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  1. My advice All your inventory data is in one file located in the folder for database directory in image below,. The file is named stampdata.mdb, This is what you should always keep a backup copy,. It you have multiple versions of stampmanage they should all be pointing to same location. If you do delete versions it should not delete data as far as I know (deleted before reinstalling myself) and as long as file is in folder Stampmanage prefers it you should be ok. If something happens copy the backup copy to the folder where Stamp Manage wants to find it. If you have to keep the installation in a location not the default then just realize that StampManage may not find it automatically.
  2. Al G.

    Mdb Files

    The backup files are in a zip file in backup directory but they will not likely be your latest files.
  3. Al G.


    The Scott numbers for the States are contiguous so if you uploaded something and they did create new groupings they can easily move them to the new country. The same applies to images.
  4. Al G.


    I am not a complete purist and could accept all Johore, Kedah, etc. in one group since catalog numbers are continuous. My concern was that the Malaya/Malaysia including the states listings are not complete no matter how you group. I am somewhat surprised since this is not obscure area. Have you added entries for these and NOT submitted them to StampManage to include in future releases? You can even submit your images too.
  5. Al G.


    Patrick You have a good structure. I did not check which countries match Stamp Manage. I was going through the Malaysia/Malaya database and see many missing listings. Have you added any and NOT submitted them to Stamp Manage? For example, I know Johore and Kedah were missing quite a few.
  6. Al G.


    Has anyone adding stamps for Sabah (what North Borneo became)? There is no country listing in SM from what I can find
  7. Ceylon 397 - image is not correct. The image is for Ceylon 436.
  8. There is a new update available for Stamp Manage so I downloaded it. 1, The issue where the stamp image does nor change has not been fixed. It seems to occur after using Add Stamps but not 100% 2, I still cannot find a way to create my own values database. I had issues creating one (ended up with several if you look at an internal SM file) but cannot find a way to save values. I actually would prefer having a specific value for say Mint VF NH and Mint VF NH rather than forced to use the NH percentage. I will probably just override all the values. If you create a new value database and want to copy records from the built-in db, you get this error. I have created all these in my testing but only 2 show up as options (2018 is SM, Al is mine but blank) Anyone been able to create their own values database. If select my values db and then try to add values via Stamp Database Manager they are not saved. Plus it takes a few minutes after to make changes to database.
  9. I have entered and submitted updates to Liberty Software and noticed some differences in how people add information. Fields (based upon column names) 1. Variety - Majority of people use this for the Scott design number. A few use it for variety details. 2. Variety Type - mixed usage. Some use it as definitive/commemorative, others use as Scott design number, also see used to describe why stamp was issues This is added in the "Type" box.. For entries created by Liberty Street, I see variation in usage. Two examples. 3. Variety Notes - mixed usage. The text entry is called variety comments I would expect this is where you put the actual specifics about variety (like surcharge, etc) 4. Series If the stamp is part of a set like definitive, I like to use this for grouping that do not have a name as they would be grouped in an album. 5. Other Text This text come from the Text on stamp box but also see other information in this field. 6. Definitive/Commemorative SM uses as indicator for definitive/Commemorative (check box) and shows up as a true/false field. Therefore using another field is redundant unless you want to see definitive/commemorative instead of true. I wonder about others thoughts and maybe having a guideline on how to use some fields.
  10. I would like to see the default settings be configurable.
  11. Hmm, I mentioned the created by field first.....so what advice did they give you.
  12. The epcoach name is likely the user name of the person that created the entry. They may or may not work for Liberty Street. This is based upon a discussion with Paul when I pointed out how to submit corrections to database. When you share you changes, I do not know their vetting process for database submissions
  13. The quickest way to delete the stamps is sort the stamps in the group by Created field. It is usually on the far right side in your collection window. This way to can identify the ones added last and then delete them. When add an item to your collection, this field will show the date added. There is also a modified field on when it was last changed.
  14. If you ever want to test something just go into the want or sold collection if you do not use either one of them to add/delete etc. I have not seen any restrictions in these section.
  15. You can add as many duplicate adds for the same catalogue number. Each can be identical or some specific field is different.
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