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  1. Hi, 22kb doesnt sound right, sure thats not 22mb? The STAMPDATA.MDB file contains ALL text information in the program including: 1/ The pre-defined database with all the stamp varieties (varieties table) 2/ Any stamps you have added to inventory (mycollection table) also includes all attachments, notebook items, dealer, customer info. We have been meaning to do a video on this subject, will try to get around to it for the weekend.
  2. admin


    Hi, ok we are looking at this. We are finishing up the new 2020 update, just adding a new report and a couple of other fixes and it will be ready.
  3. are you at a comcast.net email address? they seem to reject many emails that have download links in them. Anyways, can you email sales@libertystreet.com and we can lookup your info
  4. This is a good subject for a video...We will do a YouTube video on this in the next couple of days. CoinManage YouTube Channel
  5. Hi, can you email us your backup ZIP file. Not sure what it going wrong with the user fields without looking at the file. You seem to be doing everything else correctly from what I can see.
  6. admin


    you should be able to simply right mouse click on the collection and select DELETE from the popup menu. see attached screenshot..
  7. you just need to have an activated version of the program. If you are using the user permissions feature you would need to be an administator
  8. that error doesn't look good. Can you try uninstalling the program then install again. make sure to make a backup copy of your COINDESC.MDB file as well. if you email use your activation code we can release it over the internet as well.
  9. the program automatically moves and stamp with one of the "sold" fields set to the SOLD ITEMS folder. For example, if the selling price is non empty or the selling date..we assume the stamp has been sold and you no longer have possession of it. could this be the case for you?
  10. Are you sure you have first selected New Zealand within the list of countries? We just tried it here and works fine.rst
  11. Hi, this is on a Windows computer? you can email sales@libertystreet.com and we will refund the purchase.
  12. Hi, it is free with your purchase of the program.
  13. Hi, it is possible to have a "department" or "room" that is generic and does not have a parent location. When you see the "No owner location" it means you have assigned a generic room or department to the asset. The main reason we did this is for customers who would perhaps want to assign assets to an "accounting" department for example. In a situation where the accounting department could span several locations. If you right mouse click on a location and select "add room" (or "add department" in AssetManage). The room / dept. will be a child of the location. This question appears to be for HomeManage not AssetManage.
  14. the latest PCGS values for a PCGS 1973-S Silver Eisenhower dollar are $6250 in MS69 and only $150 in MS68. So whether your coin is truly MS69 or MS68 is very important obviously. When you say "PGS" are you talking about PCGS or another grading service?
  15. Is this a new issue for United States stamps? if so, do yo know the SCOTT number?
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