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  1. I had success with that route, only loss was some images I scanned, but i was able to re-scan those.
  2. Thanks for the reply Al G. for the most part the album is great, and the Minkus numbering is quite straight forward, however for the 19th century and early 20th the varieties are quite similar and without a mapping its just a tad more work. but then again I just pencil the Scott's number on the image placeholder before mounting the stamp to the album and leverage the 'Other' Catalog number field. Thanks, Jeff
  3. I know this is a support forum for StampManage and i love that it supports multiple numbering systems. However I was hoping someone in the group might have some guidance for where one could do a cross-reference between Scott's and Minkus? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Jeff
  4. I have recently started to expand my collection and had a few questions regarding the Values provided in the Database The US price/values cover a range of formats (NH-VF, Mint-VF,NH-F....., US #65,) and for some Canadian stamps this holds true (#53) but for others this is not the case (#204, 254, 255, 450). Why the differing amount of values? I would have thought that as a Canadian Company that this would be the most pristinely detailed set Is there a correct way to add values from a Scott's Catalog into the StampManage DB? Is there a way to safely remove older referenced years? I have been upgraded since 2015 so I have a value picklist that goes from 2020 back to 2015
  5. Just checked within StampManage Deluxe 2020 and was relieved to find no issues with the View by purchase funcationality
  6. I have recently acquired a number of Jamaica stamps and noticed that some of the values are a bit off. How can i correctly update the value? I tried the stamp data manager route but the changes were overwritten...I am using the 2019 Scotts album as reference Additionally I have been adding the text on the stamp to the appropriate field and notice that the only way its preserved is when I right-click on a stamp and then left click on Edit Variety Information from the context menu. Might this be by design? within the Scotts album: within stampmanage: Thanks, Jeff
  7. I have the same issue, currently using Canadian Wholesale Supply Album and some sections are prefixed as Vince describes. Thanks, Jeff
  8. When adding a stamp, i see the buttons kissing that bottom window. It's a very minor bit, unsure if it's just my display but the Ok, Cancel, and Apply buttons don't appear to be Vertically Centered or at least have a minor padding from the window border...
  9. YearPurchased could be a new column. On upgrade this field could be populated by grabbing the Year([Date Purchased]) and slapping that in for pre-existing entries. I like the Date Picker that we have it's quite handy, if we added a Year Field and then the user unchecked the checkmark I am envisioning only the year field would be populated. Or we just split apart Month Day Year and make them nullable, but ONLY allow numeric, then for DB insertion those could be entered in to the DB as a date/Time Field if the Month Day Year are populated. If only the year is populated then Only Populate the new column Year Purchased. If only Month And Day, do not allow entry to be saved and perhaps offer some validation with UI prompting, perhaps the Missing Field would be Highlighted in Red Text instead of the normal black.... just tossing out some quick ideas In regards to PatrickColin's comments perhaps the data contracts for accepting changes/updates/inserts needs to be updated, to prevent inconsistent/unintended use of the field(s)
  10. Just wondering, is there a way to control what reports appear in the list? For Example: As a single user for personal use, I don't necessarily need/want to see Stamps Owned by Customer in the list Additionally, while the new Cancel Report is a great addition, is i possible to hide this report? I tried deleting the 'Stamps Owned by Customer' report and reloading StampManage but it still appears so it would seem it's hard coded. I restored the file, just so i won't get any error message in the future
  11. The reporting engine was quite intuitive corrected that error with a simple conditional statement Attached is the updated report definition file(s) unsure which files are needed when sharing reports Which files should be provided if looking to share a report? StampPurchases.lsv StampPurchases.lst
  12. Found a minor bug with the revamp that i will need to address due to scenario where i may add a stamp with cost but never set its value prolly look into that next week
  13. After looking into the Reporting engine, which I was happy to see is quite powerful; I decided to revamp/tweak the Purchase Report to meet my needs since i can't leverage the View By Purchase Feature ( ) My goal with the report was to check on purchase over the past month to make sure I did ok with purchases and to help with determining whether or not to use certain vendors Question, I have,.... Is it possible to add option to select Country (guessing pick list would be dynamically created based on where country count (owned stamp count) >0) in the dialog window Perhaps adding beneath Date as an additional field? (unnecessary for Non-Deluxe versions) Oh, minor additional feedback.... when I alter/specify date range can the radio button automatically jump to the 'Show Items using the following dates:' option just lazy, have missed that a few times when trying to create a report. I have attached the report files (unsure if both the LST and the LSV are required) and a sample PDF, would be great to get some feedback and to see if anyone things anything additional should be added. NOTE: If testing the attached please be sure and back up the originals before replacing / altering. I messed up many times before I got it working. StampPurchases.lst StampPurchases.lsv Purchases_Nov2018_Sample.pdf
  14. Agreed actual stamp collection is my first choice. I usually use my webcam or scanner, unless I find an optimized photo online
  15. Just following up, is there any troubleshooting guidance for this problem?
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