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  1. Hi, do you have the most recent version of the program? The 2017 edition?
  2. Hi, can you watch the video we did on this error:
  3. Hi, we spent quite a bit of time a couple months ago working on making sure that any changes the user makes to the CoinManage database do not get overwritten. Can you email us and we will create a DROPBOX folder so you can upload the file. Or you can use DROPBOX yourself to send us the folder link. Is it at all possible you made the changes on 1 computer with a particular username and then moved the data to another computer with a different username? we detect which items a user has edited based on comparing the username, so that could be a problem.
  4. Hi, can you check out this video below, If you still have questions, post them here we can do an updated video on the subject.
  5. Hi, the update should install to the same folder as stored in the Windows registry, we will take a look at this. We have a new update coming later this week so we will correct the problem.
  6. Ok we will look at this today.
  7. Hi, no there is no limit. The reason you are not seeing the status bar update is after 1500 coins or so we turn it off or else it would make the program sluggish since it is constantly recalculating totals.
  8. we will take a look at this, those items should not show up in search, you can delete all items permanently using the ACTIONS > EMPTY DELETED ITEMS FOLDER... command from the main menu
  9. Hi, We are going to take a look at the Canadian values. Its a very time consuming process so I can't say it will be done for a couple months.
  10. Hi, can you watch this video we did about that topic:
  11. Ok we will take a look at this soon and fix. Thanks for the report.
  12. The program doesn't fit on 1 DVD anymore so the 2nd has images for 5 or 6 more countries. Just insert it and install the same way. .
  13. that looks like an error from a bad DVD. If you have a decent internet connection can you download & install from:
  14. yes, it shouldn't take so long the 2nd time as all the images should already be on your machine.
  15. Hi, yes it was not the correct procedure, you should have left it there. Can you install again to the same folders, the default folders shown in the Setup program. If you have more problems, come to our CONTACT US page and click on the LIVE SUPPORT button.