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  1. admin

    Stamp Blocks

    Yes this is correct thanks. For Most of the pull down lists in the ADD COIN dialog, if the option is not in the pull down list you can manually enter a new one into the edit section of the pulldown.
  2. Hi, sorry we had to update the HomeManage manual for the new 2020 version and get it approved for sale. Will send you the links in the next few hours.
  3. are the images already uploaded to your hard drive or on a USB? If so, you can simply drag the image file as shown in screenshot below. You can also use the Load File... button to choose the image file.
  4. Hi, they are in the Walking Liberty section as shown in the image below. Do you not see Walking Liberty coins when in the Add Coin dialog?
  5. admin

    Software Key

    Hi, we send you info for the new 2020 edition earlier today. Let me know if the problem still exists.
  6. admin

    Addiing coins

    if you have 2 coins of the same variety, you can also use the CLONE feature to create separate entries for each coin. Then edit each entry with the coins's grade and other information
  7. Hi, does this happen for every coin you try to edit or only a certain coin. If only for certain coins is it possible you have some punctuation such as quotation mark in the comments.
  8. admin


    HI, we have a separate section for sets such as Uncirculated Mint Sets for example: United States > Unc. Mint Sets
  9. Hi, we have tried emailing you but the emails always bounce. After the backup seems to be finished, can you use the windows explorer to look at the folder where you specified that the backup should be saved at. do you see any ZIP files there? those are created by the backup program.
  10. when you select FILE > MANAGE BACKUP FILES from the main menu does a folder open with some ZIP files in there?
  11. Hi, if your list looks blank after a backup try selecting a collection again you should see the data again. Its usually best to backup before exiting the program so you backup the latest changes. when doing a local backup you can change the folder where the backup is going to be stored, are you unable to backup to any folder whatsoever?
  12. Hi, no sorry the program does not support batch reports.
  13. Yes, I realize it is an issue. Unfortunately fixing it means making many program changes to detect the user screen size and scale accordingly. We will be doing these changes in the coming months.
  14. Hi, did you purchase the STAMPMANAGE DELUXE 2020? if so, to install the Deluxe 2020 you would download from these 2 links: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/StampMngShip2020.exe AFTER installing the program from the link above..download and install the Additional Images setup from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/StampMng2020Images.exe
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