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  1. Hello, I am contemplating purchasing the software but had a question or two. What we are thinking of doing is taking inventory of things in our home that we own and will stay as well as things we own, but are going to sell to free up space. The things that stay will be identified as being in whatever room they reside in of course, but the items to sell will be relocated to bins and/or shelves where they will remain until sold or donated to charity. Because we have so many things we need to get rid of, I need to be able to inventory them by the bin they are in or the shelf they are on. Can I set up location that way? For example, if I have an item that I'm going to put in a bin identified as Bin A on a shelf identified as Shelf 1, can I simply do a location identification that way? What do you recommend? Thanks in advance for your consideration in this matter. Jeff