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  1. I solved my issue. I had to run AssetManage as administrator to allow it to create the file. Thanks
  2. Solved this error, was a pc issue on my side.
  3. When clicking the check for updates I end up getting this error: Error: Update information for AssetManage 2015 could not be downloaded. Please contact Liberty Street Software for help.
  4. In the data folder I have 2 files Assets.ldb and Assest.mdb and the folder that the data folder is in only has headers.WCD and a few other folders. I did a search and nothingis found looking for users.db.
  5. Yes, I tried editing the check out reciept, I was able to add All my company Info I needed, But when I was looking for customer variables I had none. Would like to Show: Customer/Company Name Street Address City, State Zip
  6. Is there a way to have it show the customers Address and not just the Custodian Name on the receipt?
  7. When I go to manage Users and try to add a user I keep getting "Update User Failed!". I upgraded from 2014 to 2015. Do i need to change some setting or adjust something to be able to use Users?
  8. Does anyone know if the support emails of pauld@libertystreet.com or info@libertystreet.com are still used or just have a long response time? Would the recent holiday increase response time?
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