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  1. Well I see that there is a new 2015 version, where's the free upgrade I was promised?
  2. Received my 2013 version disc today, was disappointed it was not the 2014 version...
  3. I was looking into buying one of those camera/microscope ones as well but decided to try my Microsoft Lifecam that I use to Skype with my Daughter in Budapest, while there is no magnification for the photos per see but you can change the photos from 320x320 up to 1080p I believe - it takes very nice pictures because it has a great focusing lens. Works great for including photos with the cataloging software. You'll just need to use a separate loupe for searching out smaller details and coin errors..The life cam can wrap around something for stability but there is also a little hook on it's base which I use to hang it from the edge of different size cans depending on which coin I'm photographing (used a Campbell's soup can last week for silver 1948 .50 cent coins A couple of pictures I took http://www.coincommu...9-07-14.757.jpg http://www.coincommu...9-07-47.144.jpg http://www.coincommu...9-10-07.325.jpg http://www.coincommu...9-10-31.112.jpg
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