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  1. we will add these to the list of coins to be added for the next update. It will be out by the end of the month. Thanks for the report
  2. Do you have any sort of firewall which could be preventing an application from accessing the internet?
  3. Hi, we have been online all day since morning, it is the LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE button at our CONTACT US page. Just click on it. https://www.libertystreet.com/Liberty-Street-Software-Contact-Info.htm
  4. that error usually happens when the ASSETS.LDB (not the MDB) file can not be deleted. can you manually delete the ASSETS.LDB file. It is in the same folder as your ASSETS.MDB
  5. we will take a look and put in some error reporting to see what could be the issue here.
  6. admin

    Ebay UK

    Hi, it should open up eBay UK for Uk coins. we will take a look and fix if necessary. sometimes eBay changes their URL specifications which breaks CoinManage.
  7. Hi, you should be able to right mouse click on any album/stockbook in the VIEW tab section. Then select one of the reporting options from the popup menu.
  8. Hi, let us remote to your computer some time soon. The only way you can have your data deleted 2 times is if you manually delete the data file. there is a good chance the data is in another folder on your computer, it is called STAMPDATA.MDB Kindly email sales@libertystreet.com if you haven't already, we can setup a time to remote
  9. Hi, you can upgrade the DELUXE version at: www.stampmanageupgrade.com
  10. we are looking at this. Do you have multiple users on that computer or just one?
  11. yes, seems very annoying to have that automatic synch defaulted to on, there are over 240,000 image files in StampManage Deluxe
  12. seems like you have google photos set to automatically add any graphics files you put on your computer. Maybe that is the default setting I really don't know. Could you try looking at the google photos settings. There should be a way to turn that off.
  13. Hi, are you using the ENGLISH version of Windows? If so, which version of Windows? Don't see any other error reports like this recently.
  14. Hi, can you email the code you are using to sales@libertystreet.com they will release the code for re-use.
  15. Thanks for that Geek, we have quite a few Home Inventory Pro users asking about this.
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