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  1. Hi, you are referring to the STAMP FORMAT field or the variety description in the database? or both maybe. any values you placed into the STAMP FORMAT field will be retained as you input them. If there were changes to the description of any varieties in the database you will see the new information.
  2. Regarding how to change the stock photos that ship with CoinManage, we did a video on this subject:
  3. admin


    Hi, have you purchased the program? if so, you can download from link below and enter your code when you run the program: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/CoinMng2020Setup.exe
  4. Hi, ok we will add any country / entity that is any of the SCOTT catalogs. I believe some new ones are in the SPECIALIZED catalogs. Will look at the errors you mention as well.
  5. admin

    Lost file

    Hi, you should be able to simply re-install the program and it will install all the reports files again
  6. Hi, we have a CoinManage app for the Mac. Which will be moved to the iPad / iPhone once we add a few more features. I can't give a date when we will have an ANDROID app at times time
  7. Hi, the latest update should not do this.
  8. HI, did you manually input the code? if so, try to copy and paste it from the email you should have received after the order. if you bought a CD and did not receive any email can you contact us at: sales@libertystreet.com with your full name and we can look it up.
  9. Thanks for the detailed report, we will look at this in the coming days and fix..unless we have trouble reproducing.
  10. Hi, we tried to reproduce the error with the ROLL checkbox and it's not happening here. Will see if we can reproduce the issue with Unc. Roll....This CREATE INDEX problem does not make sense. If you don't want to email us your COINDESC.MDB data file, do you have MICROSOFT ACCESS on your computer? if so, try opening the COINDESC.MDB file using MICROSOFT ACCESS, then REPAIR/COMPACT the data file, exit MICROSOFT ACCESS and restart CoinManage.
  11. Hi, so no eBay searches are working? for any coins whatsoever? we did'nt change any code in that area of the program will take a look.
  12. HI, ok we have someone looking at the setup program to see what is going on.
  13. "auto spellcheck" ? what do you mean by that? How did you do an auto spellcheck? is this some add in installed on your system .as it's not a feature in CoinManage.
  14. ok we will take a look at that. Did you say virtually all of the 2019 coins are missing? With the 2020 edition? That is simply not true
  15. A black record? all data disappeared? These problems you are having seeming truly bizarre. if you can contact techsupport@libertystreet.com we can have a rep remote to your computer to see this. if not, I would recommend you ask for a refund, contact sales@libertystreet.com and we can take care of that.
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