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  1. I am a new user to CoinManage 2017 and am not an experienced coin collector (yet). I purchased CoinManage because I am a very satisfied customer of HomeManage home inventory software and because I have a specific coin inventory use case. My father-in-law recently passed away and we found a box filled with dozens of film roll containers, plastic bottles, and ziploc baggies filled with thousands of coins. My mother-in-law has asked me what we should do with "all this money." My first goal is to get all the coins entered into CM2017 so I have an accurate list of the entire coin collection and a simple "face value" total of the coins (denomination times quantity, i.e. 2000 quarters times 25 cents, 650 dimes times 10 cents, 300 nickels times 5 cents, etc.). Then I'll start determining what the collector value is based on grade and demand. That's when I'll research how to be a bona fide coin collector and study the terminology and best practices. I may have missed it, but is there a standard report (or a way I can generate one) that shows simple "face value" of the coin inventory? Thanks, Sailor Guy