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  1. I would like to use the asset.hasattachment field (in reports) to identify when an attachment is present. It is a Boolean field, but does not appear to function correctly. Even when attachments are present, the expression returns "false." Is this a bug, or am I not understanding the intent of the field? Alan
  2. I agree with your conclusion...the data in the "Type" field provided with the database includes everything under the sun, as you have mentioned; there is no consistency. I have abandoned my attempt to use this field. Alan
  3. There is a field in the database labelled "Type" that does not appear to be mapped into any field in the Report Generator. In the "Item Detail" report, "Type" is actually the contents of the "Description" field. I would like to include this field in a report but it does not seem possible. The data in the "Type" field does not appear in any of the pre-prepared reports included with StampManange USA. Does anyone have a workaround to this problem?
  4. What are 'update.mdb.#' files? I have a number of these files followed by a sequential number (in the '#' position) in the same folder as the stampdata.mdb file. They take up quite a bit of space. What is the purpose of these files, and can they be deleted?
  5. I have a question for Dick Elliott, who responded to this chain of inquiry. (The administrator could answer as well.) Dick suggests copying the stampdata.mdb file to another location, installing the program update, and then reloading the stampdata.mdb file Aren't data updates for new stamp issues also included in the downloaded update? Wouldn't these updates be missed with this approach?
  6. I use StampManage USA and can sympathize with your distress. Unfortunately, the database contains inconsistencies, many errors, data in the wrong fields, etc. which I attempt to correct. At the next update, I have to make the corrections over again. I believe the issue occurs because there are many contributors to the database, and apparently no one filters their inputs. I would like to ask the administrator if it is possible that when program updates are provided, they only add new data (new stamp issues) and do not change existing data. Updating poor stamp images and current stamp values would also be welcomed.
  7. I am using Stamp Manage USA 2017 with the latest update installed. When I move from one collection to another, the stamp image will not change or will disappear altogether. It has also happened when switching between stamps within a collection. The only way to restore the image is to exit the program and start it again. When this occurs, the thumbnail images remain correct. Images appearing within reports are also correct. Needless to say, this is very frustrating. I am running Windows 10 and I always run the program as an administrator. If anyone else has encountered this problem and managed to fix it, I would appreciate the feedback.
  8. I find using attachments in StampManage to be a useful feature. The attachment filenames appear in the stamp description view as links, but when clicked on, nothing happens. The link appears active (it is highlighted) but the attachment does not open. This was not a problem in previous versions of the program. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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