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  1. I have a bunch of locations I don't use and am sure there is a way to delete them but can't remember or find it. How do I delete "Current Locations" from the drop down list?
  2. I have been entering my collection into Coin Manage and I find that every 4-6 coins with images as I enter another coin the images won't load or store. I close the program and start it again and then I can add the images and can do so for the next 4 coins before it won't load and I have to repeat the process. Is this a known problem or just the way the system is
  3. Got a reply from the admin. To help others who may have the problem where is what I did at their suggestion. I deleted old 2014 version I had tried back then, then deleted the 2018 version, made sure all of it was gone. I redownloaded 2018 version and now it works.
  4. i like the software and have started using it, but the graph of the grades with values only show 2013 and PCGS 2014, I can't find anyway to update that to 2018, even 2017 would be a help but 5 year old data is not much use.
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