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  1. Hi, I contacted support a few times and received fast replies, but this last one went unanswered so I'll post it here in hopes Paul sees it.... 1) I had a total pc melt down... had to buy A new unit.. I was able to install CM2015 and received a new Activation code very fast (thank you).. the issue I'm having is the online back up of my data base will not restore, can you retrieve it for me? 2) I attempted to re-enter my collection (1,000's of coins, not looking forward to that) When doing that I noticed no coins entered had any information (please look at the image below) 3) It was posted that CM16 would come out a few weeks ago.. where is it??
  2. thanks for the fast reply. I guess a new window is correct, on the bottom of each collection it tells the cost and value as well as the number of coins in that collection. it would be nice to have it say what the value of all the collections together. If I generate a report sorted by collection it will give the total at the end so it already complies the information. it would just be convenient to have it more readily available like for individual collections. thankyou for looking into the suggestions, by big want is the adding the whole collection to the sale list, I recently sold an album with 32 coins and it seemed to take forever adding the info for each coin, Im dreading doing that for albums with 100's of coins...
  3. I currently use CM deluxe, and I'm interested in Currency Manager. is there a price break for loyal return customers like me?
  4. Is there a way to have the face value of a coin added as the purchase price. Then it can be over written if the coin was purchased over face value? Also is there an easy way to list the value/cost of all collections. I can generate a report that will will list them all but a tab for it would be nice. One more thing. I have a lot of collections. separated by type in albums. If I were to sell am album, say dansco 8100 linc cents id have to add each one to the sell list. can I just add the complete album/collection it would save a lot of time thx
  5. I noticed that there is no Jefferson 2015-P. Just an FYI for your next update.
  6. is there an 2015 upgrade page? i only seen the full price. what i mean is there a way to link the software to a price/value company for ungraded coins (like coin world) coins can change price very fast and a year is a bit long.
  7. personally id just want basic functionality just so i dont have to carry a list around. like a listing of coins with a check box then after a sync it can give a prompt asking to add to add the extra information like grade, purchase price ect.
  8. Ok thank you. So there is currently no way to get the current values. Just what they were since the last major update? Is it a possible update in the future? Do you have a link to the upgrade purchase page?
  9. Sorry. Just to be clear. The apply values updates all coins to the current value And pay the difference of the 2 versions after th 2016 update?
  10. Sorry the above post was mine. Font know why I was logged out
  11. Any news on the android app yet?
  12. First off great program. I have a few questions. 1) how often does coin manage update prices and can there be a manual update button added. 2) I have cm USA 2015. If I wanted to update to deluxe what's the price and when does 2016 come out? 3) how do I update my email in case I need to verify I bought the. Software. Do I just reference my old email and say to send any activation code s to my new email?
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