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  1. I have tried what you have suggested. However, I don't think this is an issue with the PDF viewer. I tested both Adobe Acrobate Reader, as well as a Chrome browser. I also tried to export the report to excel, and rtf formats. All reports in PDF, Excel, and RTF are blank. When I use the print dialog and select "Preview" the report tool opens and I can see the report with valid data. There seems to be an issue only when I try to save the report to any file format to my computer. For reference I am attaching a reference of when I try to open the PDF in Adobe. I'm also going to include an image of the upper corner of the same report when I do a "Preview" to show that the report seems to generate correctly (See Example_Report_Corner.jpg)
  2. Bumping this one again, Can we get some feedback from the Admin on why this isn't working?
  3. Hi, I'm trying to save a copy of the 2 column coin checklist report to my computer in a PDF format. When I open the report I request a PDF in the dialog box, and then save the PDF file locally. When I try to open the report I get an error that the report is not valid. I am attaching a picuture of the error I get when I double click the PDF file. I also tried to export the report as a .jpg file, and I get a blank file. Trying to print to a printer also does not work. Any suggestions on how to get these reports to work?
  4. I would second the way to get something onto a mobile device. Currently I am just taking screenshots of the checklist reports and putting them on my mobile phone for coin shows.
  5. would also like to see an answer to this one. Thanks for starting the thread.
  6. Thanks for the tip. The folder was in fact read only. The READ ONLY trick solved my issue with the standard views. I know have the columns saving on the standard collection view. The columns still don't stick for the Add Coin Dialog. Are these also settings also managed in the HEADERS.WCD file?
  7. I can resize by dragging as you suggest. However, I have to resize every time I open the dialog. Is there any way to make the resizes "stick" so I don't have to resize the columns every time I open the dialog?
  8. Hi Everyone, Every time I open the add coin dialog I find that I have to click on the column headings in teh selection box to open ukp the year column. By deafault, I can only see the first two digits of the years. For example "19". After I double lick the header, then I can see the full column. I've attached s ample screen shot. Is there a way to get the year column to stay open so I don't have to double click it to expand the width everytime I want to add a coin?
  9. Hi, I've tried existing and restarting several times the font does change but it still seems relatively small. Below is what I get when I have it set to 26 font. The list still seems small. I reset to 14, and it is definitely much smaller. Maybe I can request a future change for even larger font options for those of us that have larger screens. In this example below I like the font under the coin detail panel at the bottom. That is easy enough to read.
  10. I was looking to try to increase the font size in the grid that lists the coins in my collection. I found the preference->font size setting for lists. I have changed the font size to 26, and then back to 10. I would expect font 26 to look bigger but it is no different than font size 10. Does anyone have a suggestion for what else I can try? I am working on Windows 10, and have a 4k laptop, hooked up to an external screen. I've tried resetting my resolution but that isn't helping much either. Thanks in advance for any tips.
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