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  1. That's easy for you to say...where do I find that field. And do I enter the item as FDC832?
  2. How do I add a new sub category - First Day Covers - to my US collection?
  3. I'm making some headway in setting up my new New Zealand collection. But somehow the collection got situated in the sold stamps category. Howe do I move this to My Collection.
  4. No matter want new country I add as a new collection Abu Dhabi stamps show up
  5. When I click on Add collection and add New Zealand Abu Dhabi still comes up. How do I find New Zealand?
  6. It has no Scott #...Im ok now
  7. I'm trying to add New Zealand to My Collection...But it comes Abu Dhabi...HELP
  8. How do I add an entry for the Philatelic Truck SS
  9. I am entering CVP1-20 but don't see these listed in the SM inventory.
  10. The report I generated shows stamps by Scott number but not in sequence. How can I correct this.
  11. Is it possible to print a report by purchase price and not value?
  12. I want to add the Philatelic Truck to my US inventory. Is there a pre-existing category in SM for items like this or do I have to create my own? And if so how do I do that.
  13. Oops...yes of course.
  14. The entry for US 656 lists this item as a vertical coil. It is horizontal.
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