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  1. admin

    CAC Checkbox

    Ok, will do so, thanks for the suggestion.
  2. try your code again as we released it for re-use.
  3. admin

    Software Key

    Hi, I think there is a problem with your email as we have sent 2 messages. Could you email libertyst@gmail.com, from another email address if possible.
  4. Ok we will add it, sorry about that.
  5. Hi, its probably better if we add them. Otherwise, if you add them to the database, then we also do that... you will see duplicate entries. If you can list the VAM numbers here we will start with those for the upcoming new version
  6. Hi, thank you for this. we will be going over the countries you mention to get rid of any unwanted images and replace with correct images.
  7. HI, if you select: FILE > GOTO COINMANAGE IMAGES from the main menu. Do you see a folder called Canada? If so, open it, do you see many jpg files in there?
  8. this error usually means the data file has become corrupted. Will take a look at the file and reply to you via email.
  9. you would need to download the update file to a USB drive from a computer that is connected to the internet. Then plug the USB into the non-internet computer and run the downloaded EXE fie. You can email techsupport@libertystreet.com with the name of your program / version and we can reply with the direct download link.
  10. Hi, the 2019 version has a barcode lookup wizard that lets you add multiple barcodes, you can even load a text file of barcodes. Is this what you are using?
  11. Hi, yes we dont' show the exact amount after 1500. The reason is the constant calculating could slow down the program and make it sluggish to use. We should be able to increase the limit for the next free update.
  12. Hi, we sent you back a repaired file a few days ago. Did you not receive it?
  13. I ordered the $150 package of software from Liberty on Oct 6 with PayPal.  I have never received my CD and DVD or my registration numbers so I am forced to continue my 30 day trial period which ends in 3 days. 

    I have written and called at least 6 or 7 times and have only one response which was an email from Paul saying he was traveling and to email him my information which I did.  That was at least 2 weeks ago. I have checked my spam mail, etc. I have repeatedly asked for someone to call me, but I have not heard anything.

    I cannot get anyone from Liberty to help me. What’s up? 



  14. sorry about that. Had to update some billing information. Kindly try again
  15. Hi, yes you can just "right mouse click" on the country and choose a report from the popup menu.
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