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    Format Addition

    Just type it in
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    CoinManage for IOS/MAC

    What plans does Liberty Software have for a MAC/IOS Version? I've been told several times this version would be released this year (2018), although the time-frames kept changing. A more concrete answer is most appreciated.
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    Suggested Features

    Some suggested new features for your consideration: 1. Regarding pricing: Have a UNIT PRICE then multiply that amount by QUANTITY to get SUBTOTAL. 2. Regarding pricing: Store TAX1 and TAX2. Then multiply SUBTOTAL by each to get TOTAL COST. Allow override, which is sometimes needed. 3. Regarding insurance: Store policy number information in drop down table. Allow me to select one. 4. Regarding monitor/screen/displays: I have spoken to support regarding HD screens. The software needs to handle HD screens. I cannot read the buttons at the top and many screens the data displayed is very tiny, making it hard for me to read. 5. Allow for larger size files for upload here in the forum. Currently limited to <500k. Thanks! BTW: This is a very good product! As I become more familiar with it, I find more excellent features.
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    Suggested Features

    7. When the "APPLY" button is clicked, the app carries forward certain fields from the current screen. I would like to see Invoice/PO# data carried forward as well. It may be worth asking forum members for thoughts on which fields should carry forward. Thank!
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    2019 CoinManage installation

    After installing the 2019 update, I began receiving this error message "The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query 'Attachments'. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly." When I hit the OK button, this message reappears again. Another hit on the OK button and it disappears and I can edit the record. But if I click on any item in my collection, I get these same two messages before I can edit or even just review the record. What has happened to your program & how can I fix it?
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    Installation OK but cannot run

    Good morning people I installed stamp 2019 and when I ran it I get this message. Tried everything still will not open.. Can someone help!!!
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    I make multiple records (add sub variety in the stamp data manager) for each copy and add letters after each Scott number to represent the variety, ex. fs full sheet, pb plate block. Then select the format in the general section of the program as it pertains to the specific copy. Works for me.
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    iOS App for Home Inventory

    I've got a lot of my home items cataloged in the Home Inventory application and it does a great job of tracking most information. I think it could be even more useful if there were a counterpart app on iOS so that I could take my database with me in my iPhone. There are a couple reasons I think this would be good. 1) Getting detailed information like item numbers, serial numbers, UPC numbers or collection names is sometimes hard to get without going back to the vendor. And when it comes time to find replacement parts, that information can be critical on, say a furniture set that is several years old. Having pictures and other tracked info available on the iPhone would make it easy to show a dealer/vendor the product and perhaps get better identification information for it. 2) Having my inventory available on the go would also be helpful for avoiding duplication in buying products. It would also be helpful in the opposite case when you want to ensure that you're buying a matching duplicate (if for example you wanted to add to the set). 3) Having the database on iPhone (or in iCloud) would serve as a good backup for the data as well. 4) Showing your product to a friend who might be interested in acquiring it is not possible unless you're at home. But with the database on iPhone, this becomes a possibility. Are there any plans to build an iOS version of the application that works in conjunction (with the same dataset) with HomeManage 2018, 2019, 2020, etc.? David
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    Can't Open Exported PDF Reports

    Hi, I'm trying to save a copy of the 2 column coin checklist report to my computer in a PDF format. When I open the report I request a PDF in the dialog box, and then save the PDF file locally. When I try to open the report I get an error that the report is not valid. I am attaching a picuture of the error I get when I double click the PDF file. I also tried to export the report as a .jpg file, and I get a blank file. Trying to print to a printer also does not work. Any suggestions on how to get these reports to work?
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    Rick B.

    How to inventory Scott 266/267 Pair

    How would I enter a horizontal pair of US Scott 266 Type II and 267 Type III stamps. While a rare combo I see them out on Hipstamp and eBay. I just bought a pair and am not sure how to enter it into StampManage 2019 and reflect the two number effectively. Thanks
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    Bullion Value

    I am new to this program but I am loving it so far. I have one question though. Why are coins such as Silver eagle proof coins listed only as bullion value. A 2015 W silver proof coin is listed with a bullion value of $15.49. But if I want to buy one it will cost me at least $40.00. The selling price is much higher then the bullion value. I am probable missing something. Thank you.
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    Can't locate a coin

    I've had Similar problems locating previously added coins. The search feature seems to be temperamental. I will select "Search all Text/Fields," however, many times the software would not generate results of the search even though I know for certain a certain coin has been added. Another approach I've used is to select a specific field that is related to the coin for which I am searching but this is a time-consuming approach. An explanation on how we can resolve this would be appreciated.
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    CoinManage CANADA

    Hi The CoinManage Canada program is just great ! I just want to confirm: the updated values for each coin is not in Canadian money but in US money ?? Thank you
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    No registration number

    Hi I just bought the CoinManage Canada 2018: I paid with paypal. I did not get any reg number... Maybe I made an email typo error: Gerald.bergeron@sympatico.ca Thank you
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    Both good ideas and not too hard to implement. We will add them soon for inclusion in a free update.
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    Jeff Lynch

    Mobile version

    Agreed, a mobile version would be extremely handy! Or might there be plans on the roadmap for a Cloud Version?
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    Suggested Features

    Another suggestion: 6. When a bar code search fails, do not load "NULL" into any fields. I have to go back and delete "null" if I don't have data for that field. Thanks