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  1. Stamp Books

    Hi, under OTHER PHILATELIC ITEMS we have a couple of categories which are meant to be used in this sort of situation.
  2. Hi, yes we have been meaning to add that UK section. Please email sales@libertystreet.com and we can reply with your code.
  3. If you have: - Lost your activation code and need to retrieve it. - Need the link to download the product you purchased. - Are getting "Product Code In Use.." messages when trying to activate. - Need to deactivate your code for any reason. (Perhaps you were unable to deactivate before a previous computer had a hard drive crash). we have created a new page that will let you retrieve this info and will deactivate your code. Simply enter the email address used on your order and the info will be sent to you. Your code will also be released for re-use which should eliminate the "code in use" error. If you purchase on AMAZON, please email us.
  4. Stamp Database

    === QUESTION Hi there - In updating my stamp collection to your database, I've come across a lot of stamps missing out of individual countries. I could understand if these were all newer issues but my collection is probably 1950's an earlier but there are still a lot of individual stamps missing. Is there any plan to bring your file up to snuff i the future. If not what would be the easiest way to add the missing stamps. === ANSWER We have people constantly adding to the program database, several thousand new entries each month. These updates can be downloaded free by paying customers of the current version. The TOOLS > SUBMIT CHANGES TO LIBERTY STREET command will upload any changes you have made to the program database to us. You can make changes by using TOOLS > STAMPMANAGE DATABASE EDITOR… or just enter a new scott number in the ADD STAMP dialog and it will be added to the program database if it is not currently in there.
  5. Purchase Key

    Hi, we emailed you a new key. The key you sent to us is not a 2018 key.
  6. hwmac

    We did a video on this a couple years back. If the video does not solve your problem, let us know why and we can do a better, updated video soon.
  7. Ebay Auctions

    Hi, which version of CoinManage are you using? eBay has changed things a couple times in the past few years and we have had to update the program.
  8. Location property problem

    Hi, we are going to try to duplicate this in the next few days. You do not want to use the ALBUM / page fields we added to the program a year or so ago?
  9. 2017 coins

    Hi, which country is this referring to? If the USA, the 2017 coins have been in the database for several months. If you own CoinManage Deluxe 2017 or CoinManage USA 2017 select: HELP > CHECK FOR UPDATES from the main menu.
  10. Grades

    it is a valid grade, but F-15 is much more common. Here is a breakdown: Poor P1 Fair F2 About Good AG3 Good G4 - G7 Very Good - About Fine VG8 - VG11 Fine F12 - F14 Fine+ to Good Fine F15 - F19 About Very Fine VF20 - VF24 Very Fine VF25 - VF30 Very Fine + VF31 - VF34 Good Very Fine - About Extremely Fine VF35 - VF39 Extremely Fine EF40 - EF44 Sometimes called 'XF40' not 'EF40' Extremely Fine + EF45 - EF49 Sometimes called 'XF45' not 'EF45' Good Extremely Fine AU50 - AU54 The lower American 'About Uncirculated' (AU) grades are allowed to have a little wear so this prevents them being a British AUNC. Good Extremely Fine + AU55 - AU57 About Uncirculated AU58 - AU59 Uncirculated MS60 - MS62 Select/Choice Uncirculated MS63 - MS64 About Brilliant Uncirculated MS65 - MS66 Brilliant Uncirculated MS67 - MS69 Usually full lustre FDC MS70 Unobtainable with mass produced coins. Proof Proof Not a grade of course, but a specially stuck coin using special dies etc.
  11. Grades

    Hi, all the parties you mention use the Sheldon grading scale from 1-70. Do a google search on "Sheldon coin grading" for more info.
  12. Hi, you don't have to pay a penny after purchasing the software. The upgrades are optional, the version you purchased will never time out. If your not going to upgrade you cannot install a newer version demo over the 2015 version you have on your computer. Is that what you have done? If not and are still running the 2015 edition..kindly email sales@libertystreet.com the code you have or we can look it up. Sometimes the code needs to be released if it was installed on other computers or there was a hard drive crash.
  13. Hi, that error usually means you have HomeManage running when trying to update. Did you EXIT HomeManage? You should EXIT HomeManage after the update has downloaded and you see the initial SETUP screen to install the update.
  14. Hi, the program does not currently have a way to inventory an item like that unless there is a separate SCOTT number for the sheet you own. We do have many sets of stamps listed such as SCOTT 2715-2718 in the USA section. You could create a new item in the stamp database that has the SCOTT field set to "1827-1830", then in the VARIETY field specify it is a sheet. You would need to provide your own value.
  15. 1/ Select TOOLS > PREFERENCES from the main menu. 2/ Change the: Font Height for List of Stamps using the pull down.
  16. Hi, ok thanks we will check this out. It definitely worked recently hopefully eBay has not changed things.
  17. Ok, we are going to take a look at this in the next few days. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. USA Images 2018

    can you follow the instructions at: if we can remote to your machine we can usually fix your problem faster.
  19. USA Images 2018

    Hi, if you run StampManage USA 2018 and choose: HELP > ABOUT... does the title of the ABOUT window say "StampManage USA 2018"?
  20. dcam

    Hi, we have quite a few coins listed with CAM-60 to CAM-70 valuations. Same applies to PRDC (Proof Deep Cameo). PRCA is used for PROOF cameo coins. There is also: DC-60 to DC-70 which is for Deep Cameo coins that are not PROOF. Never heard of UCAM what is that?
  21. Coin Manage Deluxe 2017 Users Guide

    The next update will be out around January 1, will include the latest issues, some bug fixes. Will do a video explaining the changes when it is ready.
  22. Coin Manage Deluxe 2017 Users Guide

    Hi, yes there is a manual installed on your computer. It is in PDF format. The easiest way to open it is to select: HELP > GETTING STARTED GUIDE (PDF Format) from the main menu.
  23. Enter a currency

    Hi, which currency symbol are you trying to enter? We tried to duplicate this by entering "$45.00" into the value field and it worked. CoinManage uses the default currency symbol as defined in your Windows Control Panel. There is no need to enter the currency symbol as the program will not store values in multiple currencies.
  24. We have a new video: Stamp Database Summary Report Showing how to get a summary report of the StampManage database grouped by Country
  25. === QUESTION === My Stamp Manager program, updated through 2017, has stopped showing the listing of my stamps. When I open the program, on the top 3rd of the page, I get the stamp image (as shown in the scan attached) but nothing else. When I want to add a stamp I get the new image but nothing more. Do I need to reload the program or do something differently. === ANSWER This was happening because the HEADERS.WCD file used to store StampManage column settings was corrupted. Simply delete the file. If you have changed the column settings you would need to reconfigure them afterwards. The file should be located in your MY DOCUMENTS\STAMPMANAGE folder. Stamp manager.pdf