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  1. How soon will this user permission system be implemented? Thank you.
  2. Hello, I am awaiting your response. Thank you.
  3. First let me say I'm impressed about your response time, as I was not expecting a reply so soon if not I would have responded earlier than this. It will be helpful and great also to have such functionality. But what about people who are not employing the use of AD (active directory) just ordinary workgroup network, how will they be able to use this feature. Thank you.
  4. I am evaluating your software for a client that will like to have an asset management solution, but to my surprise there is no login page for both the standard and the enterprise. I was thinking there will be a login page to reduce anybody from just getting access to the program and also to put some form of control and features like an audit trail to know who did what. Please enlighten me more on this and respond quickly because a decision has to be made like yesterday. Thank you.
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