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    Suggested Features

    I have consolidated my suggestions. The 2020 release of HM is out and it looks pretty good to me. Here I will update the feature requests I have made over time. If I state "No Change" that means to the best that I know. The feature may be implemented but I'm not aware of it. So, if you are aware of it being implemented please let me know and I will update my list. 5/21/2020: Update 1. Regarding pricing: Have a UNIT PRICE then multiply that amount by QUANTITY to get SUBTOTAL. No Change. 2. Regarding pricing: Store TAX1 and TAX2. Then multiply SUBTOTAL by each to get TOTAL COST. Allow override, which is sometimes needed. No Change. 3. Regarding insurance: Store the insurance company and policy number information in drop down tables. Allow me to select one. Update: The insurance company field has had the drop down selection for some time. So that works. However, the policy information is not. New Request: Better yet, since I only have one insurance company, allow me to set that field and the policy number once, and carry it forward. There are a few other fields that I would like to preload one time in PREFERENCES, that then carry forward with each new item. See #11 below. 4. Regarding monitor/screen/displays: I have spoken to support regarding HD screens. The software needs to handle HD screens. I cannot read the buttons at the top and many screens the data displayed is very tiny, making it hard for me to read. Fixed? I don'y have my HD monitor now so I don't know. The 2020 version does allow for you to select larger buttons on the tool bar. That I like a lot. 5. If nothing has been updated on a given usage, don’t do another backup. No Change. This would be nice. I get onto the software many times and it generates many needless backups. Hard to know which one is really important instead of just a duplicate. Update: You do have the option of backing up manually. Or, you can specify an automatic backup to occur every so many HM runs. These are options are in the PREFERENCES screen. I still would like HM to check for any updates before it creates a backup. My backups are large. 6. When a bar code search fails, do not load "NULL" into any fields. I have to go back and delete "null" if I don't have data for that field. On the other hand, if the bar code search is successful, only load the retrieved data into "NULL" fields. Do not overwrite any existing data. Regarding pictures, if there are existing pictures, place any new ones from the retrieval to the end of the picture list. This is fixed. 7. When the "APPLY" button is clicked, the app carries forward certain fields from the current screen. I would like to see Invoice/PO# data carried forward as well. Many times I have items from the same invoice to enter. It may be worth asking forum members for thoughts on which fields should carry forward. No Change. It doesn't carry forward the important stuff like invoice/PO number. 8. Allow for the upload of multiple pictures at a time. This feature exists (if I understand it correctly). But it only works before you establish a new item. This request is for after an item exists. Update: This feature does exist. I just didn't know how to use it. I like to drag and drop pics right to the image windows. 9. Many web sites are using .webp image files. HM does not handle these so I have to manually convert them before I load them. No Change. 10. BUG: on the "HomeManage Preferences" window, setting a new folder location for Backup Directory does not last. It reverts back to the default once you exit the program. This is fixed. 11. There are several fields I would like to provide my own default value when adding a new item. These include: on the GENERAL page - CONDITION, STATUS; on the ADDITIONAL page - INSURED BY, POLICY, EXPIRES. Other users may have other thoughts on this. For me, these fields do not often change. This is an enhancement of item #3 above. This would work nicely if added to the PREFERENCES windows. No Change. 12. When a bar code search fails don't wipe out the UPC code I just typed in. Instead, display the "Not Found" error message somewhere else close by. It's a pain to re-enter the UPC code. This is fixed. I do hope some of these will be addressed in future releases. Over all, I really like the product. Thanks Johnny
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