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  1. In case this helps: I have a fresh install of Windows 10 1809 Pro x64 in a VM lying around. I took two screenshots of a File Explorer Window of my C:\Users\alex\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder 1. Clean Windows 10 install, nothing else installed. 2. I Installed HomeManage 2020, rebooted, and went back to the same folder. You can see how the folder names have been changed, all them when I installed HomeManage 2020 (see the folder datestamps). You should find it trivial to replicate this in your own test environment. Best, Alex.
  2. I hope that the Liberty Software folks are seeing this; it's a very clear installer problem that needs to be fixed. I'm holding off installing an update because it's such a pain to fix this start menu corruption every time.
  3. Ah, just saw the "notify me of replies" and am posting to turn that on for this thread.
  4. Hi there, sorry for my delayed response; I don't check this forum much at all and it doesn't seem to have an option for email notifications of new posts. I'm attaching a screenshot of the relevant director. You can see the directories whose names start with "Windows" and how they're the new versions of those versus the old ones, e.g. "Accessibility" is now "Windows Ease of Use". Hope that helps. HomeManage's installer clearly has an issue with this and it would be very good to have it fixed.
  5. Oh, wait, something weird is going on: HomeManage's installer may be changing some Windows Start menu folder names to old versions: Windows Accessories was changed to Accessories, Windows Ease of Use was changed to Accessibility and so on. The folder compare above was after I synced the pre and post-install folders. I changed the names of the Programs subfolders back to the new names and all is well.
  6. I built a new PC and installed Windows 10 2004 (May 2020) on it. So it's a fairly clean install at this point. I copied the AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs folder to its parent directory before installing HomeManage 2020. The screenshot below shows a comparison (using FreeFileSync) of the pre-installation Programs folder on the left, post-installation on the right. You can see that the HomeManage 2020 installer installed two shortcuts to itself and deleted several shortcuts and shortcut directories. It left most of the Programs folder alone: the second screenshot shows the subfolders of Programs that weren't altered by the installer.
  7. This evening I downloaded and installed the current HomeManage 2018 version. This is on a Windows 10 1803 Pro x64 desktop. Immediately after the install, several of my start menu items disappeared, and Rainmeter was removed from the list of applications that start with Windows. The applications were still all installed and in their folders, but the shortcuts on the start menu, and the sidebar menu, were gone. I restored the Windows 10 full system image (using Macrium Reflect) from a recent backup, and, of course, the start menu items were back as before. I verified the issue by installing HomeManage again, and the exact same problem recurred. It was only 20 minutes' work to recreate the startup menu shortcuts, but this is a weird bug, and suggests that HomeManage isn't "well behaved" when installing. I'm attaching before and after start menus.
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