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    Suggested Features

    Some suggested new features for your consideration: 1. Regarding pricing: Have a UNIT PRICE then multiply that amount by QUANTITY to get SUBTOTAL. 2. Regarding pricing: Store TAX1 and TAX2. Then multiply SUBTOTAL by each to get TOTAL COST. Allow override, which is sometimes needed. 3. Regarding insurance: Store policy number information in drop down table. Allow me to select one. 4. Regarding monitor/screen/displays: I have spoken to support regarding HD screens. The software needs to handle HD screens. I cannot read the buttons at the top and many screens the data displayed is very tiny, making it hard for me to read. 5. Allow for larger size files for upload here in the forum. Currently limited to <500k. Thanks! BTW: This is a very good product! As I become more familiar with it, I find more excellent features.
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    Hi Everyone, Every time I open the add coin dialog I find that I have to click on the column headings in teh selection box to open ukp the year column. By deafault, I can only see the first two digits of the years. For example "19". After I double lick the header, then I can see the full column. I've attached s ample screen shot. Is there a way to get the year column to stay open so I don't have to double click it to expand the width everytime I want to add a coin?
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    Font Size in My Collection Grid

    I was looking to try to increase the font size in the grid that lists the coins in my collection. I found the preference->font size setting for lists. I have changed the font size to 26, and then back to 10. I would expect font 26 to look bigger but it is no different than font size 10. Does anyone have a suggestion for what else I can try? I am working on Windows 10, and have a 4k laptop, hooked up to an external screen. I've tried resetting my resolution but that isn't helping much either. Thanks in advance for any tips.
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    I can resize by dragging as you suggest. However, I have to resize every time I open the dialog. Is there any way to make the resizes "stick" so I don't have to resize the columns every time I open the dialog?
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    Hi, you should be able to resize a column by "dragging" the line that separates each field. This is done on the top row header where the field names are shown.
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    After update to HomeMange 2018 version my original data cannot be edit anymore because of the alert shown below. I use Win 10. The currency shown in the edit pane is € and the seperator is .. (two dots) . When I try to edit the field, the curreny sign is not shown and the .. (two dots) become a . (one dot), but it is not editable unless you delete the amount. How can I restore the data or prevent the alert?
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    Canada $1 Loon Scott 1687

    SM shows this as the 46c Canada flag and not the Loon. The Loon is Scott 1687 and the Flag IS 1682. Can this be corrected?
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    How to request new features?

    I have some suggestions for new features. Is there a process for that anywhere? Thanks
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    Can I delete unused Status ?

    I found that I can create my own Status by simply typing in the field for this and that's nice, but how can I remove those I'm not going to use?
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    Took new photos of residence and tried to open the images in the properties tabs and the program just crashes and closes since last update. Yes, I have checked the tools-preferences to uncheck the use web cam feature and it made no difference.
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    ITALY Stamp Images

    Hi John F Here is the link to my 4000+ Italy Stamp Images. Its a big download but it runs in he background. "36" Italy Images = https://ln.sync.com/dl/e5827d500/x9qxsd4p-gejvr5di-tvdmphwc-p7wppnq2 The link will load into a folder "Sync/36". Be aware that this is a live feed to my Italy images. As I add more images these will automatically be added. You are advised to copy and paste the "Sync/36" folder into "Stamp Manage Images/36" because if I discontinue the link you will also lose the images. Regards colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom P.S. The images are freely available for anyone to download.
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    I have added my two vehicles to HM using the Add Vehicle feature. I am able to complete the various fields as needed. However, regarding the Comments field, the "Enter" key does not function. I am able to type text directly into the field. I can also copy and paste text, but the "Enter" key does not work. The arrow keys work and I can add/delete text but not use the "Enter" key. Bug?
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    Vehicle Property Item Image Tab Crashes HM

    HM -> Vehicle Property -> Item Pictures -> General Tab -> Select Image 2 or 3. HM crashes. Bug?
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    Vehicle Property Item Image Tab Crashes HM

    WOW!!!!! Yes it works! I tested with both vehicles and each pic came up and no crashes!! Many thanks!! I noticed that the version number did not change from
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    KEDAH Images

    Link to Kedah Images 57 = Kedah Images https://ln.sync.com/dl/fd1280350/7qwq4tww-tprxgwk7-xanabz7e-49gc9255 Loads into a folder "Sync/57" and contains 117 images.
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    JOHORE Images

    Link to 144 Johore Images 51 = Johore https://ln.sync.com/dl/183dbc030/y932s5ik-athu5urf-avx285g7-3fpj3ihd Links to folder Sync/51 of 144 images regards colinATcolinpattrickDOTcom
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    Registration Code

    I purchased Liberty Street software through Amazon. I attempted to install the disk. The software was installed, however, I get an MDB error code, indicating it Microsoft windows 10 needs a .mdb folder to auto play. Any ideals?
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    My initial question is under the topic Values. (please read). I saw this post and I think it relating to the problems I am having with Values because of how I entered my stamps. I did make new Categories in the Stamp Manager. The reasoning was all specific type of items would be all together. Better reporting details I believed. But It will not list my format with the values. When I start a new sub directory examples First Day Covers - I do not use my First day cover picture as it seem to replace the picture in Regular Issue. Help would be appreciated.
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    Feature Request

    I would like to be able to set "default" entries for ALL of the fields in the "Condition of Stamp" section of the Add Stamp(s) window. This feature change would significantly decrease the time spent adding stamps to my collection. You would, of course, keep the ability to click the drop-down to override the default. Could this be added to the Tools / Preferences... dialog?
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    Data Transfer

    can you try FILE > UPDATE STAMPMANAGE FILE from the main menu. Does that fill in the missing items? Do a local backup before trying this.
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    Data Transfer

    NOW you tell me!!? Thanks. I will try but my concern is my files are messed up since adding the 2017 upgrade. For instance, my US database starts with Scott #1 and then goes to #143!! I can't figure it out!! I am so frustrated that I am about to say forget it and go to another software. I really don't want to do that because I really like SM, but I can't get any answers to my problems.
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    Ron Madow

    Font in grid portion of interface

    Is there a way to change the font size in the upper right half portion of the main display? Thanks, Ron
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    Database errors

    You can fix that by adding your own correct image. I have done that numerous times to correct or display better quality images that I scanned from my actual stamp!
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    Any way to add more than 4 images to my coins? 4 image limit is severely limiting me and it IS my computer space.
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    coins not sortable by mintage amount. Column will not sort mintages in numerical order unlike other columns.