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  1. Can you make a video to show how to stop the program crashing when you do a backup.
  2. I am assuming that tomorrow (it is now 31 days later) for the UK version is American for you only have the UK version and it has a very low priority as far as being fixed. Even thought I was the one to report the fault on the forum it still crashes.
  3. Another 11 days later and still crashing
  4. 26th Fed I reported on this forum that a manual backup causes the program to crash. On the 24th Mar on this forum Admin said that a fix had been sorted But it was only availabe for America, Canada and the Deluxe version "we are working on CoinManage UK now and will have it done for tomorrow" It is now 21 days later and the UK version still crashes In March someone asked on this forum How Is Support. Well if you have the USA, Deluxe or Canada version it is a lot better than the UK version which come a poor last for support.
  5. Backup problems Have changed the path to my NAS drive Y:\CoinManageUKBackup Have had a look in the registry and that is were it is pointing But when I do a manual backup the program does the back up to C:\Users\username\Documents\CoinManage UK and then crashes On starting the path to Backup is back to C:\Users\MikeLaptop7\Documents\CoinManage UK\ And now the program crashes every time I do a manual Backup. This is happening on 2 machines both win7 64Bit 8GB one AMD (desktop) the other Intel (Laptop)
  6. Another try this time on Laptop Uninstalled Installed 2015 uk 1st release Told program to install to D:\My Documents\CoinManageUK\CoinImages D:\My Documents\CoinManageUK\Data D:\My Documents\CoinManageUK\Reports Added 2 coins not in CoinManage Database 2015 £100 Silver Big Ben 2013 £20 Silver George and the dragon Install 2015 new version All data in my collection missing data for 2 coins I added has also gone Uninstalled Installed 2015 uk 1st release Let program install where it wants to Added 2 coins not in CoinManage Database 2015 £100 Silver Big Ben 2013 £20 Silver George and the dragon Install 2015 new version All data in my collection missing data for 2 coins I added has also gone After a lot of installing uninstalling Telling program where I want files to go Letting the program decide where it wants Program will not install if antivirus is running The program will only let new update correctly. If the files are where it wants and antivirus is not running the first time after updating to the new version The winner is the program knows best so why have the option to put files somewhere you want.
  7. to check if it was just a problem on laptop On desktop I installed the 1st release of uk 2015 Set Paths to my E:\My Documents\Coinmanage UK 2015 Added 2 coins £100 Pound Silver Big Ben 2015 £20 Pound Silver St Georege and the dragon Made a backup and installed the new version I now have no coins in my collection also they are not in the CoinManage Database. Did a restore my collection now has 2 coins But in CoinManage Database most of the coins added with the new release have gone. Uninstalled installed the 1st release of uk 2015 Left the default path to C:\Users\Mike\Documents\CoinManage UK\ Added 2 coins £100 Pound Silver Big Ben 2015 £20 Pound Silver St Georege and the dragon Made a backup and installed the new version. This time everything is OK Decided to make the backup path to my H:\Backups as I think it is better than being on the C: with the program and working files. The program does not think this is a good idea as no matter how many times I tell it to use the H: drive it backus up automatically to the C:\Users\Mike\Documents\CoinManage UK\Backups. If I do a manual backup from File Backup Database the program backus up the files then crashes. Going to try this on the Laptop now
  8. Have run the update. After update should my collection still be available (its empty) Do I have to do a restore after an update to get it back. It might have been a good idea to tell me to do a backup before doing the update as there are non Other database programs I use automatically backup. On checking in preferences backup manually is set Or Backup every (15) runs of CoinManage. the 15 is already filled in There is no mention of backup or restore in Help Topics
  9. Have just added 29 (2012 Olympic 50p) coins to my collection and decided to add a column and delete one that I did not want and the program crashed and then restarted. Admin said in my topic coinmanage-2015-uk-changing-images "On the cr4ashes, does this happen on coins which you have entered quite a few of the same variety? this crash has been fixed and will be rolled into the UK version this week." I have tried the adding a column (short description) and deleting one (mm) and the program crashes and restarts. When the program had restarted the new column was there and the deleted had gone. Have tried to just delete a column and the program crashed and restarted,
  10. No it does not have internet backup Yes it does though it would be with File Backup Database Manage Backup Files Restore Backup But it is in Tools Crashes no If you check your emails there should be a few reports from me when the program has crashed When drag and drop images twice email sent When exiting the program email sent I only have 5 items in the database so have put the images back in. And tried what I did when the images changed but it was OK his time
  11. Got the CoinManage 20215 UK on the 13th December. Tried installing it and it kept failing. So sent an email to support waited 4 weeks till the 15th Jan and no reply. So tried the live chat. I asked if they had got my email replied almost straight away yes I can see it and some information about my problem. So I asked why they had not replied to my email, rely "we are very busy." I also asked when if ever he UK version was going to brought up to date an I the USA version was up to date. The USA version is up to date as more people buy it than the UK. So the UK version is a poor cousin of the USA version, and I quote "most people who buy the UK version only want it for the older coins. He also said they had just bought some books.
  12. Have only got 3 coins in my collection which I had to add as the program is still way out of date. Have added 4 images to 2 and 3 images to 1. All OK. Added bought date to them. Now they all have the same as the one with 3 images The program also crashes and sends error a lot It has just stopped working again.
  13. Has anyone else noticed the lack of replies by the administrator. About the same as you get from online and email support.
  14. It is now 14 MONTHS and not a single update to the program. Was told by admin (in 2013) that I would get a free update to 2014 but I did not get one. There is now a 2015 version USA. If would be a good idea to get the programs they already have up to date before binging out new versions. As they are a USA company that may be why they do not seem interested in the UK version which has not had the coins updated since 2006.
  15. It is now 10 MONTHS later no update and no reply to previous posts. On the CoinManage web page it says "Free updates every couple of months." Maybe in the USA every couple of months is not the same meaning as it has in the UK. To me a couple means 2 not 10 plus.
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