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  1. admin

    Type set

    Its a good idea. Do you simply need to see which of the types you have coins from and which types you still need to acquire? We can try to do a report that could represent this.
  2. can you email techsupport and we will reply with the latest version of the turbo activate to see if that will fix the problem. I assume you have copy & pasted the code directly from a registration email and you definitely have HomeManage 2019 installed (not an earlier version)
  3. We have made a video on how to use this at:
  4. thanks for the info. The key is getting to the CSV format. Once it is in that format you can import into HomeManage.,
  5. we are finishing up a new build today with a couple fixes. Can you email sales@libertystreet.com and we will reply with your information later tonight
  6. admin


    that field is not used. we were going to store images in the data file years ago. But it would have caused big problems with massive bloated data files. Any image you add to a DEALER will end up in the images folder with the prefix "dealer" in the filename.
  7. admin

    New User

    Hi, what is the resolution of the screen you are using? it looks quite large. If you click on the small button in upper right with 2 overlapping boxes, does the right edge become visible again?
  8. we have made a YouTube video on how to set the report sort order:
  9. Ok, we will check and make sure this is not a bug in the program.
  10. if you go into TOOLS > PREFERENCES is the conversion value set to 0.00 by any chance? If so, change it to 1.00
  11. a couple people have not received the automated email. When we try to send it their email bounces. Can you send an email to libertyst@gmail.com and kindly make sure the email is not in a SPAM folder.
  12. HI, correct info is: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/StampMngShip2020.exe AFTER installing the program from the link above..download and install the Additional Images setup from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/StampMng2020Images.exe we corrected the problem & have sent the correct info in a 2nd email to upgraders. My apologies about that.
  13. we looked at the Armenia images folder and saw no images from Bermuda. These images were probably installed by an earlier version of STampManage from a few years back. Unfortunately StampManage can not currently go back and delete unwanted images. What you can do is: FILE > GO TO STAMPMANAGE IMAGES from the main menu. go to folder 385. delete all the images in that folder and then install the program again. Or else just go through the images and delete any from Bermuda,.
  14. hI, can you give a couple of examples of scott numbers where you see this?
  15. Hi we will email you the 2020 download link in the next day or 2. Just need to test a bit more to make sure it works properly.
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