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  2. We were recently asked how to move a stamp variety from one category to another... In the video below, Argentina C4 is in the GENERAL ISSUES category, we move it to it's correct category AIR POST.
  3. Video tutorial showing how to add a new vehicle to HomeManage, then how to assign assets to the vehicle. HomeManage-inventory-travel-trailer.mp4
  4. Missing a Country in StampManage Catalog

    I re-loaded StampManage this evening from my original download. The Re-install seemed to run without problems. When the re-install was complete, I opened the catalog, and discovered that Nauru is still missing from the country listing. Must I do a complete new download? My problem was not with the install files - only with the main program. As soon as you advise a good address to send the crash dump to I will send . That might explain where Nauru went (I hope). Gerry F
  5. StampManage Error Reports go nowhere

    Admin, I found one of the two files and can send it. Please give me a preferred address, since email to Liberty Street Software Support <Libertyst@gmail.com> was returned as undeliverable each time I tried to use it. Gerry F
  6. CSV Upload

    Hello, Some time ago you said you were making progress on adding the ability to upload a .csv or Excel file. Is there any update on this, or is it still something you plan to do? I love your software but the task of entering all my stamps manually is a bit overwhelming. Thanks.
  7. StampManage Error Reports go nowhere

    Hi, the files we need for the error report are in your MY DOCUMENTS folder and are called: ERRORLOG.TXT CRASH.DMP if you can ZIP and email those 2 files we would appreciate it.
  8. Hi, ok we are going to try to reproduce this here. Thanks for the report.
  9. I have a query about the topics that are found under the database. Is it possible to manipulate topics at all? I wanted to add another topic and I also want to know if its possible to hide un-needed topics but there doesnt seem to be any place i can find to achieve these. As a general note all the sub categories arrangements under the StampManage Catalog collection seem to be set in stone and cannot be hidden, removed or added to...? Is this the case and if so is there any way to sort this into a customised personalised view of the catalog?
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  11. PDF Attachment or Link

    I'm currently trialing the software as well and this is a significant drawback. While I understand that the attachments can cause some instabilities this causes major issues for backups. Should the user lose a computer or storage device, in a fire for example, the path and the file attachment would have to be duplicated exactly in order to restore your inventory from backup. Scanning receipts as a JPG and putting them into the item as an image might be a suitable alternative despite receipts often being in PDF format. However a receipt that gets scanned and attached in a portrait format appears to get excluded from report documents. In my testing, only images that are attached in landscape seem to turn up on reports. That leaves attachments as the best way to add a receipt to an item in order for a report to give an all-in-one-place sort of document. Even if the software were to create a copy of the attachment to another directory and have the database link to that so that it gets exported along with the backup file there would be an increase in functionality. This seems to be a major dealbreaker for me.
  12. Thank you Gerry! I'll have to try this a few ways and document exactly the behavior. Maybe this will help further identify the bug.
  13. Missing a Country in StampManage Catalog

    Admin, I admit to being a 'menu guy' rather than a 'button guy'. I had to look at the screen to see what you were talking about, but having done so, I see the possibility of inadvertently hitting the "X" button while trying to open "My Collection". (I assume the X is the Remove button.) I seldom delete in this program, but I have created some accidental duplicate records I later killed. The proximity of the X to the "Collections" menu makes your idea very possible. I will try a re-install tomorrow or Thursday, time permitting. Thanks for the tip. Gerry F
  14. Hi, if you install the program again you should get back any data that was deleted. As far as "losing" a country, is there any way you clicked on the REMOVE button with the country selected in the STAMPMANAGE DATABASE EDITOR?
  15. A few evenings ago, while posting images to existing records that lacked an image, and adding a few stamps stamps to the database, StampManage crashed. (See my previous posting.) Ever since, although the program seems as functional as ever, the country Nauru has disappeared from the StampManage catalog. The additions I was making at the time were in that country. My additions have NOT disappeared, but are now in My Collection, under "Not in Database". When I display the stamps in that folder, all my information is displayed except Country. I had hopes that when I installed the next StampManage update, the listing of countries in the catalog would re-index and the list would be complete again. However, I loaded the latest update about 30 minutes ago, and Nauru is still missing. (See the listing above.) A. How can I recover the catalog records for Nauru, and restore Nauru to the country list? B. How can I avoid 'losing' another country in the future? C. How can I move stamp records not displaying a Country field back to their proper country? Thanks, Gerry F.
  16. Tim, I have encountered somewhat the same problem. In my case, it seems to be intermittent - that is, I don't think it occurs every time you add stamps, but when I encounter it, it seems quite persistent. I have had some luck simply closing the current window and re-opening, but it sometimes takes several tries before StampManage displays the correct stamp. This is not a solution, but I will back you up on the fact that this condition exists. Good luck, Gerry F
  17. When I first open the software and browse the "general issue" stamps one by one using the down arrow, the enlarged preview updates correctly to each stamp, but when I "add stamp..." and come back to the "general issue" to browse the stamps again, the enlarged preview no longer updates. The image that remains is the last stamp I viewed before adding a stamp.
  18. Adding Vehicles

    Hi Admin, [ View -> Show->Vehicles - Select the vehicle to delete on the panel on the right, then try to delete] Definitely "Delete Vehicles" which have no assets assigned doesn't delete them for me (HomeManage I also found once a vehicle has been assigned on the asset details screen, it is not possible to remove the assignation - it only allows the ability to select the same or another vehicle, this only really leaves the option to delete an asset to disassociate it from the vehicle.
  19. Adding Vehicles

    Hi, are you trying to delete a vehicle that is already assigned to 1 or more assets? You would need to disassociate the asset from the vehicle first. Here is a short video showing how to add a vehicle.
  20. === QUESTION === I'm writing to inquire to see if I purchase the HomeManage 2017 software if I would be able to keep a copy on a USB drive and run it from any computer should my primary PC be damaged/destroyed in a disaster. Can you please advise? === ANSWER === Hi, to run the program requires the install program is run on a Computer first in order to install several files needed. So you could copy the install program to a USB or download it anytime, but simply having a USB drive with the EXE file is not sufficient. HomeManage has an internet backup feature so you can simply install the program on another computer and RESTORE your data at any time.
  21. My StampManage program crashed shortly after startup this evening, but displayed the shell of an error report to be sent to Liberty Street. I gave a short explanation of what happened and hit SEND. Separately, I made a screen-capture showing an error in the country listing (Nauru is omitted, although it was there the past two sessions) and sent the screen-print to the same address. Both emails were returned as un-deliverable. I encountered a similar problem once before and noted it in this forum. Here is the 'Undeliverable report' reply from my ISP: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: RE: Error report for StampManage.exe - Follow-up Sent: 9/8/2017 9:55 PM The following recipient(s) cannot be reached: 'Liberty Street Software Support' on 9/8/2017 9:55 PM None of your email accounts could send to this recipient. Are you still out there Liberty Street? (By the way, what's a Tag?) Gerry F.
  22. ==== QUESTION ===== I am currently using SM 2017 Deluxe on 2 computers: Dell Inspiron desktop (Windows 7); HP Pavilion laptop (Windows 10). Both were loaded using the same downloaded .exe file. On the desktop, the "Add Stamp" window is normal and as expected. On the laptop, the "add Stamp" window is missing the right-hand side, as shown in the attached file. Among other things, this is a real nuisance when trying to add multiple stamps in a set. === ANSWER ==== You should be able to fix this by selecting Tools > Reset Add Stamp dialog window size settings from the main menu.
  23. PDF Attachment or Link

    Hi, yes we understand. But storing the attachments in the database would cause problems as the data file would get bloated quickly. Moving attachments to a special folder would be a problem if you then changed the original attachment file..
  24. HomeManage lets you change the properties of multiple assets at once. For example, you may want to set the Purchase date for 3 or 4 assets.
  25. Best way to add a country

    1/ Select TOOLS > COINMANAGE COIN DATABASE EDITOR... from the main menu. 2/ Enter the Country, Denomination & Type Name. 3/ Click on the Coins tab and add at least 1 variety for the newly type. We also did a YouTube video on this awhile back.
  26. Adding Vehicles

    I would also like to delete a vehicle from the fully paid for and registered version. in the vehicle view, it won't delete
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