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  1. Bullion Coins

    Hi, do you need these bullion coins to be inventoried by year / variety or is a generic type listing sufficient? We are going To add many world bullion coins to the database in the next month or so and they will show in a future free update.
  2. 1. Is there a newer version (i.e. 2018)? What are the new features? How often do you push out updates and newer versions? Any cost associated with the updates/version? We will have a major new version out in later 2018. 2. The software would be installed in a no-internet local pc. Will the software require an internet enabled pc to activate the software with its license? If the pc would be inoperable then could that same software and license be used? The activation is internet-based. It is possible to do a local activation that does not require the internet. 3. Does the software operate with 1D or 2D barcode scanner/reader? Yes, that is one of the major features of the program. 4. Does the software have syncing features that will allow syncing with barcode reader with memory & batch scanning? This would be useful when doing asset/inventory verification (accountable Vs. missing items). No, we used to have a windows mobile barcode application but that is obsolete. We will have some sort of barcode synching at some point later this year. 5. What barcode scanner/reader with syncing capabilities would you recommend? The scanners we are targetting are the MC scanners from SYMBOL 6. Would we get a report of missing and found items? Yes the ASSET AUDIT feature allows that. You can also copy and paste a list of barcodes collected from any barcode scanner. Most barcode scanners allow exporting a list of scanned barcodes to a text file on your PC.
  3. Hi, do you have permission to read the data file. Try to right mouse click on the program icon, then select: RUN AS ADMIN from the popup menu. Does the error still happen
  4. Editing country's names

    Hi, to fix this you would need Microsoft Access. Edit the STAMPDATA.MDB file and open the Countries table. Then you would just correct the country name and save the file.
  5. 2018 StampManage Update won't load

    when you select FILE > GO TO STAMPMANAGE IMAGES from the main menu. do you see a folder open with many numbered folders. If so, open the 346 folder. Do you see a list of many JPG files?
  6. Hi, ok are you trying enter them in the STAMP DATA MANAGER or when you are adding stamps to inventory.
  7. Hi, couldn't you use the QUANTITY field to show you have x amount of the stamp in a certain condition. There is also the CLONE button so you can clone a stamp and make small changes to the copy such as quantity, condition, etc...
  8. Coin Flip 2X2

    to do this you could edit an existing label template: REPORTING > EDIT LABELS... make changes such as changing the size of the template and then save it under a new name. What information do you need on each label, we can do it here for inclusion in the upcoming free update.
  9. 2018 StampManage Update won't load

    Hi, that error happens when you install the data file to a read only folder. Usually a folder under the PROGRAM FILES. Please watch this video and let me know if you need further assistance.
  10. Hi, you should be able to set the default value table in the program preferences: TOOLS > PREFERENCES if you don't see 2018 in their try restarting the program.
  11. Its not mandatory to install disk 2. Of course you won't see any images from several larger European countries if you don't
  12. Hi, no there are no USA images on disk 2. It is mainly European countries such as: France, Italy, etc...
  13. Hi, this is when you remove a coin from the coin manage master database or from a collection? we will have a look, if it happens here should be easy to fix for the next free update.
  14. Program won't print

    Hi, CoinManage should use the default printer setup for your computer. If you have not setup a printer on your computer do a simple google search such as: Setup printer for windows 10 here is the result I got when doing the search: https://www.laptopmag.com/articles/add-printer-windows-10
  15. Hi, select: FILE > GO TO REPORTS FOLDER from the main menu. Then delete the files with the name of the report you created.
  16. Selling collection

    Hi, you can't currently assign a selling price to a collection only individual coins. But it is a very good idea we will try to get it in the program for an upcoming free update. It will require some changes to the data file so it won't be an easy change,.
  17. Hi, I believe what you are asking for is a 3rd level below a room? If so, yes we are going to add that at some point this year.
  18. Hi, yes we will take a look at this. Will be updating the program for early March.
  19. Program will not work

    Can we ask if you are not able to use Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.. how were you able to come online to the forum?
  20. Program will not work

    Hi, can you click the LIVE SUPPORT button on that CONTACT US page at: www.libertystreet.com We can remote to your machine and see what is going on. CoinManage is a normal Windows program that is installed on your computer, it does not change any settings that would affect other software.
  21. 2018 StampManage Update won't load

    Hi, so the splash screen shows and it just freezes? Can you come on our CONTACT US page and select the LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE button this Sunday.. someone will remote to your machine and try to debug the problem.
  22. Stamp Catalog

    Hi, we update the software with free updates every 2-3 months. The next free update will have several thousand new listings, images & values. It will be out before the end of the month. There will still be quite a few listings without images / values, we are trying to increase the image / value count as quickly as possible.
  23. Upgrade to 2018

    We have encountered a few problems like this. For example, we installed AVG free edition on a computer here, it would not allow us to test the UPDATE function, even after we said to continue as the download was fine. We ended up having to uninstall AVF free edition simply to test the update. The worst part is even after AVG analyzes a file and confirms it is safe, it does not seem to pass these results to its online database so that others don't have the same problem. It just spends 15 seconds analyzing a program every time it is run.
  24. Hi, yes we know it is confusing. Entering all those varieties was a pain. The reason we list all those varieties is because we have many customers who enter coins by scanning the barcode on a PCGS slabbed coin. So we need to have all the possible varieties present. If we didn't include all those varieties we would have customers asking why they can't find a particular Presidential Dollar variety. yes, we will improve this. Some of the sub varieties have known mintage. I believe that is for "missing edge lettering" varieties. This is the way PCGS specifies the date. For example: (2008) $1 Missing Edge Lettering James Monroe The sorting is annoying we will try to fix it. You should be using the TOOLS > SEARCH COINMANAGE COIN DATABASE.. command. The "search" feature is used to search coins you already have in your inventory, not the entire CoinManage coin database. We will take a look, all the entries should have a PCGS number.
  25. Hi, try eBay I'm sure there are many of these catalogs listed there.