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  1. I'd like to track three values. For sheets, the face value of all the stamps on a full sheet, the Book Value (the one this program provides - the Sheet Value), and the eBay price( i would enter this). Then have a report for all those columns with associated id Thanks,
  2. Delete this question... i got it!!
  3. https://www.ngccoin.com/certlookup/2367077-008/69/ If you have never seen a NGC graded coin with the words Ultra Cameo, click link. I was seeking help in using your program. I can see that was a mistake. Keep my money, I will find somthing else.
  4. My library of pictures is in portrait format. When importing to CM they get rotated to landscape. Please advise. I would like my library pictures to display in CM orientated same same.
  5. VonZilla


    Advise on how best to track, grade, add coin for NGC slabbed coins. I have 1981 S Type 1 25c PF 69 Ultra Cameo NGC has it at $17.50
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