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  1. You have to enter a dot (alfanumeric keypad). The comma is not accepted. The settings for currency in Dutch are: So the decimal sign in HomeManage2018 is a dot and not the comma as expected. What to do?
  2. Here is an example. The Repl.Cost value is shown and the Estimated Value is in edit-mode. When you push the OK-button the first mentioned alert pane is shown. The seperator is just one a dot. I do'nt know why in the show-mode two dots are visible.
  3. After update to HomeMange 2018 version my original data cannot be edit anymore because of the alert shown below. I use Win 10. The currency shown in the edit pane is € and the seperator is .. (two dots) . When I try to edit the field, the curreny sign is not shown and the .. (two dots) become a . (one dot), but it is not editable unless you delete the amount. How can I restore the data or prevent the alert?
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