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  1. We were recently asked how to move a stamp variety from one category to another... In the video below, Argentina C4 is in the GENERAL ISSUES category, we move it to it's correct category AIR POST.
  2. Video tutorial showing how to add a new vehicle to HomeManage, then how to assign assets to the vehicle. HomeManage-inventory-travel-trailer.mp4
  3. StampManage Error Reports go nowhere

    Hi, the files we need for the error report are in your MY DOCUMENTS folder and are called: ERRORLOG.TXT CRASH.DMP if you can ZIP and email those 2 files we would appreciate it.
  4. Hi, ok we are going to try to reproduce this here. Thanks for the report.
  5. Hi, if you install the program again you should get back any data that was deleted. As far as "losing" a country, is there any way you clicked on the REMOVE button with the country selected in the STAMPMANAGE DATABASE EDITOR?
  6. Adding Vehicles

    Hi, are you trying to delete a vehicle that is already assigned to 1 or more assets? You would need to disassociate the asset from the vehicle first. Here is a short video showing how to add a vehicle.
  7. === QUESTION === I'm writing to inquire to see if I purchase the HomeManage 2017 software if I would be able to keep a copy on a USB drive and run it from any computer should my primary PC be damaged/destroyed in a disaster. Can you please advise? === ANSWER === Hi, to run the program requires the install program is run on a Computer first in order to install several files needed. So you could copy the install program to a USB or download it anytime, but simply having a USB drive with the EXE file is not sufficient. HomeManage has an internet backup feature so you can simply install the program on another computer and RESTORE your data at any time.
  8. ==== QUESTION ===== I am currently using SM 2017 Deluxe on 2 computers: Dell Inspiron desktop (Windows 7); HP Pavilion laptop (Windows 10). Both were loaded using the same downloaded .exe file. On the desktop, the "Add Stamp" window is normal and as expected. On the laptop, the "add Stamp" window is missing the right-hand side, as shown in the attached file. Among other things, this is a real nuisance when trying to add multiple stamps in a set. === ANSWER ==== You should be able to fix this by selecting Tools > Reset Add Stamp dialog window size settings from the main menu.
  9. PDF Attachment or Link

    Hi, yes we understand. But storing the attachments in the database would cause problems as the data file would get bloated quickly. Moving attachments to a special folder would be a problem if you then changed the original attachment file..
  10. HomeManage lets you change the properties of multiple assets at once. For example, you may want to set the Purchase date for 3 or 4 assets.
  11. Best way to add a country

    1/ Select TOOLS > COINMANAGE COIN DATABASE EDITOR... from the main menu. 2/ Enter the Country, Denomination & Type Name. 3/ Click on the Coins tab and add at least 1 variety for the newly type. We also did a YouTube video on this awhile back.
  12. Change Country Icon

    Hi, the icon is currently compiled into the application, so the user can't change the flag icon.
  13. To Restore a backup that was done using CoinManage 1/ Select File > Restore Backup... from the main menu. 2/ CoinManage will first do a new backup of the data you are currently viewing in the program. The reason for this is that the restore backup will replace the current data with that stored in the backup file. 3/ CoinManage stores backups in the ZIP file format. Select the ZIP file that you wish to restore. 4/ Exit and restart the program. Sometimes the values table is not properly imported which can cause errors, exiting the program will fix this.
  14. 1/ Select the entire activation code by keeping your mouse button down and "dragging" until the code is selected.\ 2/ Right mouse click and select COPY from the popup menu. 3/ Go to the Activation code window. Click in the activation code entry box. 4/ Right mouse click and select PASTE from the popup menu. 5/ Click on the NEXT button.
  15. Add Stamp Wizard Stopped Working

    Hi, I think the program may have a memory leak which caused your problem. Restarting the program should fix the situation. We will take a look at this for the next version of StampManage.