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  2. I just started using Home Manage. I have asset pictures organized by location. I add an asset, and attach pictures that are already stored on my computer, and the program saves another copy in a different location with the asset number on it. I will have to add another hard drive to be able to store the unneeded duplicate pictures. Not an efficient way to do things - I will not be going any further with this program....going back to attic manager.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Stamp Books

    Hi, under OTHER PHILATELIC ITEMS we have a couple of categories which are meant to be used in this sort of situation.
  5. Stamp Books

    I have a number of stamp boos other than year books, ie the civil war 1861-65. Am I able to record these in the system
  6. Hi, yes we have been meaning to add that UK section. Please email sales@libertystreet.com and we can reply with your code.
  7. I had USA Coinmanage and UK Coinmanage on a computer that had the mother board fail. I did restore the USA Coinmanage from the online backup with the product code. I don't see anything for the UK Coinmanage. Will that be added soon ?
  8. Last week
  9. We are using Asset management Software 2017 Enterprise Edition v , in his version prior dep is not working, as soon as we save asset ang open dep tab again, it ignores the period we selected previously and even not show the period as selected in drop down menu, Will you please fix this bug? Waiting for a positive response. egards
  10. Grades

  11. Stamp Database

    I've made some new additions through Tools> Stamp Data Manage... and done the Submit Changes to Liberty Street. How long does it take for the changes to be accepted into the catalog? Thanks
  12. I have a 1979 and 1980 Susan Anthony 3 coin Souvenir set and was wondering where to find it listed in CoinManage. I've searched without success in all the likely listings. Thanks, Rod
  13. Hi , I am having the same problem frequently
  14. Purchase Key

    Hi, we emailed you a new key. The key you sent to us is not a 2018 key.
  15. 2017 coins

    I have the same problem.
  16. Purchase Key

    I've purchased a key and the key will not work. It keep telling me I am on the wrong version. So, I have tried downloading the software again with no luck. I have tried going to Help>Check for updates with no luck. What can I do now? I've reached out to support too and not heard back from them.
  17. 2017 coins

    I have the USA version 2017 edition. I have installed the latest updates and still do not have the 2017 coins listed when I go to add coins to my collections. I have to add them as a new variety
  18. hwmac

    We did a video on this a couple years back. If the video does not solve your problem, let us know why and we can do a better, updated video soon.
  19. hwmac

    How can a new country be added to the database?
  20. Status bar totals

    I know this is an old topic but was wondering this is still the case with the status bar summary or if perhaps SM2018 fixed it. I ask because I see the same with SM2017 in my Canada collection since that is my main one with many stamps. All it says is ">2000".
  21. Location property problem

    Hi; I had started to use the Album/page fields, but Location did all I needed so I stuck with that. So long as I know what album it is in I can find the item. I think another thing was that when adding a number of stamps the Location will remain set when I use apply to add the stamp, while the album had to be selected again for each. (I'll try it again on the next batch to refresh my memory) Brian
  22. Hi SailorGuy, No this issue was never resolved. Unlike previous updates, if you want to apply this update, you’ll be forced to install a second installation on drive C:. The update ignores all other local drives you may have and provides no option to manually specify a different drive. You can try installing the update and check to see if it recognizes where your data file are automatically. But if you want to change where your data files are, then the backup and reinstall solution seems the smarter way to go.
  23. Paul (Admin) and Dealio, Was this issue ever resolved where you can specify a non-default installation directory on an update? If not, I'm fine installing it into the default directory. However, since at this moment, I have files installed in two different folders, and I want to clean this up so the program files are only in one folder. Can I backup my data folders (AssetImages, Backup, Reports, and Assets.mdb) and just un-install and delete all program files from the two locations? Then re-install the latest version into the default install directory and then copy back my data folders and MDB file? Thanks, SailorGuy
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  25. Ebay Auctions

    I am using 2015
  26. Ebay Auctions

    I am using 2015.
  27. Ebay Auctions

    Hi, which version of CoinManage are you using? eBay has changed things a couple times in the past few years and we have had to update the program.
  28. Ebay Auctions

    Has been awhile since i have used my copy of Coin Manage, is anyone else having issues displaying Ebay auctions? URL invalid?
  29. Canadian Values

    Any update on the Canadian value issue? I just downloaded the 2018 demo version to determine if this software is worth buying. Overall easy to use compered to other software but the one issue I have is that Cdn values are completely off. Is there is a solution in sight?
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