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  1. Hi, sorry we do not have an import feature. Does your spreadsheet include a unique identifier like the Friedberg number for each note? Any import we develop in the future would require such an id in order to be able to identify what note is being imported. You could add this info to the comments section. There is also a couple user defined fields that could be used. Yes, you can add up to 4 of your own images to each record. That kind of info could be added to the comments or the user defined fields mentioned earlier
  2. Mint Sets

    Hi, yes they are under UNITED STATES > UNC. MINT SETS. Other sets issued by the US Mint can be found in: UNITED STATES > US MINT PRODUCTS... such as Congratulation Sets, Birth Sets, etc...
  3. FDC Scans

    Hi, these are scans of your own FDCs? If so, you can upload them to a free www.dropbox.com account and we could make them available somehow .. thanks for the offer.
  4. hi, if you hold down the CTRL key while dragging a stamp to another collection.. it will make a COPY of the stamp in the target collection. You can also use the MOVE STAMPS toolbar button.
  5. Hi, what happens is StampManage on startup...finds all unique stamp formats and creates a list that will be used in the stamp format dropdown. I understand in your case this is not a good idea so we will try to think of a solution.
  6. Stamps without images Report

    Hi, there should be a Boolean reporting command called Stamp.HasImages which will return true or false, we will come up with a report that only shows stamps without a variety image.
  7. Various

    Hi, business is better than ever, not sure where that came from. Will be releasing CoinManage 2018 late this year. You can install the program on up to 2 computers. You can get pricing for coins from eBay and other big dealers by using the eBay completed item search, the COLLECTORS.COM search will also return some good results from various dealers. We are hoping to add to the Mexico database in the coming months. You can add new bullion coins to the program database using the COIN DATABASE EDITOR feature under the TOOLS menu.
  8. coin facts

    HI, I believe the COINFACTS values are only for PCGS slabbed coins.
  9. 1/ Select TOOLS > PREFERENCES from the main menu. 2/ Change the: Font Height for List of Stamps using the pull down.
  10. PDF Attachment or Link

    Hi, I suppose it would be possible to have an attachments directory that would be backed up along with other data. So if you store receipts, pdf's, etc.. in this folder they would be easily backed up and restored.
  11. Types of Barcodes

    Hi, I believe all the formats you mention are supported. You can see complete list by selecting: HELP > REPORT DESIGNER MANUAL from the main menu.. Then go to the table of contents and find the Barcode Objects section.
  12. Multi User

    Hi, is this for the Standard version? If so, please watch this video
  13. We have installed SQL server 2016 on the same machine (Windows 2012 Server R2). are the images for the assets being stored in the database, if not how can this be done? the images are stored in a separate IMAGES folder, you could set a network shared folder as the IMAGES folder so all users would have access. We have a Dymo Printer 450 (http://www.dymo.com/en-AU/labelwriter%3Csup%3E%C2%AE%3C-sup%3E-450-labelwriter-450) for our labels that we stick to equipment. How can we export / print to that printer you would need to edit the labels template to change the output to match the label coordinates. We have a video on this at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ae4qQAAclgE How can we link other users to this database. I saw a video of it being done but can not seem to find it The AssetManage Standard has a built in USERS permission permission feature. The AssetManage Enterprise would require setting permissions at the SQL administrator level. Is it possible to install the client on MacOSX / IPADS Not currently, but we will have an AssetManage for the Mac / iPad in late 2018. Is it possible to customermize the barcode. Yes, the report designer supports all major barcode formats. Is there a was using Excel that we can batch import our Assets? Yes, there is an import feature that lets you import. Is best to first save the EXCEL spreadsheet in CSV format.
  14. === QUESTION === When I add coins to Roosevelt Dimes there is a listing for Pre-1964 90% silver. I assume this is for coins just having bullion value and no numismatic value. When I add coins for example 6 with a purchase price of $0.10 the current value does not show up and the purchase price stays at $0.10 even though it should be $0.60. I have many more coins to enter in this category but do not want to include them here if the purchase price and current value are not reported accurately. Any suggestions? === ANSWER === Hi, you should set the "condition" to B.V. that will set the value to the current silver spot price. If you have not downloaded the latest SPOT prices you can do so from the SHOW BULLION VALUES command under the TOOLS menu. Regarding the COST. You should enter the total cost of all 6 coins, the reason for this is you may have paid a different price for some of the 6 coins.
  15. We have a few reports from user's using Norton Anti-Virus. When installing our software they are getting a warning from Norton about irsetup.exe. This is a false-positive, I believe you can add this file to the Norton exlusion list. Below is an explanation of what the IRSETUP.EXE file is: The file IRSETUP.EXE is not adware. It is actually part of the extremely common Setup Factory 6.0 installer builder product by Indigo Rose Software (www.indigorose.com). It is extracted to a temp folder when running a setup.exe created by Setup Factory 6.0 and used to handle the main installation tasks. It is deleted at the end of the installation process or at the next system reboot at the latest. Setup Factory 6.0 is used by *millions* of setup.exe's and many thousands of companies. The IRSETUP.EXE file itself is definitely not adware.