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  1. Stamp Manage USA 2018 Scott Values

    Question: In the software preferences you have the option to enter values manually or automatically insert values from the years drop down selections; i.e. 2018, 2017, 2016, etc., etc. Where do these values come from? It appears to me that the prior years values look like the Scott values. I do not understand why the automatic 2018 insert values seem to be only half of the 2017 values. It does not make sense to me knowing that the 2018 values like most years should be mostly showing increases. Retail prices rarely go down. Just saying.
  2. I have compared my 2018 USA Stamp Manage program with the Scott Values as reported in the newly issued 2018 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers and find the amounts reported do not agree with the Specialized Catalogue. Will this situation be corrected soon in a future update as I am adjusting or entering each individual stamp value separately to agree with the new Scott Catalogue? Very time consuming.
  3. Backup data to internet

    Working now just fine, thanks
  4. Seems to working fine again, thanks
  5. Can not back up to internet, get long listed error message.
  6. Completed E Bay Auctions not working. (Receive address error?)
  7. Same problem, no images included in submitting user changes to Liberty Street Software.
  8. Getting error message again: I guess there is a need to increase the server space again.
  9. Is there a way to add in the values block located at the bottom of the screen Used-XF and Used-Superb?
  10. As taken from my email: Welcome to HipStamp! This past Tuesday marked the official migration of bidStart into HipStamp - your online home for collectibles stamps.
  11. Thanks, the internet backup now works fine

    1. admin


      thanks for the update... it was simply a problem of having to increase the amount of space on our server.