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  1. OK, I agree. When entering stamps in the Stamp Data Manager (under the Stamps Text tab) The values are not saved. This needs to be fixed, or that tab removed.
  2. After you enter new varieties in Stamp Data Manager, click close on the left side of the Stamp Data Manager screen. This will append the new Stamp Data Manager entries to the default value table. Then open the StampManage Catalog screen on the left side of the screen and open the Value table should be named something like 2020. Find the scott numbers that you want and add your values
  3. The Add stamp button only adds a stamp to your collection, but that stamp must be listed in the database. Tp add a new stamp to the database, go to the Tools menu and click on Stamp Data Manager. To add a value after you've added a new stamp go to Stamp Manage Catalog and choose the values table (2020)
  4. I also noticed this bug. It would be great if fixed in the next update
  5. Enter 1 in the quantity field, manually type the format (say block of 8 Then in the value field manually enter whatever value you want
  6. When adding stamps, in the format field, simply type in your format (Block of 8 etc)
  7. If the 401 is entered as one record with a quantity of 10, simply double click on it and change the quantity to 9. Then add one to the other album. If there are 10 different records, Choose the one you want click on the menu "Actions, Move or copy stamps and move it to the new album.
  8. My data folder has become bloated with files after an upgrade. What files can be safely deleted?
  9. When I try to view by albums under the options under the View Menu I don't get anything but the Album Names. However If I use the View By selection on the left of the Main Screen, I can see all of my stamps
  10. In my StampData it will only show if you open the ValueTables database and add SMVal~2018. When you open Stamp Manage again it will show up
  11. What is new in the 2018 USA upgrade? When you click check for updates, you are redirected to the Web page that does not say anything, just a link to download the 2018 upgrade
  12. This is the 2018 USA update.
  13. I see that the 2018 update is available. What's new, there is nothing on your homepage.
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