO 30253 labels. To use the template: 1/ Download the .lbl files 2/ Select FILE > GOTO REPORTS FOLDER from the main menu. 3/ Copy the .lbl files into that folder. 4/ After this is done, you can select the template using the OUTPUT LABELS USING.. command within the program. ================================================================================= Hello! I have attached another template for the Dymo # 30253 address Label. This will print the name of the owner, address, date added, Item number, with item number bar code above it. It will also print the item description and UPC bar code below it. If there is no UPC bar code entered for that item, it will print the item number bar code in its place. The Dymo 30253 labels are available on amazon for 10.99 for 700 labels Link: . I also purchased the NATAMO 433Mhz Wireless Barcode Scanner for 35.99 Link: Believe it or not, you can scan from up to 400 feet away from the computer the dongle is attached to. I had a remote connection to the PC Home Inventory is installed on, and walked around the house scanning items. You can also scan multiple documents into the scanner, (it will save 100,000) and then simply past them into notepad and copy them into your program. . _Dymo_30253_Item#_UPCBC.LBL dymo_30253_Address.lbl
  5. === QUESTION === I have managed our home inventory with for years. They are discontinuing their support so I need a new software company. I have their file, a PDF file and will have a CSV file shortly. Can I migrate any of these to your platform? === ANSWER === Hi, yes under the FILE menu is an IMPORT feature that will let you import your data into HomeManage. here is a link to a video we made: VIDEO: Importing Data Into HomeManage
  6. Hi, the way it works currently is a coin is moved to the SOLD COINS folder if any of the following is true: the SOLD DATE is not empty the SELLING PRICE is not empty the SOLD TO field is not empty some people are confused by this so we will try to work on a better solution. The reasoning behind this is that if any of those fields are not empty, the coin has been sold and should be moved out of inventory.
  7. Hi, we store the images as the SCOTT number of the stamp with the extension .jpg. Each country has its own numbered folder, for example, the USA is number 347. we should publish a list of countries and their folder number, will do so in the near future.
  8. Hi yes you could simply delete the other countries from the database and install Stampmanage to the same folders
  9. Hi Anna, Is Anna Blanche on your emails? we don't see any emails with that name. Please email with your query. We have previously responded to the other customers in this thread.
  10. Hi, we had a customer who chatted with AVG tech support recently, he was told to put our file on the SAFE EXECUTABLES list: a) Open AVG and go to: Options > Advanced Settings > Exceptions (left-side) Add Exception. Browse for HomeManage.exe in \\Program Files(x86)\HomeManage c) Click OK twice to add it to the Exceptions list.
  11. Hi, we have spent quite a bit of time on this problem. Since we can't duplicate it anywhere it is hard to fix. So we have made quite a few changes to protect against memory leaks or buffer overwrites. We have released a new version of the program recently, if you wish to download the demo again you can check it out.
  12. We have a few customers using the AVG anti-virus They are getting false - positive virus warnings when installing StampManage. After contacting AVG, he was told the following: OK, I talked to AVG about this. Anyone with this problem needs to go to open AVG and go to Options > Advanced Settings > Exceptions (left side) > Add exception and browse for Stampmanage.exe in Program Files (x86)/StampManage. 'OK', 'OK'. perhaps you can add this info to your community help page. Thanks.
  13. Hi, customers using the AVG anti-virus program are getting a false positive message when downloading the updates. This is a false positive, we scan our build machine using 3 popular anti-virus programs and there is no virus in the software. AVG has a history of these false positives with ours and other software. we have reported the problem to AVG, hopefully they will correct it soon. We had a customer who was able to contact AVG about this, they told him to do the following: ========================================================================= OK, I talked to AVG about this. Anyone with this problem needs to go to open AVG and go to Options > Advanced Settings > Exceptions (left side) > Add exception and browse for Coinmanage.exe in Program Files (x86)/CoinManage. 'OK', 'OK'. perhaps you can add this info to your community help page. Thanks.
  14. Mr.

    Yes, please click on the link below to view the online manual: HomeManage Online Manual
  15. Hi, ok that's good news. The Additional Image just puts a few thousand more image files on your hard drive, we will look but can't see how it would cause any license issues. For DVD buyers, unless you have slow internet, it is usually easier to install the additional images by selecting: HELP > INSTALL ADDITIONAL IMAGES from the main menu.