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    Not sure if this will help or make it more complicated; For the first problem; To print reports only for a specific location in HomeManage2018 simply "right-click" a location and select the "Run Report Using", then select the report you want to use - it will limit the report to the items in the location. For the other problem, it should be simple enough to change headings with the report editor (though I particularly enjoy modifying reports); 1. Identify the report you want to modify; a. Go to print your report, but on the first screen select Preview instead of Print before pressing START b. On the preview window, select File->Export, on the export screen make a note of the filename (eg. on my report I have AssetsByPicture.lst) - No need to export the report, just click on CANCEL then exit the Report Preview Window. c. Now the fun bit, in Home Manage select Reporting->Edit Report d. Select the report with (almost) the same name as you saw above (AssetsByPicture.lst) and click open. e. In the Edit window, you should see the headings which you want to change, click on one of the headings f. Now click on a heading you want to change. (eg. Manuf.) and in the window that opens change the value (remembering it is in double quotes) (eg. change "Manuf." to "Brand") and click on ok. ..... repeat for any other heading you want to change. g. When done, select File->SaveAs and give it a new name (this avoids overwriting the original report) (eg. MyAssetPics.lst) h. Now, when running a report, select "Output Report Using.." and select your report. Anything more complicated and you really need to get into the report editor, I think there's a tutorial somewhere. Hope this helps.