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  1. Hi there Slowly but surely managing my collection is becoming rather chaotic. I suppose it has to do with the database whenever updating coinmanage. My problem (was already posted some time ago, but the post seems to have disappeared) is that after an update, the default value table is set to the specific update. If I want to have values entered automatically, I always have to use the Tools/Preferences/Values option to set it to my value table. Every time I start the application, the value table is set back to the new default (currently 2018), of course displaying no values. It happened with the 2016, 2017, and now the 2018 update. I collect neither US, UK or Canada coins, but have to manage my own data, pictures, and values. Is there any way by which I could choose my default value option not having to change it manually every time I start coinmanage? Any support is welcome ... Thanks, Edgar