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  1. Here is another issue I have found that relates to photo's. If I am on the main screen with an item selected, the photos for that item appear in the bottom left hand frame. If I right click on one of these photos and select delete it not only deletes the photo i clicked on but another one as well. For instance when i deleted image 10 the software deleted image 10 and 1. Another time it deleted image 10 and 6, which is a real problem as I don't remember what 6 was but i do know it was pulled from my camera and no longer exists on my camera so its just gone. I am using windows 8
  2. If I am looking to buy this software am I better off waiting for the new version or buying the present version and upgrading? I am mainly concerned about cost and ease of upgrade.
  3. i give up, i tried posting twice and got kicked out both times. this will be the third. this one it took and now i am editing it. My original problem with this forum was that i wrote a three paragragh in depth explanation of how or when this error occures and then was told you have to register to post.. why not tell me that before all the typing. After registering i couldn't get back to the post. Anyway here is a very condensed version of that post for the second time. select item and then the item pix tab. load image and then select edit. crop photo and save. close editor and then sel
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