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  1. My initial question is under the topic Values. (please read). I saw this post and I think it relating to the problems I am having with Values because of how I entered my stamps. I did make new Categories in the Stamp Manager. The reasoning was all specific type of items would be all together. Better reporting details I believed. But It will not list my format with the values. When I start a new sub directory examples First Day Covers - I do not use my First day cover picture as it seem to replace the picture in Regular Issue. Help would be appreciated.
  2. Sharon


    Thanks for your thought. Maybe I have been doing it incorrect. I have created a category for PB and a category for FDC and others under "Canada" So my pricing I enter is not always showing the format I put it under. I hope I am explaining this so you understand my thought on this. I have other questions also about how I am entering my stamps into this program. I am new to this forum not really sure how to get around in it yet and post all my questions. So if I am doing something incorrect advise would be appreciated.
  3. Sharon


    I am logging in all my first day cover into Stamp Manager. My value for the First Day cover with a plate block is different from a First Day cover with 1 stamp. How do I get this so show also along with the FDC $1.00. I would like to see FDC-PL, or FDC-se-tenant if this is possible. Sharon
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