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    Stamp Blocks

    When adding stamps, in the format field, simply type in your format (Block of 8 etc)
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    HI, we have a separate section for sets such as Uncirculated Mint Sets for example: United States > Unc. Mint Sets
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    Backup not working

    I am running the latest StampManage 2020 version on a Windows 10 Home 64 bit. My backups had been working fine until a few days ago when it started giving me an error message saying that I did not have permission to save to my designated folder that had worked fine before. It asked if instead I wanted to save under my username. I said yes and went to look for the backup in the folder it said it would save to and it was not there. I also verified the security of the folders I had saved to before and assured all the folders had "full control". StampManage still would not save to my preferred location. In addition, after I attempt to do File > Backup Database, it wipes out all data showing previously. I have to exit and come back in to see my data. I have tried running StampManage as administrator and get the same results. Please help! Thanks much. StampManage2020-ScreenPrint-JaHorton.pdf
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    Command Line

    Does Coinmange support command line operations - for instance would be nice to setup a batch file to generate reports.
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    Yes, I realize it is an issue. Unfortunately fixing it means making many program changes to detect the user screen size and scale accordingly. We will be doing these changes in the coming months.
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    I believe I may have found a bug in CoinManage 2020. When I use the new Customize feature on the Toolbar, I check the box to use the Text Labels for the standard menu. Works great.... However, when I close the app then start it up again, the non-text label menu is shown. To re-enable, I have to back into the menu and add it again. Can anyone else confirm this is a bug (or IIJM)? Thanks!
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    Hi All, I am receiving the invalid argument message when adding stamps, for some countries, when keying catalog number. I can scroll to and select and there are no issues. Right now this appears to be limited to DDR, as the 20-30 countries I've added over the past week had no issues. I ran a fix and repair in MS ACCESS with no result.
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    Hi, I'm able to get it to back up with no issues. It does seem to take a while but eventually backs up.
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