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  1. This is still a bug in the 2019 version. Will this be fixed in the upcoming upgrade?
  2. Ed, You are not alone. I have exactly the same problem on my laptop. I have the HomeManage database on a local NAS on my home network and I can access it from either my desktop or my laptop, both of which run Windows 10 x64 (but previously ran Windows 7 successfully). Only my laptop exhibits this behavior and I have no idea why. It is just as you say...as soon as I click the Item Pictures tab on the Item Properties dialog box, the application disappears from the screen with no error messages, no notification of any kind. And upon restart, all my data is as it was before the incident. Although it's good that it doesn't lose data, I cannot add or manage pictures from my laptop. That's a hassle. Clearly the app doesn't like something, but its not clear what that is or how to remedy it.
  3. One other thought. Although it may be too late to include this request in the upcoming release, I suggest it would be nice to allow attachments to be added to line items in the notebook. I typically scan my receipts for service and attach them to the main item, but they really belong with each maintenance event instead. After a large number of line items accumulate, sorting out which attachment goes with which line item becomes laborious and error-prone unless you name the attachments in a way to help associate them with the right line item. It would be simpler and easier to just allow associating an attachment with each line item in the notebook. my 2cents
  4. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing all the improvements.
  5. Though I've had the software for years, I just noticed that the details panel (on the lower right side of the main interface to HomeManage) does not display all of the line items in the Notebook. I track the details of auto maintenance in the Notebook, as that seems an appropriate use of the notebook. Although I have 34 line items in the Notebook, only the most recent 11 entries show up on the details panel. This is an issue because it is in the details panel that the Notebook entries are readable, not the Notebook entry dialog box. The Notebook entry dialog box, the box where I add line items, is cramped and doesn't allow me to see more than one entry at a time, so the details panel is better for an overview of service to my vehicle. And unlike the Comments box on the Additional tab of the Item Properties box, pressing the Enter key closes the dialog box instead of inserting a new line. By trial and error I learned that only CTRL+Enter inserts a new line. Is this the intended behavior? Another issue with the Notebook occurs in the dialog box where entries are added/edited. The description box is extremely limited in the amount of text it will accept, making it difficult or even impossible to capture enough details to describe a fairly typical maintenance event.
  6. I've had the same problem. It's quite frustrating to see it there but yet cannot move it anywhere, and cannot even delete it. And AFAIK there is no user guide to tell you how the program is designed to handle disposed assets so you can do what it expects.
  7. Thanks for such a quick response! I've sent an email to the address above with my code. Hope to hear back soon. David
  8. Just yesterday I upgraded the CPU in my computer and as part of the process of validating a successful upgrade, I ran most of the apps that I use frequently. When I ran HomeManage, I got an activation request screen, as you do when you're running the application in trial mode. So I chose to activate now, put in my license code and got the response that my license code is already in use! I am the only one who uses the software (for years) and I don't know why the activation process won't recognize me. I'm not aware of any other changes on my machine, so I'm tempted to conclude that the CPU upgrade triggered this. I don't understand this approach. It's the same machine, same user, same operating system -- Windows 10 x64 1809 (10.0.17763.503) -- that I've been using with HomeManage 2018 since I upgraded to this version. Anyone else have this issue? Any help would be appreciated! HomeManage version is David
  9. Any information as to what features, changes or fixes we might anticipate in this "major new version"?
  10. I noticed the same thing about the file format -- it's MS Access, and I can access it with Access and if needed manipulate data. But I have hesitated to do that because I don't know what the code base does with the data. I could guess, but that would be dangerous. Did you write an app that uses the Access format or abandon that for something else?
  11. I see you still haven't gotten a response. That's too bad. Looks like the question is being ignored.
  12. The "Check For Updates" menu item doesn't work for me either. It launches a dialog box that looks right, it runs (green progress bar completes quickly), then says the update application has been updated and a restart is needed. After the restart of HomeManage, running the check again produces the same results. No update check is ever completed -- only updates to the update application. The exact message says: "The update application has been updated and must restart in order to continue." I attached a picture of this box.
  13. Are any of these features on your roadmap for any future version of the application?
  14. I've got a lot of my home items cataloged in the Home Inventory application and it does a great job of tracking most information. I think it could be even more useful if there were a counterpart app on iOS so that I could take my database with me in my iPhone. There are a couple reasons I think this would be good. 1) Getting detailed information like item numbers, serial numbers, UPC numbers or collection names is sometimes hard to get without going back to the vendor. And when it comes time to find replacement parts, that information can be critical on, say a furniture set that is several years old. Having pictures and other tracked info available on the iPhone would make it easy to show a dealer/vendor the product and perhaps get better identification information for it. 2) Having my inventory available on the go would also be helpful for avoiding duplication in buying products. It would also be helpful in the opposite case when you want to ensure that you're buying a matching duplicate (if for example you wanted to add to the set). 3) Having the database on iPhone (or in iCloud) would serve as a good backup for the data as well. 4) Showing your product to a friend who might be interested in acquiring it is not possible unless you're at home. But with the database on iPhone, this becomes a possibility. Are there any plans to build an iOS version of the application that works in conjunction (with the same dataset) with HomeManage 2018, 2019, 2020, etc.? David
  15. Steve, My copy does this too (greyed out Lookup button) and I don't know why it does. However, I've found that when I scan some barcodes, the lookup automatically fills in information in a few fields; otherwise it uses the word "null". David
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