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  1. admin

    Bullion Summary Report not working

    Hi, we looked at this issue. Are you specifying that your coins have a "grade" of B.V.? If a coin does not have a grade specified the value will be zero and it won't show up in the bullion summary report.
  2. admin

    StampManage 2019

    Hi, can you come onto our CONTACT US page and click on the LIVE SUPPORT ONLINE button.
  3. admin

    Registration Code

    Hi, did you see the STAMPMANAGE install program popup after running setup.exe?
  4. admin

    Bullion Summary Report not working

    HI, we are working on coinmanage this week and will try to reproduce the problem, it looks like you did everything correctly. Can you verify that 1.0 is the silver content for any silver coins you entered into the coin database as that is often the issue.
  5. admin

    StampManage 2019

    are you now seeing an empty collection? can you search your hard drive for a file called STAMPDATA.MDB this problem is almost always caused when the DATA folder is changed, the older data file is usually In another folder.
  6. admin

    Time frames?

    sorry for the late response, the 2019 is out now. We will contact you by email about an upgrade plan.
  7. regarding the problem with the INVALID ARGUMENT. Can you try moving the middle window separator all the way to the bottom so that you no longer see the IMAGE or DETAILS view. Do you still get the INVALID ARGUMENT error after doing this?
  8. admin

    Scott 613

    Hi, are you talking about USA #613?, in the SCOTT catalog it is perf 11 and worth 40,000 in used-vf.
  9. HI, no sorry there is not.
  10. admin

    Michel Numbers

    Hi, we took out the Michel number field for 2018 because the ADD COIN main tab was so cluttered. Turned out to be a mistake as several customers have complained about it, so we are adding it back in for the next upgrade.
  11. strange error message as it implies that a field or index was manually deleted in MICROSOFT ACCESS. Is it possible to ZIP and email us your data file. If too big, you can share it on www.dropbox.com using a free account.
  12. admin

    Locations / Fields

    Hi, currently the columns would apply to all locations, it is not possible to setup individual columns for a particular location or category.
  13. 12 hours is way too long unless you have a slow internet connection. We have had some problems with AVG in the past. Is it possible AVG is slowing down the download somehow?
  14. admin

    Barcode import

    we are working on a way to do this, the problem is that what happens if you import 50 barcodes and 2 of them are not found in the database? We can show you the barcodes that failed but then you have to go figure out which items they belong to. But like I said, we are working on some sort of import wizard to make this as easy as possible.
  15. admin

    Filename limitations

    Hi, ok we can take a look at this. the apostrophe may cause a problem as it is a reserved character in the ACCESS format database we use to store attachment data. Will try to find a way to work around this.