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  1. Photos were taken with Niikon D7000 as RAW files, exported from Lightroom as TIFF files. One was Landscape, one was Portrait. I converted from TIFF to JPG and all appears OK now. I tried to upload the TIF's here but size was too larger Screenshot of how JPG phone appears....which is OK
  2. OK. I look forward to the enhancement. I will import my data as currently set up in my old system: 1 item for the unit, a second item for the additional costs. Once the update is in place I can use the notebook feature to update item 1 and delete item 2. Thank you.
  3. Is there a recommend photo size for uploading an asset photo? When I attach a photo I get a smaller image on a large black background. I have guessed at resizing the image but do not see any change. Here is what I see: UPDATE: The photo was a TIF. I changed it to a JPG and it now fills the entire screen. I tested with another TIF and found same result. But in the process I discovered another issue. Although I click on an image and select "Delete", the image disappears but reappears when I close the software and come back for a new session. Why is it not staying deleted? I will try deleting the file on my hard drive.
  4. I am also evaluating the software and cannot delete a vehicle. I set up the vehicle and immediately went to delete it and cannot do so. I have not assigned any assets to the vehicle nor have I associated the vehicle with anything (not even sure what that means). What do I need to clear to be able to delete the vehicle?
  5. I am evaluating the software and trying to import from a prior system. I need clarification on the cost fields, specifically SUBTOTAL, TOTAL COST, and ESTIMATED VALUE. These fields do not show up when mapping data so I took my best guess, which appears to be incorrect. Here is the scenario: I have an item that I purchased 2 of at $25.00 each. I now value them at $10 each. On my current system the fields would be Quantity:2, Unit Cost: $25.00, Unit Value: $10, Total Cost: $50.00, Total Current Value: $20 I mapped Unit Cost and Unit Value to users fields as I did not see where this was supported. I mapped Total Cost to Base Cost (thinking this would equate to Subtotal) I mapped Total Current Value to Current Value But when I look at the item after import I see the following: Subtotal $30.00 (so this appears to be calculated and I don't understand the algorithm) Total Cost: $50.00 (I expected Total Cost to be Subtotal plus taxes (which are zero) but it appears to have what I mapped into Base Cost. Estimated Value: $30 (another apparent calculation which I need to understand) Could someone elaborate on these cost fields and how they are calculated? Thank you. Update: After further review other items in the import appear to have followed the logic I expected. The item in question was the first in the import file; perhaps something was corrupt with my file.
  6. Sounds good. Would that be an enhancement to the base product or a custom change? Is there a charge? I am still in the evaluation stage.
  7. Looking for suggestions for setting up assets that have multiple components to cost. For example: Purchase a print for $200, Have it framed for another $300. I have receipts for both elements and would scan them into the system. I can just set up $500 in the Total Cost field and view the images to see the components but I would like to use the Notebook or user fields to reflect the individual costs while having the Total Cost field reflect the sum,. Can this be done or there recommended approaches? Similar question: I would like to confirm that the Quantity field is not used in cost calculations. i.e. there is no Unit Cost field, only the total cost. I converted data moving unit cost into Base Cost and Total Cost into Total Cost. For example qt=5 base cost=10 and total cost=50. I believe that is incorrect and I should reconvert, ignoring my old system's Unit Cost.
  8. Disregard. I used Ctl A to select all and deleted.
  9. I imported 1000 records. All looks well except the date purchased field is blank. I am assuming a format problem. I would lie to clear the data and re-import. Can that be done? I have uninstalled and re-installed but since I am in the 30 day trial I am not sure how that impacts things and would prefer to remain on the current installation. Thank you.
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