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    Michel Numbers

    Hi, we took out the Michel number field for 2018 because the ADD COIN main tab was so cluttered. Turned out to be a mistake as several customers have complained about it, so we are adding it back in for the next upgrade.
  2. we are getting this type of question often lately: ==== QUESTION ==== Is it possible to import a Home Inventory Pro 2001 back-up file by Radium Technologies into Home Manager? I recently purchased a new PC and attempted to migrate my inventory in Home Inventory Pro 2011 into my new PC and found I was prevented form doing so as it appears Radium Technologies is no longer in business. I have a large inventory that took years to document and I am trying to avoid re-doing my inventory line item by line item. I am evaluating the Free Trial version of Home Manager. === ANSWER ==== If you are able to export the Home Inventory Pro 2011 data to CSV format it can be imported into HomeManage using the FILE > IMPORT command from the main menu. If anyone wishes to email us a CSV file from Home Inventory Pro we can do a video on how to import this data and maybe make some changes to the import if necessary to simplify the process.
  3. strange error message as it implies that a field or index was manually deleted in MICROSOFT ACCESS. Is it possible to ZIP and email us your data file. If too big, you can share it on www.dropbox.com using a free account.
  4. admin

    Locations / Fields

    Hi, currently the columns would apply to all locations, it is not possible to setup individual columns for a particular location or category.
  5. 12 hours is way too long unless you have a slow internet connection. We have had some problems with AVG in the past. Is it possible AVG is slowing down the download somehow?
  6. admin

    Barcode import

    we are working on a way to do this, the problem is that what happens if you import 50 barcodes and 2 of them are not found in the database? We can show you the barcodes that failed but then you have to go figure out which items they belong to. But like I said, we are working on some sort of import wizard to make this as easy as possible.
  7. admin

    Filename limitations

    Hi, ok we can take a look at this. the apostrophe may cause a problem as it is a reserved character in the ACCESS format database we use to store attachment data. Will try to find a way to work around this.
  8. admin

    Total Lack of Support

    Hi, we searched on your name and see a few chats and emails we replied to. The last interaction was you had upgraded and were trying to import some old data. We suggested a video to help with this and you said you would look at it. I'm not seeing any emails after that. If you are still having troubles please email techsupport@libertystreet.com and we can either reply and / or remote to your machine at some time.
  9. admin

    Can we get this program running again?

    Hi, We sent you an activation code weeks ago. Can you check your email and use it.
  10. admin

    Bug Report

    Ok understand...We should be able to fix this for the next free update?
  11. admin

    Column Width On Add Column General Tab

    Hi, when you manually resize the column it should save the new widths in the HEADERS.WCD file. This file is usually in the: MY DOCUMENTS\CoinManage folder. If your changes are not being saved between sessions can you verify that this folder is not set to READ ONLY
  12. admin

    Time frames?

    Early December. Anyone buying the 2018 at this time would get a free upgrade. We will also have a USB option which is usually much easier than installing 2 DVDs
  13. Hi, ok we will take a look and fix this problem.
  14. admin

    How to use two currencies

    Hi, we will at some point put in a new field that will let the user specify the currency of the item. I can't really think of a workaround at present unless you want to enter the CURRENCY in one of the user defined text fields for future refereence.
  15. Very sorry to hear about that. Any text data you entered would be in the file: COINDESC.MDB. Try to search your entire hard drive for this file, it is commonly in: MY DOCUMENTS\COINMANAGE\DATA
  16. admin

    Column Width On Add Column General Tab

    Hi, you should be able to resize a column by "dragging" the line that separates each field. This is done on the top row header where the field names are shown.
  17. Hi, if you drag the center divider in the main window all the way to the bottom, so that you no longer see the image and detail windows...does the error go away?
  18. admin

    Canada $1 Loon Scott 1687

    sure we will take a look and fix for the next free update. thanks for the report.
  19. admin

    Suggested Features

    thanks, all those items are doable except the last one. We use another companies forum software so have no control over the file size. Hopefully they will increase it.
  20. admin

    How to request new features?

    Hi, feel free to post them in this forum. We will add any suggestions to our issue tracking database. Can't promise they will be added to the software in the near future...but we will try our best if its a good suggestion.
  21. admin

    stampmanage 2014

    Hi, is it possible your anti-virus program is preventing the download?
  22. Hi, HomeManage stores various program settings in this part of the WINDOWS REGISTRY HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Liberty Street Software\HomeManage after you run the SETUP do you see any entries in this section? you can look at the WINDOWS REGISTRY by running the REGEDIT.EXE program that is included with WINDOWS.
  23. admin

    Can I delete unused Status ?

    Hi, when the program starts it builds a list of all the STATUS strings used. So if you completely delete or change the STATUS of an item it should no longer show in the list the next time you run HOMEMANANGE
  24. admin

    stampmanage 2014

    Hi, that error usually means the DVD or download is corrupt. Can you download STAMPMANAGE DELUXE 2014 from https://s3.amazonaws.com/LSSDownloads/StampMngShip2014.exe
  25. Hi, ok that is our forum which is a separate site than www.libertystreet.com. We will see if we can add an SSL certificate to this site as well. Thanks for the report.