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  1. I have used the stamp properties format for a booklet of the 1939 16T95 Western Union Telegraph Stamps.

    Database errors

    I would hope and think that this is something that the SM administrator could address.
  3. Nice find, glad the SM program is working as it should.

    Database errors

    I overwrite all the database images in the Stamp Manage Program as I find my copies of all the stamps to be significantly superior. Also, I add many of my stamp images for any of the Scott numbers that have no pictures. Both of these situations may be due to the fact that my collection is a specialized collection of high grade United States Revenue Stamps and Telegraph Franks. Anyway, I don't mind working the program overriding the picture database.
  5. After updating the SMP with the latest download, the program restarts all by itself when I shut down the program. Further the request to transmit error pops up of which I agree and allow to send.
  6. Thanks, the internet backup now works fine

    1. admin


      thanks for the update... it was simply a problem of having to increase the amount of space on our server.