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  1. This evening I downloaded and installed the current HomeManage 2018 version. This is on a Windows 10 1803 Pro x64 desktop. Immediately after the install, several of my start menu items disappeared, and Rainmeter was removed from the list of applications that start with Windows. The applications were still all installed and in their folders, but the shortcuts on the start menu, and the sidebar menu, were gone. I restored the Windows 10 full system image (using Macrium Reflect) from a recent backup, and, of course, the start menu items were back as before. I verified the issue by installing HomeManage again, and the exact same problem recurred. It was only 20 minutes' work to recreate the startup menu shortcuts, but this is a weird bug, and suggests that HomeManage isn't "well behaved" when installing. I'm attaching before and after start menus.
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