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  1. I am having same problem - CoinManage 2018 USA
  2. I find that if I run the CM2015 dlx with administrator permissions, that the program's path to the directorys comes up correctly. I shouldn't have to run as administrator!!!!!!!!!!!! I moved the 2300+ .jpg images that got installed in the program directory to the Images/Canada directory. Coin images for Canadian coins now appear. The FILE go to Reports still points to "Program/Coinmanage" rather than "Documents/CoinManage/Reports". So, do I have some old baggage in my registry from CM USA 2013 and CM USA 2015 that is messing up the install, and running the program???????????
  3. I have been successfully using CoinManage USA 2015 (upgraded from 2013), and wanted coins for Canada and Great Britian. I copied & backed up my USA 2015 coinmanage files, and uninstalled USA 2015. I deleted the CoinManage folder from both my program directory and my documents directory (where data, images, reports and backups were located). I removed "Liberty Street Software" entries from my registry. I installed and purchased CoinManage Deluxe 2015. Ran the update. While installing, I set Data, Reports, Images to go in my "Documents" CoinManage directory. Couple issues and dont know if related: 1) Install put some images in the correct "documents"/folders,BUT it also put a bunch of images in the Win8/programs(x86)/coinmanage program directory where coinmanage.exe is installed (like 2300 .jpg images). 2) When i run the the program, the paths for images, reports, and backup in preferences come up blank. I set them to their appropriate "documents" folder, and click ok. I exit the program, restart it, and preferences for Images, Reports, and Backups are blank again. 3)Also, when I do: FILE -. MY Images Folder it points to my WIN8/program (x86)/coinmanage rather than my documents/coinmanage; same with File -> Reports. Of course the win8 directory does not have permissions. How do i correct these issues?
  4. I have 5 sets of 50 State Quarters folders, 1 for each of our grandchildren. No folder is complete. I entered each folder into Coin manage 2013 as a separate collection. Then I added missing coins from each collection to the "WANT LIST". By the time I finished adding missing coins for the fifth folder (collection) to the WANT LIST, there were a few coins missing from the first and second folders that I had already entered in the WANT LIST. In many cases, I entered duplicate coins, and entered the "SET" it was needed in. I had just updated Coin Manage 2013, and had not used the WANT LIST feature prior to the update. Am I doing something incorrectly, or is there an issue with the WANT LIST feature? Anybody else have problems?
  5. I was successful at downloading and upgrading CoinManage 2013. I am new at using the software and hope this is not a user issue, and don't know if there was a problem on the older version. I am attempting to enter a US $10 State Quarter Roll. For the condition I select: Unc. Roll . and for value I select "PCGS - May 2014". I get an error message "Invalid bracketing of name '[uNC. Roll]'. Does this cause values to not appear for this roll?
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