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    Photo's ?

    Hello, I'm very interested in your software, but it doesn't seem like the Mac OS version is going anywhere. Are you still intending to develop for Mac OS? If so, do you have a realistic timeframe for releasing a version that supports photos - that's a very important feature for me. It really helps to have photos with the catalog for insurance purposes. Right now I would have to maintain a photo database outwith your software, and that's not very maintainable. Thanks. Roy
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    LaVerne Xena

    Upgrade from SM2006 to SM2019

    I purchased SM2006 on CD (still have disk and registration number) and used it for many years on a desktop computer using Windows XP. I took several years off from collecting, and bought a new laptop this year, Windows 10, with no CD- drive. How can I upgrade to SM2019 without buying an external CD drive, given that I have all the purchase information? What's easiest? Thanks, LaVerne, happy SM User
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    klaude Chouinard


    Do you plan to develop your application for linux someday? Paper money and coin
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    I entered a large group of stamps which had the same purchase price and were of the same condition. However, I inadvertently failed to specify the condition for the stamps when I entered the group of stamps. As a consequence, of course, the condition was not specified and nor was the current value. So, I then selected the same group of stamps and specified the condition for the stamps. The condition then showed up properly for all of the stamps. However, the current value for all of the stamps remained at $0.00. The only way to get the current value for the stamps was to individually edit each stamp and manually select the condition for each stamp. Would like to see the program be able to not only group edit the condition...but have that group edit correctly enter the current value as it does when one does a group add of the stamps in the first place. Thanks, Ken
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    How to add a country

    I have a few countries in the Stamp Manager Catalogue on the left side. I need to add Vatican City to that list so I can inventory my collection - How do I do that? my
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    Stamp Not In Stamp Manager Data Base

    I have 2 different stamps that are found on the Colnect site using the lingup software that works through stamp manager, but they are not listed in the stamp manager database, what would be the best way to get a value for them and get them added to my collection. https://colnect.com/en/stamps/list/country/10168-India_Portuguese/theme/81-Sports/face_value/10-10 https://colnect.com/en/stamps/stamp/677017-Fish-Maluku_Selatan-Cinderellas Thanks Joe
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    CoinManage for IOS/MAC

    What plans does Liberty Software have for a MAC/IOS Version? I've been told several times this version would be released this year (2018), although the time-frames kept changing. A more concrete answer is most appreciated.
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    Suggested Features

    7. When the "APPLY" button is clicked, the app carries forward certain fields from the current screen. I would like to see Invoice/PO# data carried forward as well. It may be worth asking forum members for thoughts on which fields should carry forward. Thank!
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    CoinManage CANADA

    Hi The CoinManage Canada program is just great ! I just want to confirm: the updated values for each coin is not in Canadian money but in US money ?? Thank you
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    Time frames?

    Dates for Scheduled StampManage 2018 Update or release date for StampManage 2019?
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    12 hours is way too long unless you have a slow internet connection. We have had some problems with AVG in the past. Is it possible AVG is slowing down the download somehow?
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    Can I delete unused Status ?

    I found that I can create my own Status by simply typing in the field for this and that's nice, but how can I remove those I'm not going to use?
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    JOHORE Images

    Link to 144 Johore Images 51 = Johore https://ln.sync.com/dl/183dbc030/y932s5ik-athu5urf-avx285g7-3fpj3ihd Links to folder Sync/51 of 144 images regards colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom
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    Feature Request

    I would like to be able to set "default" entries for ALL of the fields in the "Condition of Stamp" section of the Add Stamp(s) window. This feature change would significantly decrease the time spent adding stamps to my collection. You would, of course, keep the ability to click the drop-down to override the default. Could this be added to the Tools / Preferences... dialog?
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    Database errors

    You can fix that by adding your own correct image. I have done that numerous times to correct or display better quality images that I scanned from my actual stamp!
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    Import list of employees

    Hello Can we import a list of employees from an Excel file? or best load it from LDAP (active directory)? Or is there a quick way of inputing bulk employees? Thanks,
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    coins not sortable by mintage amount. Column will not sort mintages in numerical order unlike other columns.
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    I've created 2 user-defined date fields to capture shipped date and received date in HM 2017. When adding an asset I attempted to put a two-digit day in the day part of the field and when pressing the second digit of the day, the cursor advances to the next field (year) and places the number I typed in the year field. The same phenomenon happens when I try to use a two-digit month -- the second digit of the month gets placed in the day field. Is this a bug or something about the configuration I have created? TIA David
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    View By Errors

    Hi, yes its probably the () or the period or even the dash. We will fix this for the upcoming free update. It will be out later this week.
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    Another issue with images related to this one happens when I use work-around #1 above. Sometimes the application creates a new thumbnail image that is smaller than the original thumbnail was, despite the fact that the image I'm using to replace the old image is higher quality and larger (more pixels) than the older image. The only work-around I've found for that issue is to delete the THUMB image file from the image folder and let the application recreate it.
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    Coin Flip 2X2

    I would like to print 2x2 inserts for coin flips for the coins in my collection. Is there a way to do this for all coins or do I have to create a report separately for each coin?
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    I received my Disks for Stamp Manage Deluxe. I have a question regarding the Additional Images Disk #2. Are any of the additional images pertaining to stamps from the USA? If the answer is no, can I just stop after loading Disk #1? I am only collecting USA. Thanks in advance for any information you can pass along about the contents of Disk #2. David Theobald
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    Scott M

    Menu Editing

    On some of the pull down menus like "format" in order to add a different type of stamp, you merely type in the name. I have tried this with the "Gum" pull down and the new term does not record itself for repeated use. Is there a way I can edit this to "add" a new term? Are the other menu pull downs of the Boolean nature which can't be edited? Thank you, Scott M
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    Mobile App

    Is there any plans to add a mobile app. I don't want to maintain, but it is hard to carry my computer when I am shopping for coins. I am looking for a good way to have my coins on my phone so I can validate if I have the coin or not.
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    Cliff Dillard

    Clearing database

    Disregard. I used Ctl A to select all and deleted.
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    Waseem Anwar

    Multi User

    Database can be accessed by multiple use at same time if sql server can be accessed via ip address.
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    The best way to enter an activation code is to copy and paste it directly from the email you receive with registration information. Below is a link that explains how to copy and paste text:
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    Waseem Anwar

    Import shows String not Found error

    What about Update procedure? When i am clicking on update it is doing nothing, or we can install latest version available on site?
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    Searching by current location or set info

    I didn't type the above today, but rather months ago, not sure why it posted it again today? Anyway, that issue is resolved. My new question is that when I was first learning to use the program I assigned some coins to sets, now I want to see which coins are in those sets so I can remove them from the sets then delete the sets that were created. The search function allows me to search on text in certain fields but does not seem to allow me to search where the field "set info" = "whatever". Is there a way to do this? I also want to be able to search on "Current Location" to make sure I moved all the coins from one location to another and didn't miss any. Then I want to delete the old location name. I'm assuming once I learn how to do the "set info" procedure then the instructions would be the same for the "current location", right? Thanks!
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    Go from SM Deluxe to USA only?

    Back in 2013 when I first bought your Stamp Manage Deluxe software, I was intending to collect US, Canada, UN, and maybe more. I started with the US, I'm still only collecting US. Is there any way to "downgrade" from Deluxe to USA only? I won't do this until next year of course. Dave
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    Is there a way to do the following. Main Residence Computer Room Software Quicken Microsoft OneNote etc etc Computers HP Laptop Microsoft Desktop etc etc Back Lot Tin House Right Room Lawn Mower John Deer Push Mower Left Room Garden Supplies Hoe Spade It might sound foolish but I have a need for something like this. And there might be a way to do that but haven't found it. Thanks
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    What you can do while waiting for a change to the "reporting segment" of CoinManage The following example should work for any Country Start a new Collection and name it: Face Value In the upper left-hand corner of the program right-click on File or the Icon below to Add a New Coin to your Collection Select a Country : United States Select a Denomination : 1 Cent Select a Type : Lincoln (any Type will work under Denomination) Select any year : 1940 Select a Condition : Use the grade Poor (no automatic value will be entered by the program) Enter a Quantity : Example (1565) Enter a Cost : Example ( .01) Face value of the individual Coin Close the Dialog Box by right-clicking on OK. At the bottom right-hand area of the program you should find the total number of Items, 1565 with a Total Cost (face Value) of $15.65 and a Total Value of $15.65. Continue this process with your other denominations. When Collection is highlighted all of your coins are accounted for and the Total Cost is shown. When you open your Collection and highlight an individual Denomination, the information in the bottom right-hand corner will reflect only quantity and cost for that entry. To produce a report, highlight your Collection" Face Value" and right-click on it. Next right-click on Output Report Using....... In the dialog box that appears, go to the bottom of the listing and select (right-click) Coins - SummaryBy Type .lst, and then right-click on Open. When the next dialog box opens right-click on the "upside down pyramid"(left of the Options Button) and then right-click on Preview and then Start. If you are satisfied with the report repeat the process and print it this time. I hope this was helpful and my apologies if the level of detail offended you.
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    Backup still unusable, data lost

    Hi, can you email libertyst@gmail.com, reference this post... and we get you moved to a more recent version. We fixed a couple problems with the backup in the past few months.
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    Adding Additional Values

    Is there a way to add in the values block located at the bottom of the screen Used-XF and Used-Superb?
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    Parent/Child Items

    Hi, new user to HomeManage - I'd actually started building my own application to do it, but this pretty much covers everything! The only thing I don't think I can do - but thought I'd ask in case I'm missing something - is create a parent/child relationship between items. For example, I have a laptop that I purchased. Within that laptop, I've purchased new HDD & RAM. At the moment, I've created separate entries for each purchase, and then just added a comment in each - but is there a way to more formally link the items together? A little bit like setting the laptop as a 'location', but where that 'location' is an asset itself - and so that when I rollup the value of the parent item (the laptop) it factors in the value of its additional child items
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    2016 Version ETA?

    Hello, I am considering purchasing Coin Manage. Do you have an estimate as to when the 2016 version will be available? Also, what is the typical fee to move from an older version to the most current version? i.e. If I buy the 2015 version now, what is the cost to move to the 2016 version when available and the 2017 version next year?
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    Column Defaults

    Is it possible to change the defaults in a column, such as Quantity and have it default to 0 instead of 1?
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    Adding a New Category

    I'm a new user of StampManage (2016). I've been entering my collection and ran across a problem in the United Nations category. Everything is there including Geneva, Vienna, Kosovo but there is not a category for United Nations - West New Guinea. I would like to add this as a new category, but the scott numbering 1a - 19a already exists under United Nations. So how should I enter these stamps? Thanks in advance for your help. I'm sure this is a relatively easy solution, there is so much to learn. By the way, I love this program so far. Thanks again!
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    ebay links

    Hello, I was just that bit too fast with my last post - got the update this AM and it seems to have fixed the eBay search feature. Thanks,
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    Import list of employees

    Found it myself. File --> Import ans select a csv I used CSVDE command to export list of user if my active directory Example: this will export last name, first name and email csvde -f output.csv -d "OU=ABC,OU=Users,OU=LONDON,DC=DOMAIN,DC=COM" -r "(objectClass=user)" -l "givenName,mail,initials,sn" Thanks!
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    I was curious if anyone had figured out how to do this. As of now, coins such Silver Eagles draw premium over spot when selling, and this represents a potentially significant value in % over spot value. For instance, many places will pay up to 2$ over spot for Eagles, representing a 13-14% increase in value over spot @14.83. Who knows this may not always be the case, but it is right now. And older eagles draw even more significant premiums in some cases (1996). So my question is this - is it possible some how in the database to use a value such as B.V. + 2$? It would be cool if this was modify-able at the coin level. I don't think just modifying the bullion values manually is a good idea, as not all silver creates this same premium. Thanks! enz
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    How to add 2016 Silcer Eagle??

    We are going to do a free database update for the 2015 edition before the 2016 comes out in a couple months. Will make sure we add every 2016 coin / set we can find. We will have this done in a couple weeks. Any idea when the update for the 2016 coins will be coming?
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    Prior Depretiation Field

    Hi, Is it possible to get report for fully depreciated assets?
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    Cloud Storage for Backups

    How do I access the "Free Internet Coud Storage"? I can't seem to find anything about it other than it is suppose to be available. Paul-W
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    Multiple entries of same exact coin.

    Im currently evaluating the software to determine if I shall purchase it and I came across 2 things I wanted to ask. 1. I've been slowly adding all my collection which consists of multiple copies of the same whitman books. After adding several books of Lincoln pennies I noticed I now have 4 lines of the exact same 1958-D penny. Same grade, etc. Why when adding an additional copy of the exact same coin does it not simply increase the qty field instead of creating a new record? Is there a way to automatically combine these 4 coins into 1 record with a qty of 4 or do I need to delete 3 records manually and change the 4th to a qty of 4? 2. From the want list why cant you right click and get an option to add to collection or simply drag and drop the record to a collection? I realize you wouldnt be able to add items to the record but it would be in the collection. This way I have to add every coin twice. Once in the want list then once in the collection. 3. I added a few coins to the database (US coins that were missing a few of the 2015 varieties) then when I go to add them to my collection I get "record not found". Ill get more data on that later. I will say so far I am rather impressed with the software, especially the reporting abilities. Brad
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    I believe that you will need to search and replace any single quotes with two single quotes when you make the query, like this: Before '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ... After '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800''s' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...
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    Crash And Error When Adding Images?

    thanks for your comments. You say you have the 2009 version? We recently fixed a problem with adding images but it is not feasible to update all previous versions. email us at sales @ libertystreet.com if you want to upgrade to a newer version at a big discount.
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    Report with Qty 1

    Is there a report that shows totals with a quantity set to 1? A report that does not count duplicates? Or how do you set up a custom report to do that. I just downloaded 2015 Thanks
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    Problems with Images

    It happens with either method, but may be initiated with the ADD ITEMS USING IMAGES. I'm using Windows 7. The sets of photos are about 20-30. I'm trying to keep it simple by using Quick Add, but I think it has happened both ways. With Quick Add, I've mainly been typing in the Description, but occasionally have been cutting and pasting from an Excel file. I noticed yesterday that after several good entries, one cut and paste Description was longer than there was space. It gave an error beep, but made the entry without a few last letters. I think at that point the images stopped loading in. I can then continue entering with Quick Add, but none of the photos seem to get saved. After I go back to the main view, trying to add by Add Image doesn't work. It seems likely that once an error is encountered, it doesn't resume normal image operations for a while. Perhaps theres some kind of delayed error timeout? Today I tried again and had about a dozen successful Quick Adds and then started to not take in the photos. Tried adding with Add Image right after exiting the Add by Image, no go. Tried again with Add Image after several minutes and it worked. Once that was working again I went back to adding using images. Worked for several, but then it randomly stopped adding the images. Was just doing Quick Add. Nothing unusual about the last working or first nonworking entry. If I go back to the main view and then try to add the image with Add Imge, I go through and select the image and click to enter, but then get a popup box error "LEAD ERROR" with "File not found" in the middle.
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    Paul, for years now I have used MS Access to clean up the SM Types table after each upgrade and maintenance release. I spend an hour or two correcting descriptions, typos, hyphenation, etc. Is there any way I can keep from having all my corrections overwritten during every upgrade and maintenance release? I would be glad to do a quality edit of Types and maybe Varieties before each release or maintenance upgrade for you before you issue the release as I am going to have to do it anyway. Thanks, Bill
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