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    I could not find the series 1982, 1982-d & 1982-s Lincoln Penny large and small dates in copper. Brass is there. But the two are different. Copper is a metal and brass is an alloy made up of copper & zinc
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    How to Modify reports grouped by location

    I would like to add one additional column to the reports grouped by location. Not sure how to do this. Would like to add "Grade" Appreciate any help with this one Larry G
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    Transfer to New PC

    Sirs, I'm trying to move Home Manage to a new PC. What is the best way to transfer my files ? I tried doing a BackUp on the original PC and copying it to my new PC, but when I do a Restore, all my User Defined fields (and their data) have been lost. If I go back to my old PC, and open up HomeManage, everything is still as it should be. thank you for your help JH
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    How to Modify reports grouped by location

    This is a good subject for a video...We will do a YouTube video on this in the next couple of days. CoinManage YouTube Channel
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