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  1. SMDeluxe received but not running correctly

    PERFECT, Thank you!! David Theobald
  2. When I double click on a stamp record to view all the individual details the file shows a value under the Scott number. Next to the value is a pull down menu that displays the year 2013. I pull down the menu and reset the date to 2018. But, when the record is closed the date resets to 2013......How do I get it to stay at 2018? Also how do I reset the program to always show the 2018 value while retaining the condition selected at the time of entering the data? Thanks, David Theobald
  3. Question regarding additional images disk #2

    Many thanks, your help is always appreciated.
  4. Question regarding additional images disk #2

    Thank you sir, So I take it that I can simply stop after loading Disk #1?
  5. I received my Disks for Stamp Manage Deluxe. I have a question regarding the Additional Images Disk #2. Are any of the additional images pertaining to stamps from the USA? If the answer is no, can I just stop after loading Disk #1? I am only collecting USA. Thanks in advance for any information you can pass along about the contents of Disk #2. David Theobald
  6. Discs still not received

    Discs received 2/22/2018. Thank you.
  7. Discs still not received

    On Jan 12, 2018 I ordered discs for Stamp Manage Deluxe. On or about Feb 2, 2018 I received an email that informed me that there was difficulty with shipment of your product and an additional set of discs was sent to me. It is now Feb 16 and I still have no discs. How can we resolve this problem? David Theobald
  8. Purchase of Discs

    It is now Feb. 11, I still have no discs. When can I expect delivery?
  9. Purchase of Discs

    I received a reply to this via email. Thank you.
  10. Purchase of Discs

    On Jan. 12, 2018 I purchased the new 2018 discs for Stamp Manage Deluxe. I paid via PayPal. My follow up email assured me that the discs would be mailed in two days. Today is Feb. 1, 2018 and I have no discs. I emailed a request for information regarding an estimated time of arrival. As of today I haven't received a reply. Can you help me with this issue? Is it normal for shipping to take 20 days? Thanks for any information you may be able to give me. Love the program! David Theobald
  11. I backed up my data file and decided to give it try. The installation went quickly. With no issues. David
  12. Yesterday the download would not go through. Today it downloaded and is now, it seems, it is prepared to reinstall the entire program!
  13. quick question.....if anyone knows is this update going to install the entire program or just update specific items?
  14. I received an email stating that an update for Stamp Manage Deluxe was available. I attempted to update and received the following message Error Unable to download file. An error occurred when downloading information from the server. Can you assist me with this? Thank you, David Theobald
  15. Well, I tried the old code and it worked......I have no idea what is going on.