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  1. I use my actual stamp collection. If Stamp manage does not have an image for a particular stamp and I do not have a copy to scan, I may copy and paste it from various sources on the net.
  2. Scott uses multiple entries for a single stamp. It uses additional letters to describe varieties such as in Telegraph stamps: 4T2a horizontal pair, 4T2b vertical pair, 4T2c imperforated pair. Sometimes they use letters to describe color variations, thick papers, etc. etc.
  3. I make multiple records (add sub variety in the stamp data manager) for each copy and add letters after each Scott number to represent the variety, ex. fs full sheet, pb plate block. Then select the format in the general section of the program as it pertains to the specific copy. Works for me.
  4. Thanks guys, that was simple
  5. How does one enter in the database of formats "Imperforate Pairs"? I find none listed as an option .
  6. I have used the stamp properties format for a booklet of the 1939 16T95 Western Union Telegraph Stamps.
  7. I would hope and think that this is something that the SM administrator could address.
  8. Nice find, glad the SM program is working as it should.
  9. I overwrite all the database images in the Stamp Manage Program as I find my copies of all the stamps to be significantly superior. Also, I add many of my stamp images for any of the Scott numbers that have no pictures. Both of these situations may be due to the fact that my collection is a specialized collection of high grade United States Revenue Stamps and Telegraph Franks. Anyway, I don't mind working the program overriding the picture database.
  10. Been like this for every version of Stamp Manage I have owned.
  11. Is this not the "Stamp Forum", not the "Coin Forum"? I don't think you will get member advice for that question on this Forum.
  12. Appreciate you doing the fix on a timely basis.
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