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    US only after 2019 deluxe download.

    I got it. Thanks.
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    1889 Indian Head Penny

    Are the snow varieties of the 1889 Indian Head being added? http://www.fly-inclub.org/1889varpage.htm
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    VAM coins

    I had asked this question before, but can't find it now. I had asked about VAM coins being added, and was told that it would be in 2019. I am now on 2019, and some are there, but some are missing, such as the 1887 VAM 17 R3. When can we expect all of these to be in the database?
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    Just wondering, is there a way to control what reports appear in the list? For Example: As a single user for personal use, I don't necessarily need/want to see Stamps Owned by Customer in the list Additionally, while the new Cancel Report is a great addition, is i possible to hide this report? I tried deleting the 'Stamps Owned by Customer' report and reloading StampManage but it still appears so it would seem it's hard coded. I restored the file, just so i won't get any error message in the future
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    Hi, no there is no way to specify which reports will show. But it is a good idea, we will see if we can add it for a future version.