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  1. I first reported this 2 years ago.
  2. I had the same problem. Go to preferences and uncheck "Enable Webcam Feature." This solved it for me.
  3. Ashrunner. 1- the problem when you add a Scott number like 11a-1 etc. The stamp does not sort properly, it is placed at the end of the list. It is a bug in the program. I had this same problem, and was able to fix it by going into the main program through MS Access. The way you talk this would be way over your head. 2- I suggest that you add a stamp the normal way and look if the variety is listed (example Scott 11 Gash on the shoulder is listed as 11.27). If your variety is not listed, add the stamp as Scott 11, click on the Additional Information tab at the top of the data entry form and put whatever info you want there. 3- From the main screen go to Tools Menu then choose Preferences, then choose Columns. From the drop down list choose Showing Category. From there you can choose which columns show and in what order. You cannot duplicate Scott Numbers in DataManager, but you can have multiple listings of the same Scott Number in your collection, that is why I made the above suggestion. Hope this helps you. Let me know
  4. When will the update be available, and will you post a notice on this forum?
  5. Happens randomly. If I switch to manual backup for awhile, then go back to 15 runs everything is OK for awhile. Then the backups start again. Not a real problem, as I have it on manual and backup every time I make major changes to the database.
  6. SM2017 backs up the database after every use, even though I have set the preferences to backup after every 15 runs. This also happened in SM 2016. I have to set the backup to manual.
  7. I would either add a new entry through DataManager, example the last variety under Scott 11 is 11.35. Make a new one 11.36 etc. or find the one you want if it is listed and add whatever info you want through the DataManager. All entries must be in the Datamanager before you can add it to your collection. If it is already in Datamanager you can add it to your collection the normal way and add say, the cancellation info under the additional info window say in the comments box. In regards to your sorting issue. Access sorts all text fields like this 11, 11a, 11A, 110, 11.01 are sorted in this order 11, 11.01, 110, 11a, 11A. Hope this answers your questions.
  8. If you check the Data Manager you will find all of the minor varieties listed already for everything in the Scott Specialized Catalogue. I uploaded them to Liberty street a couple of years ago. Examples are 11.01 is the Orange Red variety 11.27 is Gash on shoulder variety 11.31 is Lines on bust and bottom of medallion circle recut variety. I assume these are still in the program, as I always use my backup copy of the database.
  9. Found 2 problems with the 2017 update. 1- When trying to add album numbers to multiple stamps through the properties context menu you get the following error (see image) whether you try to choose from the drop down or enter an integer. 2- When choosing Albums/Stock Books under the View Menu, the program crashes every time.
  10. I unchecked the USE WEBCAM checkbox, and the problem was solved
  11. Downloaded and installed the latest StampManager 2016 update. Trying to add pictures of my stamps still causes the program to crash. Also The search function also still does not work as it should. To make this clearer. I did a 3 searches 1- Los Angeles Summer Olympics - got error 2- Los Angeles - Found 3- Summer Olympics - Found Seems to happen with long strings of words Does not seem that any of the already reported bugs have been fixed.
  12. Rolled back to SM 2015 and add a picture works fine. However the search function still does not work.
  13. When adding a stamp to the database, and trying to add a picture, SM2016 crashes every time. This does not happen when adding a picture through the data manager
  14. To make this clearer. I did a 3 searches 1- Los Angeles Summer Olympics - got error 2- Los Angeles - Found 3- Summer Olympics - Found Seems to happen with long strings of words
  15. I clicked on the "Check for Updates" under the Help menu. It then tells me that there is a newer version available, but then get an error message Unable to download file, access forbidden. I am currently running USA 2016 after the eBay fix. Is this the latest update? If not where can I get the newer one?