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  1. if I need it on more then 2 could I deactivate the software on one to activate it on another?
  2. Can Coin Manage be installed on more then one PC and same serial number used? I have a laptop I wanna use it on as well
  3. ok thanks I will give that a try. I love the software so far so I think it was money well spent
  4. possibly but it would be a nice feature to see added as well as maybe a way to prevent having the user from going down the year list so much I have a lot of coins from 20th 1900 to present and I have to go down the list each time should be a way to get to the year faster or close to it
  5. Oh wow thanks I look forward to seeing that update when they drag it it would put it where it should be automatically makes it easier on the user. I did buy the app and have already added 4 books out of 37 long way to go Am I allowed to ask a question or do I need to start a new thread its where to list a coin at in the app.
  6. Thanks for your fast reply, I will say I am happy with what you said and I am coming really close to buying the coin software. You are right most others DONT have forums and If they do they never reply on there. One feature I didn't see unless I didn't do it right was on the want list say I get a coin I needed and I want to add it to the collection is there a drag open to move it without having to delete then add it to the collection? Thanks
  7. After reading several posts I am very concerned about support and help with software issues. I have also seen some posts on here unanswered as well as topics to posts replied to but the whole topic wasn't covered such as someone asking why his email wasn't replied to and your reply being "we are very busy" HMM last time I looked if it wasn't for customers you would NOT be busy. So tell me will I get this same response if I email you for help? if I do you wont like my response to it. So my question is HOW WELL IS SUPPORT AND ARE ALL EMAILS RESPONDED TO WITHOUT SOME LAZY ANSWQER BEING GIVEN AS TO WHY NO REPLY IS SENT?
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