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  1. Hi, this error normally means you have installed the data file into a folder that is marked as read only. The program needs to write to the data file for obvious reasons. Try to mouse click on the program icon and select RUN AS ADMIN from the popup menu. Does the error go away?
  2. Hi, we are releasing an update that included Canada & UK coins in the next week. We have been working on the photos feature, it will be several weeks more, the program does automatic backup to iCloud which makes the feature quite a bit more complicated to program. sorry for the delay.
  3. admin

    Too Large

    Hi, it means that the item cannot show in the detail view because it is over 32000 characters long. This usually happens when you have a very large notebook list for the item or many attachments, is this the situation with your asset? we will make some changes to improve the error handling, probably by truncating the notebook list as shown in the item details.
  4. admin

    Syntax Error

    do you have a quote character in the description or filename? that is probably the cause. Can you try removing the quote characters and save again
  5. Hi, are you trying to transfer by moving files over? that won't work you need to run the install program for StampManage on the new computer. The reason is that the install sets up some system files and registry entries. Copying all the StampManage program files over manually won't accomplish that.
  6. admin


    Hi, the windows version will work on a Mac if you have the PARALLELS PC emulator installed. It is not a free program see: https://www.parallels.com
  7. Yes, the code you receive after purchase will work on 2 computers. If you need to release a code from a particular machine, you can do so using TOOLS > LICENSING > DEACTIVATE LICENSE... from the main menu.
  8. Hi, The CoinManage Deluxe does not have complete listings for those other countries. We are working on Australia in the next few months. Not sure if we can include all the modern collector coins & sets, but circulation issues yes.
  9. Hi, are you sure you installed the 2015 USA edition on the new computer? we will see if the code needs to be released.
  10. ok thanks, yes we see the problem. Should have it fixed on the weekend.
  11. does this only happen with PDF attachment? does it only happen when you are adding a new item? we will take a look today
  12. can you email us the code you are using. We will release all current activations so it will work on 2 computers. Email it to techsupport@libertystreet.com and let us know which program it is for
  13. we will take a look, errors like that should have been fixed a couple months ago. Are you on the latest update to version 2019?
  14. hi, yes the code will work on 2 computers. So simply use the same code on both computers.
  15. admin


    Hi, you will see Canada added in the next few weeks then UK. We are currently adding imaging capabilities and that will be ready sometime in September as well in a free update.
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