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    Add to Format

    Just type in TAB. The program will save it and 'TAB' will show up on the drop down list the next time you use it. Cliff
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    Year Purchased and Sold

    Yes I agree. Date & Year should be seperate. Date seems okay but Year is a mess within the database. Agree Year should be a 'short text' field as one needs to enter year spans (1860-1862). But this has not stopped the Misuse of this field. Year field should be Year only The rejection of entries NOT 'numeric' or '-' should be built into the database.
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    Format Addition

    Just type it in
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    Photo's ?

    Hello, I'm very interested in your software, but it doesn't seem like the Mac OS version is going anywhere. Are you still intending to develop for Mac OS? If so, do you have a realistic timeframe for releasing a version that supports photos - that's a very important feature for me. It really helps to have photos with the catalog for insurance purposes. Right now I would have to maintain a photo database outwith your software, and that's not very maintainable. Thanks. Roy
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    Hi Everyone, Simple question. 1. Just finished a clean CoinManage Deluxe 2019 install and I was browsing the various countries / coins. There are several pictures missing from various countries; Australia, Germany, France, ect. USA, Great Britain, Canada have just a few missing unlike Australia, Germany, France, ect. 2. Is this just because the pictures don't exist for those countries / coins? I'm just wondering to ensure that my install is complete and correct. Thanks for any support. Jeff
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    Multiple Computers/Installs

    Does licensing permit two installs of one purchase of Stamp Manage as I would like to have a copy on both my desktop as well as my laptop. If this is permitted what are the steps to install and activate on the second PC? Thanks!!
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    Hi Everyone, Every time I open the add coin dialog I find that I have to click on the column headings in teh selection box to open ukp the year column. By deafault, I can only see the first two digits of the years. For example "19". After I double lick the header, then I can see the full column. I've attached s ample screen shot. Is there a way to get the year column to stay open so I don't have to double click it to expand the width everytime I want to add a coin?
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    Peter C

    Add to Format

    For Israel I want to add TAB to format pull down menu. How can I do it?
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    Activate Purchased License Code

    Very often, usualy after a Win10 update, I get an message saying:"Activate Purchased License Code". When click on the field I get this error message. I have had this problem in several years. Am I the only one with this problem? What can I do to work around it? I need help. Thank you Error Message:
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    Suggested Features

    Some suggested new features for your consideration: 1. Regarding pricing: Have a UNIT PRICE then multiply that amount by QUANTITY to get SUBTOTAL. 2. Regarding pricing: Store TAX1 and TAX2. Then multiply SUBTOTAL by each to get TOTAL COST. Allow override, which is sometimes needed. 3. Regarding insurance: Store policy number information in drop down table. Allow me to select one. 4. Regarding monitor/screen/displays: I have spoken to support regarding HD screens. The software needs to handle HD screens. I cannot read the buttons at the top and many screens the data displayed is very tiny, making it hard for me to read. 5. Allow for larger size files for upload here in the forum. Currently limited to <500k. Thanks! BTW: This is a very good product! As I become more familiar with it, I find more excellent features.
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    LaVerne Xena

    Upgrade from SM2006 to SM2019

    I purchased SM2006 on CD (still have disk and registration number) and used it for many years on a desktop computer using Windows XP. I took several years off from collecting, and bought a new laptop this year, Windows 10, with no CD- drive. How can I upgrade to SM2019 without buying an external CD drive, given that I have all the purchase information? What's easiest? Thanks, LaVerne, happy SM User
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    South Africa Krugerrand

    I have the most current CoinManage USA 2019. When I look at the CoinManage Database I do not see South Africa listed???? I have several gold and silver Krugerrands. How do I enter them in CoinManage??
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    South Africa Krugerrand

    AH! Thanks for the tip.
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    HasAttachment Field

    I would like to use the asset.hasattachment field (in reports) to identify when an attachment is present. It is a Boolean field, but does not appear to function correctly. Even when attachments are present, the expression returns "false." Is this a bug, or am I not understanding the intent of the field? Alan
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    klaude Chouinard


    Do you plan to develop your application for linux someday? Paper money and coin
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    klaude Chouinard


    ok , Merci pour information !
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    Images not showing

    US images do not show up when in add stamp mode or anywhere
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    Eli H

    Photo's ?

    Excellent! My wife is wondering about world coins and if there will be an add-on for these in the up-coming update. Thanks! Figgy
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    I entered a large group of stamps which had the same purchase price and were of the same condition. However, I inadvertently failed to specify the condition for the stamps when I entered the group of stamps. As a consequence, of course, the condition was not specified and nor was the current value. So, I then selected the same group of stamps and specified the condition for the stamps. The condition then showed up properly for all of the stamps. However, the current value for all of the stamps remained at $0.00. The only way to get the current value for the stamps was to individually edit each stamp and manually select the condition for each stamp. Would like to see the program be able to not only group edit the condition...but have that group edit correctly enter the current value as it does when one does a group add of the stamps in the first place. Thanks, Ken
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    dealio - I figured out what each MS Access table did based on looking at the data. "Assets" is the main table, with most of the others just lookup tables ("Customers", "Dealers", "Categories"). You do have to understand relational databases if you want to do any significant data changes that might affect association of tables or write your own SQLqueries. I have decades of experience, so that is no problem for me. I also make backup copies of the database in case I screw up. I am writing my application in C# with a stand-alone version of Microsoft SQL Server. I am using Visual Studio 2017 Community edition to do the editing. The software is free so the only cost is my own design and development time. Home inventory was created by modifying it from a coin and stamp application. Its table name "Dealers" means 'purchased from' in my world of home inventory. To create my own app, I need to write my own search and filter and reports, as well as data input forms. However, based on my personal needs, I can narrow down the 22 tables to about 4. That will make data entry much more clean and precise. The only 'magic' I am going to have to write C# code for is associating images with each asset. However, whatever logic I come up with for doing that will also allow me to associate any type of file with the asset the same way (Word document, PDF, text file, etc.) Right now, Home Inventory associates PDF files to Assets differently than images. My way will be simple drag-n-drop regardless of the file type. Home inventory also creates its own thumbnail copy of each image. My app will point to the original file on my computer's hard drive.
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    How to add a country

    I have a few countries in the Stamp Manager Catalogue on the left side. I need to add Vatican City to that list so I can inventory my collection - How do I do that? my
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    Stamp Not In Stamp Manager Data Base

    I have 2 different stamps that are found on the Colnect site using the lingup software that works through stamp manager, but they are not listed in the stamp manager database, what would be the best way to get a value for them and get them added to my collection. https://colnect.com/en/stamps/list/country/10168-India_Portuguese/theme/81-Sports/face_value/10-10 https://colnect.com/en/stamps/stamp/677017-Fish-Maluku_Selatan-Cinderellas Thanks Joe
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    I am new to this program and am entering my collection. In addition to my current collection, my database also includes stamps that I have sold over the years. When I enter stamps information it initially puts all stamps (sold, unsold, etc.) into the current window which in my case is typically the My Collection folder - United States. So even though I am entering Sold Stamps, those stamps do not go directly into the Sold Stamps folder. The only way I can be sure that they are getting properly placed into the Sold Stamps folder is by closing the program, then re-opening it. At that point all the sold stamps properly appear in the Sold Stamps folder. So my questions are: Is this the way the program is designed to work? Is there another way to get the Sold Stamps into the proper place without closing/opening the program? (I know that if I have the Sold Stamps window open then the Sold Stamps will go directly into the Sold Stamps Folder...however then the unsold stamps go there until the program is closed/opened.) Hopefully this is clear...thanks for any assistance, Ken
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    Hi, if you edit a variety and then do a SUBMIT CHANGES. We will receive the edit changes. We manually look at the edits and sometimes miss an important edit,. we will try to add some sort of flag so the user can say a variety has an error. we will then look up the stamp and any corrections the user has made...Until then, if you could just let us know of any errors by emailing your username on your computer and any other info ...we will spend more time going over any edits you have made.
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    I decided to write my own inventory program and import just the information I need from Home Manage. Home Manage is the hack of a program originally written for stamp and coin collectors. It is too bloated with fields I don't care about. Menu organization is rather odd. The number of images I can attach to an item is limited and I have to maintain my own copy of images outside the program for it to be useful. I reported many bugs and navigation issue years ago that were never resolved. The worst part is I can no longer trust it from messing up my inventory data. The program and database are written using Microsoft Access. Luckily I know how to use it so I can write my own SQL to fix data errors and inconsistencies created by HomeManage.
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    SM error

    Dr Gary. Scott#656 is a vertical coil, Perf 10. Cliff
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    Scott 4868 has 3 Varieties

    Ray, the APU (Ashton-Potter (USA)) coil stamp with the USPS microprint in the bottom white stripe of the flag is Scott # 4854. The SSP (Sennet Security Products) coil stamp with the USPS microprint above the flagpole is Scott # 4868. The SSP stamp without the microprint is a booklet stamp Scott #4869. All of these stamps are listed in Stampmanage but the photos may not show the microprint. Cliff
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    Is there a reason for the inconsistencies you see between countries on the names given to some basic categories? The largest example is ... "Regular Issue" vs "General Issue" ... another but lesser example is "Air Post" vs "Air Mail". I get that much may come from cultural terminology differences but being somewhat a detail nut I find it annoying ... just as with the upper/lower case variations. I know it is rather silly but am curious if it's more than just how people think of them personally.
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    1889 Indian Head Penny

    Are the snow varieties of the 1889 Indian Head being added? http://www.fly-inclub.org/1889varpage.htm
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    VAM coins

    I had asked this question before, but can't find it now. I had asked about VAM coins being added, and was told that it would be in 2019. I am now on 2019, and some are there, but some are missing, such as the 1887 VAM 17 R3. When can we expect all of these to be in the database?
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    Hi, no there is no way to specify which reports will show. But it is a good idea, we will see if we can add it for a future version.
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    Just wondering, is there a way to control what reports appear in the list? For Example: As a single user for personal use, I don't necessarily need/want to see Stamps Owned by Customer in the list Additionally, while the new Cancel Report is a great addition, is i possible to hide this report? I tried deleting the 'Stamps Owned by Customer' report and reloading StampManage but it still appears so it would seem it's hard coded. I restored the file, just so i won't get any error message in the future
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    CoinManage for IOS/MAC

    What plans does Liberty Software have for a MAC/IOS Version? I've been told several times this version would be released this year (2018), although the time-frames kept changing. A more concrete answer is most appreciated.
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    Suggested Features

    7. When the "APPLY" button is clicked, the app carries forward certain fields from the current screen. I would like to see Invoice/PO# data carried forward as well. It may be worth asking forum members for thoughts on which fields should carry forward. Thank!
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    Installation OK but cannot run

    Good morning people I installed stamp 2019 and when I ran it I get this message. Tried everything still will not open.. Can someone help!!!
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    I make multiple records (add sub variety in the stamp data manager) for each copy and add letters after each Scott number to represent the variety, ex. fs full sheet, pb plate block. Then select the format in the general section of the program as it pertains to the specific copy. Works for me.
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    Can't Open Exported PDF Reports

    Hi, I'm trying to save a copy of the 2 column coin checklist report to my computer in a PDF format. When I open the report I request a PDF in the dialog box, and then save the PDF file locally. When I try to open the report I get an error that the report is not valid. I am attaching a picuture of the error I get when I double click the PDF file. I also tried to export the report as a .jpg file, and I get a blank file. Trying to print to a printer also does not work. Any suggestions on how to get these reports to work?
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    Rick B.

    How to inventory Scott 266/267 Pair

    How would I enter a horizontal pair of US Scott 266 Type II and 267 Type III stamps. While a rare combo I see them out on Hipstamp and eBay. I just bought a pair and am not sure how to enter it into StampManage 2019 and reflect the two number effectively. Thanks
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    Bullion Value

    I am new to this program but I am loving it so far. I have one question though. Why are coins such as Silver eagle proof coins listed only as bullion value. A 2015 W silver proof coin is listed with a bullion value of $15.49. But if I want to buy one it will cost me at least $40.00. The selling price is much higher then the bullion value. I am probable missing something. Thank you.
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    CoinManage CANADA

    Hi The CoinManage Canada program is just great ! I just want to confirm: the updated values for each coin is not in Canadian money but in US money ?? Thank you
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    corrupted files???? and cant change records

    Good Day Having problems with home manage... I am using Homage Manage 2018 version / Windows 10 Pro think files may be out of sync.... when selecting an item to change the status field.... I select the item number type in the new status, tab and then click on ok... record closes but field not changed... this happens Sporadically ALSO.... from time to time when working in the program I get an error screen that says "encountered an invalid argument" files are locked up and I cant get out of the screen without going to task manager and shutting down the program. Very sporadic on this but happens very often. This just happen right now I selected an item then mover the cursor to a field in the record with the mouse and I got this error... I didn't even try to do anything to the record ... had to go to task manager and close the program ALSO When selecting an item to change I will search for the item, select the item, the go to the additional tab, and there will be information from other items like its looking at the wrong record. This also is happening very Sporadically ALSO... This program as it is now is unreliable, and I can't trust that any thing else I enter will be properly recorded....Really need help in getting this fixed.....would have to delete program. I have backup going back to June 2018 ...but what was entered since then would be lost. Hate to try and restore a back up and the if that's mess up?????? I would attach files but I have 931 items listed with pictures and additional information in the records. Please Please some input from someone on this to get files to operate correctly. Lot of time spent entering this inventory info
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    Mobile version

    Is there any plans for a mobile version or a way to export data (Scott, values, if owned) to be used in Mobile device? This would be great for shows to prevent buying duplicates. Or maybe a way to export that data to a Google sheet that could be used on mobile. (Doesn't need images). Personally looking for Android version of StampManage USA.
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    Both good ideas and not too hard to implement. We will add them soon for inclusion in a free update.
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    I just install the coinmanage 2018 Deluxe software and registered it. I loaded several silver eagles and gold coins. I then follow the process to get the spot prices for precious metals. I then applied them to the coins. When I run the Bullion summery report or the Bullion coin report that are in the report submenu they only come back with the spot prices and no other information in the report. The totals for precious metals own is 0. Any idea of what could be the problem. I check the database for the coins that I entered, to make sure that they had the correct oz 's of the correct metals and the database did have 1 oz of silver for the silver eagles and the correct gold amount for the coins that I entered. Please help. Thanks Philip
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    Time frames?

    Dates for Scheduled StampManage 2018 Update or release date for StampManage 2019?
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    Rick B.

    Michel Numbers

    I have StampManage v2018. I have a need to manually add Michel numbers because I have inherited several German made Lindner albums for USA stamps. I see that the Michel Number field is available in the columns setup. So I added it to all the available screens. But I don't see them on those screens. How do I access the field? I'd prefer to use the field rather than the "Other No." field. Thanks
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    Locations / Fields

    I have two different LOCATIONS and would like to have different fields in each. Setting up the first location was a snap. All the fields within that location were where I wanted them. And the rooms fields within were where I wanted them. The second LOCATION without rooms I have added different fields. My first location took on the same fields as the second location but the rooms in the first locations are ok and the items entered in the second location are ok The only thing I'm trying to do is have the 2 locations have different fields. Like LOCATION (1) home with pictures of the home and have rooms within that location. Location (2) home with pictues of a different home and have rooms within but have different fields. Thanks
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    12 hours is way too long unless you have a slow internet connection. We have had some problems with AVG in the past. Is it possible AVG is slowing down the download somehow?
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    I can resize by dragging as you suggest. However, I have to resize every time I open the dialog. Is there any way to make the resizes "stick" so I don't have to resize the columns every time I open the dialog?
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    Hi, you should be able to resize a column by "dragging" the line that separates each field. This is done on the top row header where the field names are shown.
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