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  1. I'm trying to create an Assset report where the second line contains Asset.image2. I want to only print the second line if the Asset.image2 has a value (ie. has a picture added to the asset). Obviously making the line appear (or not) should be a simple matter of applying a formula to decide if the picture exists or not, however most functions complain about a picture type because they expecting a string and not a picture. Currently I am thinking about adding a user field called something like "picture 2 added" and printing line 2 if that is true .... but it is a bit of a pain to fill in this new field for around 50% of my assets. Anyone know a better way, or how to do this properly using the picture fields ?
  2. Adding Vehicles

    Hi Admin, [ View -> Show->Vehicles - Select the vehicle to delete on the panel on the right, then try to delete] Definitely "Delete Vehicles" which have no assets assigned doesn't delete them for me (HomeManage I also found once a vehicle has been assigned on the asset details screen, it is not possible to remove the assignation - it only allows the ability to select the same or another vehicle, this only really leaves the option to delete an asset to disassociate it from the vehicle.