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  1. Prog hangs if adding too many coins without re-starting, been doing this for several versions, on 2020 now prob still exists. Have to kill prog from task manager - annoying.
  2. Again, I just updated to the Oct 3 version of the product and all my custom values were lost. I restored to a backed up database, now the custom values are back, please fix this. CP
  3. Anything new, sent link to DB with specific steps to reproduce, no confirmations that it was received?
  4. Sent e-mail this afternoon to TechSupport@libertystreet.com.
  5. I just updated again to the latest and greatest, and again, I am losing the custom values for every coin I have created from scratch in the DB Editor. So, each time I jut restore the latest back-up and all seems fine. But, in doing this am I losing all the new coins, values and pics that come with the upgraded DB? So, the backup file at just under 2GB zipped. Not gonna be able to e-mail that, is there another way to get it to you? CP
  6. I recently upgraded my CMDeluxe 2015 to CMD 2017. After upgrade, I lost ALL custom values that I had added for every coin I manually added to the DB. I then restored my last back-up from before upgrade and custom values are back, so looks like they got dropped during my upgrade. CP
  7. Yes, but the checklist is 128 Pages - not bothered to figure out how to filter it down. I also need to figure out how to use the want list better.
  8. I agree with West Coast, something simple would be awesome. I have this software at home, then an Android app called "Coin Collection" AND then a word Doc that i print off and carry. I would like to simpler solution.
  9. No, not missing anything. The most likely reason is the 2013 is a recent release and the values have yet to be relevant and mainly tied to bullion value (B.V.) which should be present. If you wish to add a value, just highlight the coin in the collection and r.click, select "Edit Variety Information". Go to the Values tab and enter all the values you wish from your research. Click OK. Now when you see your coin, the values you entered should be present. Remember, you are adding values for a single coin variety. CP
  10. Sure, how it happens for me is usually adding images to coins. I take pics of coins and have them in a folder. I then open the coin I wish to add them to and drag/drop them in to the obverse and reverse spots. I can do this for about 10 or so images (4-6 coins) then an image drops in as a large black square. The coin will not save at this point, get error about adding to table. My guess it has to do with a type of memory leak, where the app's cache gets filled up instead of cleaning up after each coin save??? I can demo it anytime if you wish.
  11. Whoohoo, can't wait! Have a list of new features, updates or fixes?
  12. I get the same issue, if doing a lot of entry, especially with images, etc....I need to re-start the application. Everything is fine, just a bit annoying.
  13. If you have the Deluxe version, the Half-Pennies can be found Under Great Britain>Halfpennies. The decimalized "New" coins have been lumped in with the pre-decimalized coins. You can spilt them out if you wish but this would require creating a Type from scratch.
  14. Jim, Kinda lost me there. All I can say, is for my foreign coins, I get the values from the NGC World Coin Price Guide and plug them into the values table. NGC usually only lists prices for grades 20, 40, 60 and 63. A lot of the times I will extrapolate out the rough values for the remaining grades. Obviously the values will not be updated by the software developer, I will have to manually do that. It would be really nice if CM would be able to query the NGC World Price Guide to update these values automajically. CP
  15. There are several ways, I am assuming you want to take pics of your coins not use picks similar to your coins? So far, I have 90% of my collection photographed. The first thing I got was a USB microscope, it has variable led lighting, but was grainy for pics and tended to be over exposed (glare). The software came with it and just lined up a shot then took a pic. When I go to add a photo for a coin, just copy/"paste from Clipboard" or use choose image from the "Picture of my Coin" Tab. Next, I had a digital Canon Rebel, then bought a copy stand and some lens adapters that allows for some macro
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