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  1. I am: 1)Losing seller, and date information. 2)Having the program move coins that are not sold into the sold folder. 3) Once in the sold folder I have been able to move them back into the collection only to lose them again once I close out the program. 4) There appears to be no way to move coins into the sold folder except 1 at a time and close the program. 5) Error reports go nowhere. Corrections need to be made in the programming of this product.........PLEASE. BTW. Sold coins begin at 1875. The ones above just showed up.
  2. oops. won't work/ Sent an email.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Here are the screen prints one at a time

    ex1 (2).jpg

  4. All these fields are empty. Just went back and filled in a few to see if that might work, but no. Coin always is right back to sold folder after I  re-open the program.

  5. Cannot move a coin from sold back to my U.S. Coin Collection, or rather it moves, but when I close the program and reopen it, the coin is back in the sold folder.