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  1. Johnny

    Suggested Features

    7. When the "APPLY" button is clicked, the app carries forward certain fields from the current screen. I would like to see Invoice/PO# data carried forward as well. It may be worth asking forum members for thoughts on which fields should carry forward. Thank!
  2. Johnny

    Suggested Features

    Another suggestion: 6. When a bar code search fails, do not load "NULL" into any fields. I have to go back and delete "null" if I don't have data for that field. Thanks
  3. Johnny

    Suggested Features

    Some suggested new features for your consideration: 1. Regarding pricing: Have a UNIT PRICE then multiply that amount by QUANTITY to get SUBTOTAL. 2. Regarding pricing: Store TAX1 and TAX2. Then multiply SUBTOTAL by each to get TOTAL COST. Allow override, which is sometimes needed. 3. Regarding insurance: Store policy number information in drop down table. Allow me to select one. 4. Regarding monitor/screen/displays: I have spoken to support regarding HD screens. The software needs to handle HD screens. I cannot read the buttons at the top and many screens the data displayed is very tiny, making it hard for me to read. 5. Allow for larger size files for upload here in the forum. Currently limited to <500k. Thanks! BTW: This is a very good product! As I become more familiar with it, I find more excellent features.
  4. I have some suggestions for new features. Is there a process for that anywhere? Thanks
  5. Johnny

    Import Missing Records

    Update: Since I have over 500 items most with extensive comments I was stuck. In the end I wrote a c# program using OleDB to connect to the HM database (a test copy). After several attempts I was able to load the descriptive data to the HM Comments field based on the Asset number. All my data was loaded into HM using the Import feature. The mapping worked well. BTW, I had been using "In Case of Emergency - Home Inventory". That company folded a couple of years ago. I continued to use it until I finally bit the bullet and searched for a replacement. So far I am happy with HM. My data has been ported from ICE to HM and I have added my new items to HM.
  6. This worked as expected!! Again, I am very impressed by the quick turnaround on these items! BTW: Is there a formal process for logging possible defects/bugs other than this forum? Many thanks!
  7. WOW!!!!! Yes it works! I tested with both vehicles and each pic came up and no crashes!! Many thanks!! I noticed that the version number did not change from
  8. Thanks for quick response! I looked at the preference you mentioned and it was not checked beforehand. I then followed the steps noted above again. Once I selected Image 2, HM crashed. Hope this helps. Let me know if I can help in anyway.
  9. HM -> Vehicle Property -> Item Pictures -> General Tab -> Select Image 2 or 3. HM crashes. Bug?
  10. I have added my two vehicles to HM using the Add Vehicle feature. I am able to complete the various fields as needed. However, regarding the Comments field, the "Enter" key does not function. I am able to type text directly into the field. I can also copy and paste text, but the "Enter" key does not work. The arrow keys work and I can add/delete text but not use the "Enter" key. Bug?
  11. Johnny

    Import Missing Records

    Third issue I'm dealing with currently regards the import of item descriptions. I am mapping the imported item description to the HM "COMMENTS" field. Some of the data is being dropped so I need more research into this. Not sure why that is happening. I am able to cut and paste full descriptions into HM fine. I just have >500 to do! Will update later.
  12. Johnny

    Import Missing Records

    Second issue was regarding the import of inventory pics from ICE (In Case of Emergency). I copied all my ICE pics to HM \AssetImages folder. And the ICE export file had proper file names per each imported item, HM did not pick them up. So, I manually dragged them to each item. That worked, but it was a long process (>500 pics).
  13. Johnny

    Import Missing Records

    Solved the problem. I exported as an Excel file instead of csv and HM imported the data correctly. Note that I saw the data was correct BEFORE I mapped it to HM.
  14. Johnny

    Import Missing Records

    Okay I think the problem is my item description does include commas. I thought that text with commas surrounded by double quotes would be ignored. Am I wrong?
  15. I'm trying to import data my "MyICEPlan" home inventory. I have ~500 items to import but HM only brings in 296 of them. I have checked the csv file importing to HM and all records are there. I don't see any error report that states why some recs are skipped. Are there any general rules I need to be concerned about? I am using the trial version and will likely buy HM if I can get the data imported correctly. Note The csv file has enclosed each field in double quotes. My description field can include commas. See attached sample file. Records 2 (Item Id = 2) and 8 (Item Id = 9) were accepted, the others not. Any thoughts? Thanks!! Sample_EXPORTED_ICE_ITEMS.CSV