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  1. Thanks I'm glad I waited on the purchase
  2. I have two different LOCATIONS and would like to have different fields in each. Setting up the first location was a snap. All the fields within that location were where I wanted them. And the rooms fields within were where I wanted them. The second LOCATION without rooms I have added different fields. My first location took on the same fields as the second location but the rooms in the first locations are ok and the items entered in the second location are ok The only thing I'm trying to do is have the 2 locations have different fields. Like LOCATION (1) home with pictures of the home and have rooms within that location. Location (2) home with pictues of a different home and have rooms within but have different fields. Thanks
  3. I paid for this program and then asked for a refund which I got. After looking for something better I decided that for me there wasn't anything that good. So I decided to buy it again. I uninstalled the first purchase but saved what data files I created. On installing it the second time all is well except the Reg Code under Help, About Home Manage reads the first Reg Code numbers. Things seem to be running good but not sure how that will work when I want updates or other things from Liberty Street. Hope there is a way to change the code to the paid version. Thanks
  4. Is there a way to do the following. Main Residence Computer Room Software Quicken Microsoft OneNote etc etc Computers HP Laptop Microsoft Desktop etc etc Back Lot Tin House Right Room Lawn Mower John Deer Push Mower Left Room Garden Supplies Hoe Spade It might sound foolish but I have a need for something like this. And there might be a way to do that but haven't found it. Thanks
  5. All folders are correct........ Images are in the proper folder....... I've lost the link somehow to the image. I can add the image again and that works but I have 1,000 of them. So I guess there is no answer to this..... since I reinstalled CoinManage. Sent a note to CoinManage.
  6. Was looking for a feature on CoinManage where you could add a Group Note. [-] Dollar ^ Peace (1921 - 1935 ) (NOTES) Where notes would pertain to ALL of the coins (Like General Information) for that series of coins. Thanks
  7. Maybe the next update will support Celestron. I hope.
  8. How is the Android version coming along?
  9. I've tried to move the id column to the far right as it's near the Year of the coin. Tried to delete it also but doesn't work. Also went into Tools / Preferences / columns and tried to move it but that doesn't work. It just resets itself. Must be another button somewhere. Oooops, found the answer and now don't know how to delete this post. Thanks
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