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  1. Does anyone know how to create a report that is sorted by CoinManage ID? It would make my life simpler if I could have a report do that.
  2. I was curious about whether Coin Manage could make a picklist like you described. So I did a Tools / Search CoinManage Database and put in a date and right clicked on the results and added it to the want list. Then I did a Reporting / Want List with Values / and directed it to print preview to see if it worked. It did. The only thing is that it allocated a new CoinManage number to that coin on my want list. I have deleted the coin from the want list now but based on past experience it doesn't ever use those deleted numbers again. Is there any way to 'recycle' coinmanage numbers for deleted coins?
  3. I tried editing the coins-standard.lst report. It has 2 titles one which is the same variable, CoinManage_Report_Title. It is doing the same thing when I print it shows Caption Bar in the title area. When I do into the designer and try and change the text it gives me an error message, The expression you have entered in incorrect. If left unaltered, you may not be able to print your report. If someone knows how to change the value of that variable expression, please tell me. Jim
  4. One is PCGS, one is NGC. Can't find the other.
  5. I copied the title from the Coins-byYear.lst report into a new report that I created. It is showing CoinManage_Report_Title in the title and it also shows up in the Variables list as the first entry. When I print the report it shows the title as "Caption Bar". How do I change the title to print what I want?
  6. Thanks for that video. It really helped me a lot. It got me going to not only fix the labels but create my own reports. One report related question I have that you might be able to help me on. I made a report and it is sorted by year correctly. I want to make the secondary sort the coinmanageid field but it isn't showing up as one of the sort fields that I can choose as a sort field. Is there any way that I can get that field to show up? Jim
  7. I have a few AU53 graded coins that I would like to have a grade for too.
  8. Is there any way you could add the Coin Manage number to the barcode report. it is Coin Manage / Reports / Output labels using / CoinBarcode - Avery8160.lbl I would appreciate it if you could. Jim
  9. I use a Firefox add in called "downthemall!" by Nils Maier It works well for me to correct those kinds of partial download problems.
  10. When I open the Coin Manage Setup page / Default Type Grades there is a message displayed, "Grades to use for Types created in the Types and Varieties manager. Do we have access to this manager? I would like to add a AU53 grade. Is there a way I can do it?
  11. If you are going to make some changes to the grading scale, you might want to look at changing F-16 to F-15. Its a cool jet though.
  12. Hi Paul, I got the latest update but didn't see any reports that do the following. Any chance you could create this type of report? Output report using: coins-detailed with precious metals content with totals. Fields Displayed and sorted by: Coin Manage ID#, Country, Denomination, year, type, Coin manage number, silver content (oz.), gold content (oz.), Cost, Current Value (either bullion value or numismatic whatever is higher), Report Totals at end of report: Fields Displayed for totals: Number of coins, Oz of Silver, Oz of gold, Total cost, Total Value If this report could be generated by each collection using all of the coins in that collection that would be really great. I think there are a few of us out there that could use this report. Jim
  13. Hi Paul, I have been waiting for this update to be released. In order to get it you have to go to this page: http://www.libertystreet.com/forums/coinmanage_downloads.htm Then download CoinManage trial version: http://www.libertystreet.com/forums/coinmanage_downloads.htm It will save as CoinMng2017Deluxe.exe Then don't uninstall what you have already, just install this over it. It should import all of your tables and data once you start it up. Then it starts your 30 day trial so you would have to activate it within 30 days. What I did was to download the file, then I backed up my CoinManage Database, then my whole computer, then I installed it. That way if it messed anything up I could restore my system. When I was done with the upgrade I did notice a few Coin Manage database editor entries that were split apart and so duplicated. I was able to fix those by restoring my CM database file. Jim
  14. Hi Steve, The trick is once you are in "Tools / Coin manage database editor" and editing on that entry, for example you are typing in 10 oz silver bar, you tab over until you get to the silver content field. It is further to the right. There you enter the exact weight in ozt. So you put 10 there for your bar. Then you go to "Tools / bullion value" and either click on "Get latest spot prices" or enter your own values. Once you do both of those things your values should display properly. If it was me I wouldn't put "type" under the year field. I would put some useful info there that you want displayed. Jim
  15. Thanks for making the best coin inventory software out there. Had a problem trying to move a coin. It was a sovereign and I was trying to move it from one collection to another. Once I moved it I could not change the price. I ended up having to delete it and type it in the new collection. I have more coins to move and I don't want to have to keep deleting them and entering them back in. Do you have any ideas why the program won't let me edit them after moving? thanks, Jim
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