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  1. Current Value Errors

    Enter Stamp Manage Catalog, enter year (2018), enter country (USA), enter stamp type (air mail, general issues, etc.), A Scott number listing appears were you can change the value to agree with the 2018 Scott Catalog retail prices such as by Mint VF, Used VF, etc.
  2. Vendor File Name Changes

    That's beyond my pay grade, should not even have to do that, program has so may flaws and bugs in it. Surprising since the program has been around for so long that it would be perfected by now and only striving for new features and betterments.
  3. Vendor File Name Changes

    I tested the misspelled item reference to other stamps by adding a new stamp and creating a fictitious vendor name. After doing this I could not edit or delete the dummy vendor name.
  4. Vendor File Name Changes

    I can not delete a vendor there as it retains all entries including typo errors. You can add corrected vendor names for misspelled items but you can not delete mistakes.
  5. How do I edit or delete vendor names that I entered in the Bought From field in the additional information page?
  6. Bug Report

    I have the same problem, close the program and reopen it to restore the correct image.
  7. Current Value Errors

    I prefer to update the SM data base so that if you tie the grade to the database, it will appear at the bottom of the screen under the Values Listing, just saying.
  8. Current Value Errors

    StampManage USA 2018 is not licensed by Scott Publishing to use their retail value listing in their database sold as part of the program. You can override the stamp program values by going in to the Stamp Manage Catalog, find your stamps, and delete an override the values to agree with Scott. I do this, but its a lot of work.
  9. Font Size, My Collection, unreadable

    As brianh stated by lowering the resolution to 1600*900 makes the font size much easier to see rather than Astralmind's set at 1920x1080.
  10. Font Size, My Collection, unreadable

    Try reducing the screen resolution on the 27" display. The higher the resolution, the smaller the objects appear. Right now it looks like you are set at max resolution. Lowering the resolution will make the objects bigger. You can also increase the font height in the tools, preferences. Hope this helps.
  11. Stamps from dealers

    In the pull down menu; Report, more reports, stamps owned by dealer, you can find the page that the dealer you are looking for in the table of contents and print the dealer report for just that page or range of pages. However, if other dealers are listed on the selected page you will also see or print those dealers. I do not believe from the standard reports you can sort and print by dealer, only by the page that the dealer is listed on. Hey, better than nothing. Hope this helps you.
  12. https://www.amosadvantage.com/Store/Category/Stamps/Scott-Catalogs
  13. Current 2018 values

    These are not the values as reported in the 2018 SCOTT Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers. This is the catalogue that professional stamp dealers use as a reference in pricing their inventory for sale.
  14. I watched your what's new in the Stamp Manage USA 2018 you tube video and followed the directions to print my stamp collection inventory with the default categories from my listing preferences. When I perform that procedure I get a message box with the following information under the list & label sample app title reporting "error open project". What is wrong and how do I fix this problem. I do so want to use this feature PROBLEM RESOLVED BY RUNNING STAMP MANAGE USA 2018 PROGRAM AS ADMINISTRATOR, Not certain why it works, but it does.