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  1. Al G.

    Mdb Files

    The backup files are in a zip file in backup directory but they will not likely be your latest files.
  2. Al G.


    The Scott numbers for the States are contiguous so if you uploaded something and they did create new groupings they can easily move them to the new country. The same applies to images.
  3. Al G.


    I am not a complete purist and could accept all Johore, Kedah, etc. in one group since catalog numbers are continuous. My concern was that the Malaya/Malaysia including the states listings are not complete no matter how you group. I am somewhat surprised since this is not obscure area. Have you added entries for these and NOT submitted them to StampManage to include in future releases? You can even submit your images too.
  4. Al G.


    Patrick You have a good structure. I did not check which countries match Stamp Manage. I was going through the Malaysia/Malaya database and see many missing listings. Have you added any and NOT submitted them to Stamp Manage? For example, I know Johore and Kedah were missing quite a few.
  5. Al G.


    Has anyone adding stamps for Sabah (what North Borneo became)? There is no country listing in SM from what I can find
  6. Al G.

    Database errors

    Ceylon 397 - image is not correct. The image is for Ceylon 436.