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  1. Again, I just updated to the Oct 3 version of the product and all my custom values were lost. I restored to a backed up database, now the custom values are back, please fix this. CP
  2. Anything new, sent link to DB with specific steps to reproduce, no confirmations that it was received?
  3. Sent e-mail this afternoon to TechSupport@libertystreet.com.
  4. I just updated again to the latest and greatest, and again, I am losing the custom values for every coin I have created from scratch in the DB Editor. So, each time I jut restore the latest back-up and all seems fine. But, in doing this am I losing all the new coins, values and pics that come with the upgraded DB? So, the backup file at just under 2GB zipped. Not gonna be able to e-mail that, is there another way to get it to you? CP
  5. I recently upgraded my CMDeluxe 2015 to CMD 2017. After upgrade, I lost ALL custom values that I had added for every coin I manually added to the DB. I then restored my last back-up from before upgrade and custom values are back, so looks like they got dropped during my upgrade. CP
  6. Ok, got the new version installed, is there a list of added features or bug fixes?
  7. Yes, there will be an update soon that will have some of the 2016 coins, not sure when though. If you want to enter it yourself: Add Coin, Bullion Coins>American Eagle Silver (1986-Present)> Scroll down to bottom of coin grid. See yellow bar ">>Click Here to Add a New Variety", click there. Enter year variety and then click OK, Once that is added, add a 2016 ASE to your inventory. Then you can then click on the added coin and click Edit Variety Information where you may edit silver content, add images, values, and links, etc... There are several ways to add coins, but this is the easiest. CP
  8. I have a feature request for CM: Use Case: I want to add a 2001 Jefferson Nickel or another coin that has been minted for 50+ years. So I open the Add coin dialog and scroll, and scroll and scroll, tired of scrolling. Heck I will use the scroll bar with my mouse then, whoops to far, dang too far the other way. Ok, scroll, scroll - Found it! Whew. How bout a filter bar above the grid where the user can just type in the year 2001 and BAM, there are all the 2001 coins all filtered, etc... Thanks, CP
  9. Yes, but the checklist is 128 Pages - not bothered to figure out how to filter it down. I also need to figure out how to use the want list better.
  10. I agree with West Coast, something simple would be awesome. I have this software at home, then an Android app called "Coin Collection" AND then a word Doc that i print off and carry. I would like to simpler solution.
  11. From what I can tell the software does not yet support adding columns to the Sets grid. The categories dropdown allows the user to choose the various columns for each. For instance if I wanted to add a column for Dealers, I would choose "Showing Dealers" and add a column to the picker. There is not a dropdown selection for 'Sets' and adding a column to Collection just adds a column to the top collection level folder and not in the lower levels of the collection.
  12. Disclaimer, I am a user and not associated with Liberty Street.... A. Adding Sets can be done several ways: 1. Add Coin(s) - Choose Country then Type like "Proof Sets" then use >>Click here to add a New Variety 2. Open the Tools > Coin Database Editor choose country, denomination, then type or add type > Coins tab >>Add a new variety... 3. Wait for LS to add them B. Adding a set of Franklins is pretty easy, you can go to Add Coin(s) then Choose US>50 Cents>Franklins> then multi-select what you want to addin the list by either holding the 'Ctrl' key while choosing year/mm by clicking on row or rows. Once you have selected all you wish to add, just click OK. Also can choose all or consecutive list by highlighting first selection, hold shift key while clicking on last in list. THis will result in all rows in between being selected. Then click OK. Adding coins like this adds them all with the same properties like grade, purchase price, as well as any other info. You may always go back and add or modify individual coins later.
  13. No, not missing anything. The most likely reason is the 2013 is a recent release and the values have yet to be relevant and mainly tied to bullion value (B.V.) which should be present. If you wish to add a value, just highlight the coin in the collection and r.click, select "Edit Variety Information". Go to the Values tab and enter all the values you wish from your research. Click OK. Now when you see your coin, the values you entered should be present. Remember, you are adding values for a single coin variety. CP
  14. Tom, Glad to put a face to a picture, always wondered who that was. Error coins, I can only speak as to how I enter them. Enter the coin in their respective Country/Denomination/Type (US/Nickels/Jefferson). On the second tab labeled "Additional Info", about 1/2 way down on the form see boxes labeled "Defects" and next to it "Errors". Just type in the defect/error type in these boxes - be generic because (DDO/RPM-001, etc...) these values are remembered for use on other coins. Any specific descriptions, I put in the comments box on the same tab. CP
  15. Sure, how it happens for me is usually adding images to coins. I take pics of coins and have them in a folder. I then open the coin I wish to add them to and drag/drop them in to the obverse and reverse spots. I can do this for about 10 or so images (4-6 coins) then an image drops in as a large black square. The coin will not save at this point, get error about adding to table. My guess it has to do with a type of memory leak, where the app's cache gets filled up instead of cleaning up after each coin save??? I can demo it anytime if you wish.
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