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  1. After looking into the Reporting engine, which I was happy to see is quite powerful; I decided to revamp/tweak the Purchase Report to meet my needs since i can't leverage the View By Purchase Feature ( ) My goal with the report was to check on purchase over the past month to make sure I did ok with purchases and to help with determining whether or not to use certain vendors Question, I have,.... Is it possible to add option to select Country (guessing pick list would be dynamically created based on where country count (owned stamp count) >0) in the dialog window Perhaps adding beneath Date as an additional field? (unnecessary for Non-Deluxe versions) Oh, minor additional feedback.... when I alter/specify date range can the radio button automatically jump to the 'Show Items using the following dates:' option just lazy, have missed that a few times when trying to create a report. I have attached the report files (unsure if both the LST and the LSV are required) and a sample PDF, would be great to get some feedback and to see if anyone things anything additional should be added. NOTE: If testing the attached please be sure and back up the originals before replacing / altering. I messed up many times before I got it working. StampPurchases.lst StampPurchases.lsv Purchases_Nov2018_Sample.pdf
  2. Found a minor bug with the revamp that i will need to address due to scenario where i may add a stamp with cost but never set its value prolly look into that next week
  3. Jeff Lynch

    Image program or source used

    Agreed actual stamp collection is my first choice. I usually use my webcam or scanner, unless I find an optimized photo online
  4. Jeff Lynch

    View By -> Purchases Error

    I am running the latest build of Stampmanage Deluxe 2019 and i am getting an error when trying to view stamp purchases Unsure how to troubleshoot this, please advise
  5. Jeff Lynch

    View By -> Purchases Error

    Just following up, is there any troubleshooting guidance for this problem?
  6. The status bar space has potential to showcase more detail. the detail provided already is GREAT! Used Space: Unused Space (dependent on resolution and windows size of course) but is it possible to show something similar to excel? If i select one or more cells it will show summary detail below... sometimes it would be nice to see what a selection of stamps would go for if i select them from the Stamp Manage catalog would be great to at the bottom what the mnh-vf or the use-vf would be (perhaps control what is exposed in summary view from the application preferences menu? Additionally, if not multi-select summary can the StampManage Catalog Country Series (or any grouping for that matter) show the Mint-VF/Used-VF summary instead of just the item count? Example below: status bar Thanks, Jeff
  7. Great to hear😃, always looking to maximize real estate
  8. Jeff Lynch

    Mobile version

    Agreed, a mobile version would be extremely handy! Or might there be plans on the roadmap for a Cloud Version?
  9. Jeff Lynch

    FINLAND Images

    Hi Pattrick, Thanks very much for sharing those images, much appreciated!
  10. Jeff Lynch

    Stamp Albums

    I recently upgraded to latest version and was looking at being more descriptive with my Stamp Albums. From the UI i can see the following: however if i look inside the DB i can see the following: Is it possible to show the brand name field in the UI, this is the only reason why am not using the brand name column, or is this earmarked for removal since Album Manufacturer and Album Brand Name are quite similar? Thanks, Jeff