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  1. Backup data to internet

    Working now just fine, thanks
  2. Seems to working fine again, thanks
  3. Can not back up to internet, get long listed error message.
  4. Completed E Bay Auctions not working. (Receive address error?)
  5. Same problem, no images included in submitting user changes to Liberty Street Software.
  6. Getting error message again: I guess there is a need to increase the server space again.
  7. Is there a way to add in the values block located at the bottom of the screen Used-XF and Used-Superb?
  8. As taken from my email: Welcome to HipStamp! This past Tuesday marked the official migration of bidStart into HipStamp - your online home for collectibles stamps.
  9. Thanks, the internet backup now works fine

    1. admin


      thanks for the update... it was simply a problem of having to increase the amount of space on our server.

  10. Purchased the 2016 Stamp Manage Software and am having problems. I am not able to utilize the preview feature and also I am not able to add images of my stamp collection. When you enter preview, nothing happens. When you try to copy and paste a stamp picture file, the paste button stays grey not allowing the picture to be captured. When I scan a stamp I also am not able to capture the picture file. I have the 2007 version on a different computer with the same OS and it works flawlessly. Will there be a 2016 update to fix these bugs?