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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in Feature request: Add "Show Categories", "Show Rooms", etc. to the View menu. Enable user to list assets where a field has a Null value.   
    For most of the fields on the View tab, when you click on the field name like Groups or Manufacturer or Dealer you see all of the values for that field listed on the right side (where the assets are usually listed), including values which aren't associated with any assets. The listing also includes the other properties assigned to values such as Address and Website for Manufacturer or Phone numbers for Beneficiaries. I will refer to these fields as those for which the values can have additional properties.
    For other fields, like Status, Purchases, Warranty Expire, Expiring Leases, Color, Year and Made Of, when you click on the field name you get an asset list on the right side of all the assets for which a value is defined for that field. These are fields for which the values do not have additional properties.
    In addition, for five fields which have additional properties, namely Beneficiaries, Manufacturers, Groups, Vendors, and Vehicles, you can jump to the field/property listing from the View/Show menu.
    1. I suggest that the Show menu should include almost all of the fields for which a property listing is available. This means adding Dealers and Insurers. (I say "most" since I am not sure if Queries should also be included since it is not really a field.)
    2. Unlike for the fields on the View tab, there isn't a comparable function to list the properties of the Rooms and Categories via the Location and Category tabs. I suggest that
    2a. the functionality to list the properties of Rooms and Categories be added, and
    2b. that Rooms and Category be added to the View/Show list as well.
    3. In the case of Categories, this can be done by adding Category to the top of the Category list on the Category tab, similar to how the field names Beneficiaries and Groups (and all the others) are over the values on the View tab. I would also change how the Category values list in the left and right panels on the Category tab to match how other fields which have properties list on the View tab. Specifically, on the left side only list categories which are assigned to at least one asset, and on the right side list all of the categories. (This could be user-controlled option via a checkbox labeled "Show empty categories", which might be useful to allow the user to assign an unused category to an asset by dragging it from the right panel to the category on the left panel. Likewise, the user might want to add items using images to a new category, and has to be able to select it in order to do so.)
    4. I am not sure how you would list the properties of rooms, since at present selecting a Location on the left panel shows all the assets in that Location, and this is a valuable listing which you wouldn't want to replace with a property list for the rooms. Perhaps you could add Room to the View tab and use that to show the property list for the rooms.
    5. For most of the fields, I would add a pseudo-value named like "*** No Status ***" or "*** No Manufacturer ***" or "*** No Category ***" to the left panel. When selected the right panel would list the assets for which the field has a Null value. This would enable the user to quickly find the assets for which a particular value isn't assigned. You already have this concept for the case when there is no location named "NO LOCATION" on the Location list. I would add "*** No Room ***" under each Location for the case where a Location is defined, but not a room. (In another topic I mentioned that a room was added to a "new" Location when I moved an asset from one Location to the new Location which didn't have any rooms, yet. I had dragged the asset to the Location name in the left panel. For this case I would have expected the asset to be moved to the "*** No Room ***" pseudo-value in the new Location.)
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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in Error when trying to show assets with a Color or Year that has a single quote mark in it   
    If you have a Year with a single quote mark in it, like "1800's", then when you select that Year on the View tab you get an error like
    Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...
    Similarly, you get an error if a Color has a single quote.
    I did not test all of the views, but you don't get this error if a Manufacturer has a single quote in the name. I suspect that this error will occur for all of the views which don't use a database record to store the property, such as Warranty Expiration, Expiring Leases, Color, Year, and Made Of.
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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in Error when trying to show assets with a Color or Year that has a single quote mark in it   
    I believe that you will need to search and replace any single quotes with two single quotes when you make the query, like this:
    '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800's' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...
    '[Assets].[YearMade] = '1800''s' AND [Assets].[LocationID] <> 3 AND ...
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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in HomeManage crashes if you try to edit Columns Preferences while Category or View tab is displayed and no Category or View is selected   
    This bug is repeatable.
    1. Show the Category tab or View tab in the main screen. Do not select any Category or View.
    2. Select Tools, Preferences from the menu.
    3. Select the Columns tab.
    4. HomeManage crashes.
    5. I did not test all of the Views, but the program also crashes when some views are selected. E.g. Vehicles.
    So that the user can edit the columns for the current view, HomeManage tries to select the currently displayed view in the Categories (of which "Showing a Category" is one of the values) dropdown on the Columns tab of the Preferences dialog. I think there is a bug in the Preferences when it tries to determine which view is active and no Category is selected.
    Suggestion 1: There are 8 views in the Categories: dropdown. If the user selects a view other than one of the 8 (e.g. Status, Purchases, Groups, Warranty Expiration) then the Categories: is blank. Although it is possible to edit the columns from this dialog, the scheme isn't named and so it isn't possible to edit it without opening the preferences dialog while the view is being shown on the main screen. This makes it difficult to edit several views or to compare views. For example, if I wanted to replace AssetNum with HomeManageID on all my views, I couldn't do it by just opening the Columns preferences and using the drop down to iterate through the views. My suggestion is that every view should be named and be accessible via the Categories: drop down.
    Suggestion 2: I suggest that "View:" (singular) might be a better name than "Categories:" for the dropdown on the Columns preferences tab.
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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in AssetNum is not set to HomeManageID for Duplicates of assets   
    I note that when you add a new item to HomeManage it assigns the same number to AssetNum and HomeManageID. However, if you Duplicate an asset, and if there are unused AssetNums (because you deleted assets), it does not. I don't think that this inconsistency was intended.
    I suggest that when you Duplicate an asset that HomeManage should assign the same number to the new asset's AssetNum and HomeManageID.
    I have not thoroughly researched and repeated this bug, but here is what I think is happening. Let's use a hypothetical example. Suppose that I have 197 assets numbered from 2-93 and 95-104, and 106-200. Assets 1, 94 and 105 were deleted, so there are no assets with those AssetNums nor HomeManageIDs. My guess of what is happening when you Duplicate an asset is that the program assigns the next number in sequence using Access for HomeManageID, but assigns the first unused AssetNum which is greater than the AssetNum of the duplicated item to the new asset. Using my example, if I duplicated item 50 the program would assign HomeManageID 201 and AssetNum 94 to the new item it created.
    Please keep in mind that this is just a theory based on which AssetNums I saw were assigned to the new assets I created using Duplicate. I discovered this problem days after-the-fact when I was trying to match photos to assets and discovered that the photo numbers didn't match the AssetNums for a few items in my database. I remembered that I created those assets using Duplicate and confirmed that there were no duplicate AssetNums in my database, meaning HomeManage assigned unused AssetNums to Duplicates it created. I have not actually verified that this happens every time you Duplicate an item nor have I determined the algorithm for assigning the new AssetNum. I note that AssetNum 1 wasn't assigned to any of the duplicated items, yet is unused in my database. This is why I am guessing that the AssetNum assigned to the new items is an unused number greater than the AssetNum of the item being duplicated.
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    garlin007 reacted to admin in Standardizing Configuration for all users in Enterprise Edition   
    Hi, regarding the column settings, they are stored in a file called HEADERS.WCD and should be in the user's MY DOCUMENTS\AssetManage Enterprise folder.
    it is possible to copy a HEADERS.WCD file to another user's local MY DOCUMENTS folder to replicate the same settings
    The User defined fields, Company info and DEPRECIATION settings are stored in the program database and should be the same for all.
    Most of the general settings you see in the PREFERENCE main section would be stored in the Windows Registry which would make it hard to replicate these settings to other machines.
    Please note that if you have several users using a particular machine you can install using the ALL USERS option which would mean all users of that machine would share the same Windows Registry settings.
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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in When you add a new item it shows an extra image   
    HomeManage version
    I am adding new items using images to a room. The assets in the room are sorted by AssetNum. If the first asset in the room (i.e. the asset with the smallest AssetNum.) has more than 2 images, then every item I add to the room shows the second photo of the first asset along with the photo of the asset I just added.
    For example, suppose the first asset in the room (AssetNum 200) is a painting and photo 1 is the front of the painting and photo 2 is the back of the painting. Now suppose I add a table to the room (AssetNum 225) and it has a single photo of the table. Immediately after I add the table using Add Items using Images, HomeManage shows the new item with the thumbnail of the table (AssetNum 225) on the left and the thumbnail of the back of the painting (AssetNum 200) on the right. If I click on the thumbnail of the back of the painting HomeManage opens the appropriate full size image for Asset 200.
    If I move the curser in the asset list to another asset, say Asset 224, and then move it back to Asset 225, then I only get one thumbnail for Asset 225, as expected.
    This only happens if the first asset in the list has more than one photo. I don't believe that the "first" asset with multiple photos has to be under the cursor before adding the new item for the bug to appear, since in practice the cursor is over the item most recently added when adding a new item.
    I have not fully documented/tested the following variations of this bug, but from recollection, if the new asset has two photos, then the phantom extra thumbnail shows up as photo 3 for the new item, but the extra thumbnail is still of photo 2 for the first item. Also from recollection, I tried sorting the asset list so the first item in the new sort order doesn't have more than photo, and this "fixes" the bug (and vice versa if the first asset in the new sort order has more than one photo).
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    garlin007 reacted to admin in Feature request: remember last image folder for Add items with images   
    Ok, this is a good idea, we will definitely include for the next update. We have started work on the 2015 edition.. any feature requests are welcome.
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    garlin007 got a reaction from admin in Feature request: remember last image folder for Add items with images   
    When I add items with images I am usually continuing to add items using images from the same folder or a folder near to the one I previously used to add items. I would like the program to remember which location was last used to add images, like when you select Load Image from the Item Picture(s) dialog. Actually, I would be satisfied if both options remembered the same "last used" folder, since for me it is the same one.
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    garlin007 reacted to admin in 2 simultaneous users   
    My husband and I were interested in you HomeManage Inventory software for our homes and boats and wondered if the software can be used on two networked computers? I have tried the demo and it looks like you can map where you want the data to be stored.
    Is there such a thing as two license deals on this software and can two people use the program at the same time (of course on different computers).
    === ANSWER
    Yes, you just need to store the data file on a shared folder on your network. Both users would point to this data folder. Specify the network folder during installation, you can also change it later in the program PREFERENCES. You would need to purchase 2 licenses of HomeManage.
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    garlin007 reacted to admin in Various Questions   
    1/ Is the data I enter into Home Manage stored internally or on a cloud?
    The data is stored in a file called ASSETS.MDB, you can set the directory where this file resides to somewhere on the network, an external drive, your hard drive, etc... The file is Microsoft Access format and it can be opened using Microsoft Access. You DO NOT have to have Access on your machine to use the program.
    2/ Can we have Liberty Street customize the program for us? As in, can we add categories, fields, change currency, etc?
    The program lets you add new categories, there are over 100 user defined fields. The currency used by the program is the currency set in your Windows control panel. The program is not "multi-currency" so you can' for example store the cost in USD or CAD at the same time.
    3/ Are there any additional fees that I should expect in the future (upgrades, updates)?
    The 2014 upgrade is free to anyone who purchased since Jan 1. 2014. It would cost 19.95 to upgrade to a major new version. Updates to the exsiting version are free to download if you have purchased that version.
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    garlin007 reacted to rungek in Updated from HM2011 version to but cannot activate   
    For the benefit of any prospective (and current) users I thought, as a user not in anyway affiliated with this company, I would add my comment. This board is not large but for the 23 posts there are only 5 replys and three of these are not from Liberty. The two company replies relate to sales none to techical or process or any other question. My experience has been that after a computer crash I was unable to reactive the program. Repeated emails (I did not post here) were never responded to, not even to say 'get lost'. It would appear that there is NO SUPPORT FOR THIS PRODUCT. I think its one of the best I have found in this category so it is a pity that Liberty can't do a better job of support. Its not the money as the program is reasonably priced, but the time one will spend to set up an inventory only to find that any problem will leave you out in the cold. I just don't understand what the problem is! Before spending a lot of time with this product consider the risks.
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    garlin007 reacted to cecil in In Item properties, the Quantity arrows do not work?   
    Version I can change the quantity, but the UP and DOWN arrows have no effect?
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    garlin007 reacted to DanB in Problems with Images   
    I've been trying out your sofware and really like it, except there is a recurring problem with images that makes me have second thoughts about continuing to use the software.
    The software seems to intermittently lose track of the images.
    For example, if I use Add Items Using Images... I go through a dozen or so entries (each with one or maybe two photos), then at the end of it find that all the items have been added, but no images are there. Is there a processing delay? Am I trying to enter too many at a time? Am I going too fast?
    Also, often when I go to the Add Imge button, various images in the folder fail to show in the preview, and then fail to attach to the entry. Occasionally I can find an image that does show a preview, then go back to the failing one and then it works.
    Occasionally it seems like all or most of my images have been lost, not visible in the main preview window and not found in the record itself, though the thumbnails are visible and the photos remain in the storage folder.

    Occasionally restarting the program seems to help, but not always.
    Is there some way to fix this problem or at least somehow avoid it? I'd like to make sure this is something I can live with before investing all the effort to catalog many more items.
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    garlin007 reacted to DanB in Problems with Images   
    It happens with either method, but may be initiated with the ADD ITEMS USING IMAGES. I'm using Windows 7. The sets of photos are about 20-30. I'm trying to keep it simple by using Quick Add, but I think it has happened both ways. With Quick Add, I've mainly been typing in the Description, but occasionally have been cutting and pasting from an Excel file. I noticed yesterday that after several good entries, one cut and paste Description was longer than there was space. It gave an error beep, but made the entry without a few last letters. I think at that point the images stopped loading in. I can then continue entering with Quick Add, but none of the photos seem to get saved. After I go back to the main view, trying to add by Add Image doesn't work. It seems likely that once an error is encountered, it doesn't resume normal image operations for a while. Perhaps theres some kind of delayed error timeout?
    Today I tried again and had about a dozen successful Quick Adds and then started to not take in the photos. Tried adding with Add Image right after exiting the Add by Image, no go. Tried again with Add Image after several minutes and it worked.
    Once that was working again I went back to adding using images. Worked for several, but then it randomly stopped adding the images. Was just doing Quick Add. Nothing unusual about the last working or first nonworking entry.
    If I go back to the main view and then try to add the image with Add Imge, I go through and select the image and click to enter, but then get a popup box error "LEAD ERROR" with "File not found" in the middle.
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