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  1. Has anyone found a way to move coins from one category to another, something like a cut and paste? I have a fair number of coins I need to put into a new category, and to re-enter each one individually would take a quite a while and of course there is the possibilities of errors. Many thanks
  2. I am trying to reactivate my copy of CoinManage 2015 after a major PC rebuild. When I try to do this, I am informed that the activation code is already in use, so I cancel the activation attempt. The program will then run as normal. So, I try to reactivate it through the program itself where I am presented with only the activate option active. The deactivate option is inactive and is greyed out.so that fails, leaving the situation unchanged. I have sent a couple of emails to Support. but so far these have not been answered. I'll be very grateful if this could be sorted
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