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    Location property problem

    I am using StampManage2017, I have been using StampManage for at least 10 years. I use the "Location" property/field to track the album holding each stamp, selecting it usually when the stamp is entered to the database or by double clicking the stamp from the main screen and selecting from the "Stamp Properties" > "Additional Information" tab. Situation: Canada #4 album (for example) is about to burst so I split the contents, moving half into a new binder which becomes Canada #5. I then go to "View By.." > "Location", select the Canada#4. Then it is easy to select the group of moved stamps, right-click to "Properties" and change the location in the "Current Location" drop-down list, or add a new location. This can also be done from the main screen by selecting multiple stamps. Problem: The change does not show in the main screen of the program. The "Location" column will be empty. If I double-click on a single stamp to "Properties>Additional information" the location is correct. Click OK to the properties and only now will the location display in the "Location" column of the main screen. There is a disconnect somewhere between setting location in the group properties form and displaying the property in the main window. Re-starting the program does not help. I don't know if this happens with other properties/fields on the group properties form. I could select/double-click each affected stamp one at a time but that defeats the purpose of the group properties form. Is there a solution? Brian
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    When selecting "Completed Ebay Auctions" from the drop down off of a stamp, an invalid URL is generated. http://search-completed.ebay.com/search/search.dll?GetResult&catref=C3&ht=1&sortproperty=metaendsort&query=749&from=R10&category1=261&completedonly=1 This results in the following error that does not occur with the other EBay searches for current auctions. This site can’t be reached search-completed.ebay.com’s server IP address could not be found. Go to http://ebay.com/ Search Google for search completed ebay ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
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    How do you use the product without getting scalped annually for a new 'activation fee'?
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    Hello, I just started using StampManage 2018. I only collect sheets of US stamps. When the Scott# is the only stamp on a sheet, the current mechanism works fine. However, for stamps that have multiple Scott #'s on a sheet how am I supposed to enter all the Scott#'s into the database but only have them price out for one sheet? Currently, if there are multiple Scott #'s (i.e. 1827-1830) the software now reports that I have four sheets of stamps (one for each Scott#), when I only have one. If I were to just put in the first Scott#, I wouldn't show that I own the other stamps. I couldn't find anything on this forum or on the YouTube videos that addresses this situation.
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    Greg Grimsley

    Coin Manage Deluxe 2017 Users Guide

    Is there a users guide available for the CoinManage Deluxe 2017? When is the next update available and what issues will the new update resolve?
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    Enter a currency

    When i am in coin propreties and i enter ex;$1.00 in the value box and clic enter a pop up box appear "enter a currency" WHAT TO DO to enter a oder value.